VMS 200 EL missing values

When I'm operating in the Drive Screen, he two large numbers at the top center that indicate the Gear Selected and Gear Attained by the transmission do not show.
The Transmission Mode, Operating Error, and Torque Converter Status also don't show.
Critical values like Engine Oil Temp, Transmission Oil Temp, Air Inlet Temp, and Fuel Temp display zero.
What should I do or where should I look?

05 CC Intrique LE
Cummins ISL
Allison 3000 MH

Check your Transmission

Check your Transmission configuration. Press the PROG key, and look for "Transmission" in the list of items. It should be set to "WTEC V8". If it isn't, change it, and then power-cycle the unit to make the changes register.

The ISL engine does not report Fuel Temp (which is used by some of the larger engines as part of their injection calibration). Air Inlet Temp is reported as Intake Manifold Temperature instead. (The engine builders have slightly different terminology for some items.) Most smaller engines do not report Oil Temp, since the Coolant Temp is taken internally and thus the two readings are somewhat redundant. Finally, the Tranny Temp should register once you have the unit properly configured.

VMS 200 EL Missing Values

Thanks Martin, you were correct in getting me back my missing tranny values. Now I can't wait to get back on the road to check the dynamic values.

I saw one of your posting about updates to my model/system. It's current version is 30RV25 and the Bios is 2.18.
Are there improvements to this?

Wayne Manning
05 CC Intrigue LE
Cummins ISL
Allison 3000 MH

Version 4 software is out.

Version 4 will give you a couple nice new features.

The "Daily Data" odometer, which is simply a trip odometer that automatically resets every morning. I like it because I get competitive with myself. If I got 8.6 mpg yesterday, I want 8.7 today.

"Recent MPG". Like Rolling MPG, but over a longer time spread. It's a better overall view of your fuel economy. I watch Rolling MPG and adjust as I drive to up my fuel economy. I see if it's working by watching the Recent MPG.

Generator start/stop

All of a sudden, I can no longer start my generator by going to the "info" screen of the VMS 200, highlighting "start" on the generator program and pressing the rotary switch. I can still stop the generator from this screen, but I have to go back into the bedroom now to start it up. This is very inconvenient when going down the road and needing the house a/c units on. Any suggestions?


David Jarrett

Power up to make changes register

Maybe my transmission number is now entered wrong. How does one "Power up" to register correct transmission number?

re: Power up

This is just indicating that a change will be applied once power is cycled. This missive on Powering up kind of skips the ...first shut it off... part.

In a given (transmission) menu, make a change.
Key off
Key on
Change will now be applied. Like that.