PressurePro™ Gateway

The new PressurePro 'Gateway' replaces the original 'Bridge' unit found in so many coaches today. That's why its the most popular tire monitoring sensor system in the RV industry. This new gateway unit is compatible with most of our current line-up.

PressurePro sensors install directly on the valve stem, making it easy to install. The receiver can be mounted anywhere in the RV, and requires hooking up just four wires.

If you already have PressurePro sensors, all you need is the Receiver ($295.00), power cable ($20 to $30.00), and antenna. Two antenna choices are available. Smaller coaches with centrally located receivers can use the 6" antenna ($15.00). Larger coaches usually require the 35' cabled antenna ($50.00), which allows more flexibility in the location.

If you do not already have PressurePro sensors, they are available from SilverLeaf Electronics for $50.00 apiece. Some coaches may require a Echo Signal Repeater ($93.00, incl. cable), especially for long trailers and tows.

More information on the PressurePro systems are available at

You may need to update your VMS software to use PressurePro. Call us for details.