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We Have Moved!


Our new corporate headquarters has relocated quite literally 100 Yards down the road to a larger and more easily accessible facility.

We also have a larger motorcoach service area that is now open for those that would like to come to our facility for installations and service.

Please call ahead to schedule your visit and note our new address:

Silverleaf Electronics Inc.
2490 SW Ferry St
Albany, OR 97322

Running VMSpc on a Surface Pro

The folks at Motorhead Garage did a segment on our VMSpc product recently - you may have seen it on the Velocity Network. For that video we installed VMSpc on a Surface Pro. I thought the results were excellent, and I ended up making the Surface my personal machine.

Installation was easy, although there is one trick that everyone with Win8 needs to know. By default, Win8 won't let you install any third-party drivers unless the provider buys a very expensive license. To complete the installation you have to reboot the Surface Pro in a special mode and disable the driver signing requirement. Not a big deal, but Microsoft is pretty bad about telling you how to do this. I just googled "Surface Pro unsigned driver installation" and got the instructions off the internet.

I found a lot to like with the Surface Pro. The screen was sharp and bright - especially if you keep it plugged in so it doesn't try to save power. The form factor is different than the other pads - it's taller or longer, depending on how you look at it. I made some custom screens, but I found that it was easier to do this using the touchpad than by trying to use the touchscreen, even with the stylus. There is also a little glitch in Win8 where if you turn the unit so the screen switches portrait/landscape mode, and then back again, it doesn't restore the window to the full screen size. But I expect that Microsoft will fix that glitch.

Overall, I really like the Surface Pro. I own an iPad and two different Android pads, and the Surface is easily superior to them all. The only advantage the iPad has is battery life, but the Surface is faster and runs all the software I need to run. I also prefer the Surface form factor. What really surprises me - I generally dislike Microsoft products and I heard a lot of Win8-bashing before I bought this machine - is that I find it easier to use than the iPad.

I still make a lot of use of my Netbook - mainly because it has the best keyboard. I also use an Android pad a bit, since it has by far the best battery life. I occasionally bring along my full-sized laptop, but only if I know I am going to need it for some serious work. But the Surface Pro is now my main road machine, and I have hardly touched the iPad in a month.

Now that we have wireless VMSpc adapters, I'm looking forward to testing the Surface Pro with the Bluetooth and Wifi interfaces. Unfortunately, my personal coach is too old for J1939, and we won't have wireless adapters for it until later this year. Our programmers are also hard at work on iPad and Android versions of VMSpc, and before the year is over we plan on having VMSpc running on pretty much any kind of tablet and any (electronic) diesel pusher. Keep watching here as we release the new versions, or give us a call and we'll put you on a list to be notified when your particular combination is complete.

Connect It with Bluetooth or Wifi

Total Control from Your Phone or Tablet!

Put your control panel in your pocket! If you have any SilverLeaf RV-C coach system, you can now add our TM-540 Bluetooth Module and connect your Android phone or tablet. You now have a wireless connection to your coach that you can use on the sofa, from the driver seat, or even take outside. You can both monitor and control - so you can start your generator or turn off your water pump from anywhere within range.

We use a high-power Bluetooth transmitter to reach distances of over a hundred feet. Installation is easy - you just connect four wires, download the software to the phone or tablet, and then pair the device.

The TM-540 Bluetooth Module is $295.00. It works with any Android phone or tablet with Bluetooth and Android Version 2.1 or higher, including the Samsung Galaxy,

These are real screen shots from a Motorola Atrix phone. You can download and preview the application by clicking on the APK file link here. (Make sure your phone or tablet is set to allow programs from outside sources.)

Attention Beaver, Safari, Monaco, and Holiday Rambler Owners

Replace Your Aladdin System!

Aladdin Retro Image Goes Here

Is your Aladdin System ailing and you can't find replacement parts anymore?

SilverLeaf Electronics has developed a full replacement for the Aladdin monitoring systems that were factory installed in Monaco-built motorcoaches manufactured from 2003 on up.

Whether you have the Aladdin, or the Aladdin Jr (which just displays the engine data), we have the right products to replace your system today with the proven reliability, quality, and ease of use that SilverLeaf owners enjoy year after year.

Click Here For More Information

New Product Announcement!


VMS 330 Image Goes Here

Have you always wanted a SilverLeaf Electronics VMS system for your coach only to find that you don't have enough room in your dash for one?

The VMS 330 takes advantage of the back up monitor already installed on most motorcoaches on the road today by overlaying your vehicle's digital instrumentation and diagnostics on your back up monitor. The display is selectable by showing just camera, just data, or both at the same time.

Along with all the digitally accurate information from your engine and transmission, it comes with built-in support for Pressure Pro™ tire monitoring. **Additional Equipment Required**

The VMS 330 hides away unseen inside the dash inline with the back up camera and is operated with a small control pad that mounts within easy reach. Installation is a snap!

Aftermarket VMS 640CL Glass Dash Installations!

If you have ever wanted the best of the best in dash instrumentation with onboard diagnostic capability for your motorcoach, look no further than the VMS 640CL Glass Dash. In 2010 we saw a very large upswing of aftermarket installations of this fantastic system by owners looking to update, or to replace old Windows-based systems that came stock in their coaches.


