adapter for weldex monitor cable

I just bought a 400CL for my 2006 Revolution LE and would like to remove the Weldex monitor and use the 400CL but the 4 plugs on the back will not mate to the monitor cable. Is there an adapter?


The Weldex monitor in our lab . . .

. . . has RCA jacks. The VMS 400 uses BNC connectors. RCA-to-BNC adapters are available at Radio Shack and other stereo/electronics stores.

Weldex cable is...

....a 4 pin locking connector, not RCA. I think 2 pins are vid and 2 pins are audio.


It's proprietary, then.

On some of the systems, the power for the camera is supplied by the monitor. In which case your four wires would be camera power, ground, audio, and video. But how to tell which is which!

Take a voltmeter to the Weldex monitor and see if you can find power and ground coming out of the monitor. Once you have those two figured out, you can power the camera and determine the audio and video signals by trial and error.