I just bought tha VMSpc this morning. It is installed and working except I do not get an indication of the transmission gear selection. The indicator for gear selected and gear attained are both ? question marks. Bill Day '98 Holiday Rambler Endeavor Cummins ISB 275 Allison MD 3060

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2018-11-13 10:53


Hello Roland Which SW version do you have on your VMS200 unit? [You can find out by pressing-and-holding both TRIP+SPEC buttons, rolling the knob counter-clockways to the bottom of the page where its shown.] Do you have WTEC selected for Transmission type? [Press PROG until you see the VMS Preferences page. Once there, roll down to Transmission, just below engine, and select WTEC if not already done.] Hows that look? Art //