:Voltage warning

I had my VMS240CL reflashed by Dale at the FMCA Rally in Perry in March '09. Since it was flashed, the battery volts screen comes up when the engine is started, with the red circle indicating an error. It always reads between 13.9 & 14.1 volts. Is this a real problem, and if not, how can I change the alarm value for battery voltage?

My coach is an '06 Country Coach Inspire with a C9 and an Allison 3000MH.

I'll wager . . .

. . . that you have a VMS switch on your dash, and the switch is on when you start your coach. Normally the VMS suppresses the low voltage warning for a short while after starting up, but if you have that switch on it defeats the suppression feature. While starting, of course, your voltage will get very low.

So, either turn off that switch (and let the key switch power the VMS), or press the SCAN button after starting the engine.

No switch

Thanks Martin

So it is warning of low voltage? I do not have a switch - the 240CL is only powered on when the key is turned on. Is it possible that a parm changed when the unit was flashed that is causing this?

Many thanks, Phil Webb

No switch...

The 240CL is powered on when the ignition switch is turned on. Given that this started when it was reflashed, is it possible that a parm needs to be adjusted?

Put it on Volts and watch it closely when you crank the engine.

Verify the voltage before you start cranking, and that the voltage is going low for a significant length of time. I expect that your batteries are a little weak, or just that your engine is taking longer to crank than usual.

Voltage Warning


Thank you for the response. The house batteries are 2 month old Lifeline AGM's, and the chassis battery is 2 weeks old.

When I turn on the ignition key, the drive screen appears with no warnings. When I engage the starter, the engine turns over very quickly and starts immediatly. The voltage screen quickly appears , showing 14.1 volts. Could this be warning about alternator output?