The VMS 640CL Glass Dash has been manufactured and installed since 2003 by many leading coach manufacturers as well as custom aftermarket. There is no match for the Glass Dash's proven reliablity and ease of operation. Click Here to take a look at our Gallery Of Fine Dash Installations.

New VMSpc Hardware Supports USB, New Transmissions

The wait is over! If you have been waiting for a VMSpc with a USB port, or a VMSpc that supports even the newest Allison transmissions, your time has come. The JR501 JIB is now shipping.

The new VMSpc eliminates the old-fashioned serial port and replaces it with a USB connection. It's tested with XP and Vista, and will also work with the upcoming Windows 7. There is no longer any need for a USB adapter, and you don't need to worry about which you start up first, the engine or the program.

It also supports the latest J1939 transmissions and engines, including the current Allison World Transmission. Their are new parameters available with some of the new engines, and additional diagnostic capabilities. The new VMSpc handles all the new stuff.

And it still supports the old stuff, too. We didn't sacrifice any functionality from the old JIB, so the new JIB works with the old engines just fine.

Improved Product - Same Price

Even though we've improved the product, we're not changing the price. VMSpc remains just $395.00, and the PC software is still a free download.

Trade-In Program Available

If you already own VMSpc and are looking to upgrade, we have a trade-in program for you. Send in your existing VMSpc JIB and we'll ship you a new kit for just $229.00.

We're taking the old JIBs that come in, testing and updating them, and selling them again. If you don't need the USB port and have a pre-2007 rig, you can get the VMSpc "classic" for just $229.00. These units carry a full one-year warranty and are factory-tested. Supplies are limited by how many people take us up on the trade-in offer.


The most popular tire monitoring sensor system in the RV industry is now compatible with SilverLeaf VMS monitors, including VMSpc. PressurePro sensors install directly on the valve stem, making it easy to install. The receiver can be mounted anywhere in the RV, and requires hooking up just four wires.

If you already have PressurePro sensors, all you need is the Receiver ($295.00), power cable ($20.00), and antenna. Two antenna choices are available. Smaller coaches with centrally located receivers can use the 7" antenna ($15.00). Larger coaches usually require the 35' cabled antenna ($50.00), which allows more flexibility in the location. The system can work side-by-side with the PressurePro display, if desired.

If you do not already have PressurePro sensors, they are available from SilverLeaf Electronics for $50.00 apiece. Some coaches may require a Signal Repeater ($93.00, incl. cable), especially for long trailers and tows.

More information on the PressurePro sensors is available at www.advantagepressurepro.com.

You may also need to update your VMS software to use PressurePro. Call us for details. For VMSpc users, version 2.4 is required, and is available for free download on this web site.

Truckers Welcome!

This company was founded by RVers, and we design all our products with RVs in the forefront of our thinking. Sometimes we forget that other folks might be interested in getting a little better fuel economy.

This was pointed out to me rather forcefully this morning when we got a call from a trucker who ordered a VMS. He will be far from the first professional driver to use our products. Kenworth and Peterbilt have been using our products for years as both a driver tool and a data analyzer in their in-house test fleets. Allison has a batch of VMS units as well. But most gratifying to me are the professional truckers that have discovered our products.

One fellow stands out in particular. He is a route driver, running basically the same 300 mile loop every day in North Carolina. That makes him the perfect test to see if all this stuff we say is true - whether you really can save fuel and get better performance with a VMS. You might think that an experienced professional wouldn't need an electronic device - it should already be instinctive.

He says it took him less than a week to discover otherwise. By watching carefully and experimenting - and even taking notes so he could compare his results on the same hills each day - he was able to adjust his driving with amazing results. He went from getting 5.0 mpg to 5.5 mpg - a 10% increase. At current prices that's almost a twenty dollar bill extra he gets to put in his pocket every day.

So if you are a trucker - Welcome to SilverLeaf! We're glad you found us.


Kenworth Knows MPG

For years we've been working with Kenworth and Peterbilt, instrumenting trucks that they use for testing fuel economy and evaluating engines. We started six years ago by customizing some VMS 320s to record and analyze data for their "real-world" simulations. They still use those units, and we've also added VMS 240s to their fleet. They have also moved on to more kinds of tests, including highly precise test track work along with over-the-road tests of thousands of miles. All of which rely on our VMS technology.

They have published some of their conclusions from years of testing in a white paper available on their web site. There is a lot of good information in here - including a few things you will likely find surprising.

One thing you won't find surprising is their #1 fuel saving tip. They recommend getting a in-dash monitor just like the ones they use in their testing. Unfortunately, they don't mention SilverLeaf by name - that's because we don't sell to the truck fleets, only to RVers. But their description of what such a display should include is a ringing endorsement of our products.

Aftermarket Country Coach Inspire Panel

D3 Inspire Panel Web.jpg
Looking to put a VMS 240 in your Country Coach Inspire and found you don't have enough room? SilverLeaf has a solution to turn your Country Coach Inspire dash into the most powerful and easy to use toolbox on the road!

