VMS 2.3 Beta problem

I installed the beta and I had been running 3 odometers. One for day trips, fuel tank miles since fill and total summer trip miles.

After install and running VMSedit once, all of the odometers reset to day one miles and lost information that was on them for present time. I never clicked the start from day one button. And with the new odometer there is no view history to see. There is text files in folder for them.

I can double click on odometer to reset every thing to 0 but then if I open it and click on the reset button every thing returns to total miles, gal etc.

Another thing that happen was I had 3 different text gauges above the odometers and two of them disappeared & I had to replace them.

If I reset all 3 odometers by double clicking them to 0. I then close the VMSpc program and then when I open it back up all the odometers are showing the day one information again. Running on a Windows ME system if that makes any difference.

All the above is sitting still. I will be moving the MH this Thursday. I will reset them to 0 before moving and see if they will register miles ect.


I had to recreate my

I had to recreate my odometers to get around that problem.

-- Ned --


That fixed it. Just wish there was a way to put the old mileage, fuel used & MPG in the new ones.

The new locked feature will help from accidentally reseting them. Like I did last summer on my total trip one. I lost 1,290 miles from this summer trip one, but the fill tank one only had 35 miles on it. So no big deal on it.


You can do this . . .

The odometer data is kept in files named "Odo##########.trp" and "Odo##########.trp.txt". The .trp file is the current trip information, the .txt file is the history. If you can deduce which odometer is which (by looking at the history), you can simply copy or rename the files to trick VMSpc.

For example, suppose you figure out that Odo12345678.trp was your original trip odometer, but now it's using Odo9876543.trp. Simply delete Odo9876543.trp and .trp.txt, and rename Odo12345678.trp to Odo9876543.trp (and do the same for the .trp.txt file).

Thanks Martin

I now have my summer trip & fuel tank odometers back with right mileage now. And the day trip back with history.


Trip Problems

Martin, I'm just starting to play with this, but it appears that "Reset Trip" does not set to zero, but rather resets to Day One amounts.

Same issue

I see the same issue as dbirdman. Also I tried increasing the Rolling MPG buffer and the Rolling MPG is the same as Instantaneous MPG and changes at the same rate. So the buffer does not appear to be working. I increased it all the way to 1000 and nothing changed.

New version is posted.

Go back to the original announcement and download the beta again. I just posted Build 2. (Check the About box to make sure you got the right build.)

I fixed the Odometer Reset bug, and made some changes in the Rolling MPG calculation. However, I don't thing that's why your MPG isn't working properly. It sounds like your Rolling and Recent MPG aren't getting initialized properly. The program initializes the MPG buffers with data from the engine history. If it doesn't see the Total Miles and Total Fuel from the engine (PIDs 245 and 250), it can't initialize the buffers and it just reports the Instant MPG. (If the Odometer PID is set to 244 it will use that value instead.)

Detroit Diesel 8V92 and Build 2

I used Build 2 on a 250 mile trip yesterday with strange results. The trip odometers do record mileage using PID 244. The new MPG seems to work reasonably well and the MAX gauges are great but the trip odometer and therefore it's trip MPG and trip average speed is very sporatic. The trip odometer will not increment for miles then change .1 or .2 or even as much as 1.1 miles at one time. After the first 40 miles I only had 12.6 miles showing on the trip odometer and the trip average speed and trip MPG were both less than a third of what they should have been. I tried modifying the correction factor and the results were equally strange. A correction factor of 1.0006 brought the total trip miles up from 12.6 to 40 miles instantly (which made no sense). Then when I started driving again, the reading would hang for miles then increment by .2 miles so it was still showing less than 1/3 of the actual miles traveled. I tried a correction factor of 3 and the trip mileage changed to a number greater than 37,000 miles (didn't write down the exact number) so I reset it to zero and started driving and it still didn't move from 0 for miles, then incremented .2. It is like PID 244 isn't sending most of the data or the software isn't interpreting the readings from 244 most of the time.

All other VMS gauges listed by the sniffer seem to work properly. The road speed has always read correctly with a 7% correction.

Any thoughts on what may be going on with PID 244??

Here's something to check.

As DBirdman noted, changing the engine correction factor will throw the current trip values off dramatically until you reset the trip.

It sounds like PID 244 is not being sent terribly often. Make a "Total Miles" gauge using PID 244, and simply monitor how often that gets updated. My bet is that your engine is sending it out sporadically, causing the jumpiness in the odometer. I'd also reset the correction to 1.0 until you've had a chance to test it more thoroughly.


I was wondering if you ever had your total miles PID 244 resolved. I have a 6V92 DDEC 2 and am experiencing the same problems-absolutely no relation between total miles from PID 244 and miles traveled. Just wondering if you had a fix and what it was.

Keep in mind that 244 is

Keep in mind that 244 is reading only a "since it was born" number, no matter what it shows to you. That means a correction of 1.0006 applies that .0006 factor to the whole mileage, and made a jump of 27+ miles. That's also why a factor of 3 will take it up tens of thousands.

That doesn't explain the other issues, but I wanted to point out why corrections aren't always what you would expect.

Did you have a "Start from Day One" odometer running as well?

Odometers Reseting each day

bzam 99 DSDP running xp

I still have a problem with my odometers resetting each day. I installed 2.3 and its showing build 4 and still have the problem.

In fact its worse as before my tank minder would show OK and not reset, but when I upgraded to 2.3 now my gallons seem to be accurate but don't have miles to empty.

Couple of days ago I saved my file before shutdown and reloaded it at startup the next morning and they were reset.

Its been a frustrating few weeks but I am nearing the end of my travels and won't be using it for a while.


Re;Odometers Reseting each day

Each version of VMSpc has added a few new Parameters. When you upgrade to a new version of VMSpc you need to run the Parameter Editor to add the new Parameters to the old Parameter File.

The Tank Minder in VMSpc 2.3b4 uses the "Recent MPG" by default, which is one of the new Parameters. If the "Recent MPG" has not been added to the Parameter File, it will always report Zero.

The first thing you should try is to exit VMSpc. Start the "Parameter Editor" (Start Menu-->SilverLeaf Electronics-->VMSpc-->Parameter Editor). Then Exit the "Parameter Editor". Then re-start VMSpc.

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All my gauges are reading SPEED

Regardless of original assignment of a Gauge they all now read Speed wether on Jib or off Jib. Running 3.0 on Win10.
This screen file ran fine until today.


Speed speed speed...too much speed

File corruption--thats why its showing all that speed.

Hello Pat,
If the data file "ParamData.xml" for your configuration gets corrupted than it may populate visually correct, with all the boxes in their right place...yet all are Road Speed. Its a fall-back when the file is broken or incomplete. Your gauge layout is safe, but the supporting ...and somewhat hidden file... is broken.

How to fix it? Simple: re-run the installer for that program.

As long as your gauge-layout file has a unique name ex. MyFaves_02-15-19.scr.xml then it will open normally afterwards. This ParamData.xml file stores the last scan made of your engine to show (while not plugged in) possible gauges you could create--say, from the kitchen table while parked for a spell.

Once corrupted, it may repair itself if plugged back into the coach (and it gets updated at key-on.) If not, then just rerun the installer and launch the program again.