Pictured with the VMS-240 is the new Pioneer AVIC-D3 Navigation system. This allows us to combine the dash radio, and back up monitor in to one simple to use combination with the added feature of GPS navigation! The AVIC-D1, AVIC-D2, AVIC-Z1, AVIC-Z2 and AVIC-N1, AVIC-N2, and AVIC-N3 can also be used.

This makes room for the VMS 240 to be installed in the dash. The panel material is acquired directly from Country Coach to ensure a spot-on match to your existing dash paneling. We custom design and machine the panel locally to ensure a perfect fit and finish that rivals a factory installation.

This also opens up the ability to use many different accessories such as Pioneer's Bluetooth Adapter, iPod interface, Sirius or XM Satellite Radio.

With the accessories also available for the VMS-240 such as the Weather Station, Roadwatch Road Temp Sensor, and Auto Genstart, you will have the most advanced and easy to use instrument display available in a motorcoach in one single panel.

This whole panel can be installed at any rally, at SilverLeaf's headquarters, or by a competent service center. Please call for pricing details.

Another great option is our own VDX-404 Video Switch. This device is blazing fast as it uses NO relays to switch video. If you have been thinking of adding directional cameras for coach blind-spot viewing, or addedd security cameras with the ability to view cameras in multiple locations, this is by far the best interface anywhere! For more information on the VDX-404 click on the following link. www.vidswitch.com

Introducing the Video Rats Nest Eliminator!

It's a bit of a departure for SilverLeaf, but there is a good reason for it. We were looking under the dash of a coach not too long ago and saw a most amazing rat's nest of cables. A whole family of nutria could have been living in there, and I had to ask the tech I was working with what they all were for. "Video", he said. "We have side cameras, and we run them to the dash, the overhead TVs, and so on. So we have a switch box, a few relays and diodes, some splitters and amplifiers. It's all in there."

"All those pieces and parts - there has got to be a switchbox out there that could do that in one box.", I prodded.

"If you can find one, let me know. We'd buy a load of them." He didn't sound too optimistic.

And indeed, there isn't such a thing. Sure, there are a lot of video switches that are designed for specific needs - but nothing that was designed for an RVer that wants to be able to check his side and rear cameras on more than just the dash monitor. I looked everywhere and couldn't find one.

So we just had to make one ourselves.

And now, three months later, we have the VDX 404 Video Switch. It takes four video sources and routes them to four video outputs in pretty much any combination. It responds to up to a dozen inputs, such as blinkers, transmission status signals, and accessory switches, and routes the video signals automatically in response.

Adding more monitors and cameras is trivial, up to the number four. Every output is buffered, eliminating the need for amplifiers or isolators. Every output is true to its source. And installation is as simple as it could possibly be.

One great idea we had was matching it with the new Garmin GPS. You can plan your trips with the GPS on the big-screen front TV, and then when you start driving watch the GPS on the VMS video. You can even add a video monitor on the passenger side - let the "navigator" plot the course, while the driver sees exactly the same GPS maps in the dash.

And that's just the beginning to the ideas that this device makes practical. Expect to see this in new coaches this Spring from several manufacturers, and in aftermarket installations across the country.

For more information, click on VDX 404

Got a VMS 200? New Version 4 Software Ready!

We may not be building new VMS 200's, but we haven't forgotten our thousands of customers that are driving around with our all-time best seller. In fact, we have just released a new software version that is the biggest upgrade in that product in several years.

Version 4 adds two major new features, both born out of my personal experiences as an RVer. It also adds a few lesser, but still important, features, like making the MPG reading bigger on all the trip screens.

Although I absolutely love the "Rolling MPG" feature of all the VMS models, I recently realized that it is missing something. The Rolling MPG is perfect for fine-tuning your driving to get the best fuel economy, but it doesn't give you a very good idea of the "bigger picture". So I added "Recent MPG" - the MPG as experienced over roughly the last 10+ minutes. It gives a better idea of how the winds and hills are going to hit your pocketbook at the next fuel stop. Both are available as gauges for your Drive screen and your Scan screen.

Another idea came to me as I was crossing the country on a month-long trip. I clear my Main trip only at the beginning of a totally new expedition, or at each end of a cross-country jaunt. I clear my Aux trip screen when I refuel, so that's my fuel gauge. But on that long trip, every day I found myself curious about just how well I was doing that particular day. So I invented the "Daily Data" screen. It's a trip odometer that clears itself automatically each morning so you can easily see how you are doing each day. It only clears once each day, so when you stop for lunch it doesn't forget your morning's achievements.

If you like these features as much as I do, then check in with us at the next rally and we'll update your unit for just 95 bucks. If you can't get to a rally, you can send your unit in to us and we'll update it in the lab for the same price.

Looking for Something to Read?

In case you didn't get a copy in your mailbox, click on Summer 2006 Newsletter to get a little something to read. In this issue there is a particularly good article on how to make the best use of your cruise control. You may be surprised by what we've learned about cruise controls and fuel economy. And it may put a little cash back in your pocket.

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