Welcome to the VMSpc FAQ for *All Builds* Check here for answers to common questions about VMSpc.

Download the v4.0 FAQ (below) for more detail about that specific build.
June 2016

A note on installation changes:
We've changed *where* the program and layout files are created and saved to.
In the beginning... they were here: C:\VMSpc -Easy to copy to a thumb-drive yet nothing to denote version.
with v4.beta through v4.04 they're in C:\VMSpc_v4.0.x\VMSpc -Almost as easy, includes version.
In v4.0.5 and above, they'll be here: C:\VMSpc\v4.0.x -Easier to find and backup.

Why? This is confusing! Well, we didn't want to risk overwriting a given folder and its unique Layouts**, Trip, Odometer, Maint and Diags data. Yet, our first try at this wasn't as intuitive as we'd like it to be. **Many folks don't change the name of their layout from "Default" so, this is a band-aid for human nature. :-) In the future, your installations' location will look like this:

At any point you may just delete a previous folder. If you don't need the old data (layouts or otherwise) just delete the old folder. No un-install required!
May 2016

Windows 10 issue #1:
Windows Defender keeps deleting the installer for VMSpc 4.x, declaring it malware. This is a problem with 'heuristics' on Windows' part and requires (temporarily) this workaround:

Disable Defender, download, install *then* re-install it.

Windows 10 issue #2:
Problem: "I just upgraded to Win-10 and now my gauges read '0"'
Answer: Your' drivers were broken in the process of updating. No problem. Re-run the App "Install_Drivers" either from the disc or as a download from the website. Run this "As Administrator" to ensure Windows doesn't stop the fun.

Common complaint:
Why can't I buy this online?
Answer: There's just too many variations in coaches across so many years and brands...and models; each has its own concerns and so it's very easy to order the wrong equipment--and freight costs add up fast! Try the software for free; call us without any obligation at all.


In the Downloads section, now at the top is v4.x --it's a first-choice to be used--and while most of you have experience with the v2.5 through 3.x software, we've disabled those downloads to push-out the v4.x. All versions, regardless, come packed with the current USB device drivers.

As always, drop a dime for clarification on any of this.




Surface Pro 3 and Wifi...any WiFi...

A recent WiFi (v2.x hardware) customer was rather disappointed with his unit. He experienced some anguish over it not being true plug-and-play, as he would have expected. While I was cheerful, I was also bothered by a pattern I've now measured regarding the Surface Pro 3 {'SP3'} and WiFi connections.

Each SP3 owner I've spoken with has had a similar experience:

1. The tablet cannot connect (at all) to the Jib (or)
2. Once connected, if the tablet sleeps, the connection is lost ...Forever!...
3. The connection is regularly interrupted for some other, more enticing, one (perhaps where the internet can be accessed.)

We have a Surface Pro (1) here at Documentation Central. It works fine with the Jib. As does 4 androids (v2.5 ~ v4.4) and two laptops and 3 desktops (with WiFi cards) and a couple iThings.

So, to the net I went and found this and many similar headlines:
"Will Microsoft Ever Fix the Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi Issues?"

The problem began on the first release day *after a bug fix was released.* It continued through the end of the year and now...its mostly working right, IF the right settings are made and the proper updates are installed. One is for the BIOS of the system, another (driver) for the Marvel wireless chip-set and another set are for software algorithms.

Well... this is not a Jib problem; its systemic. I don't feel better so much as relieved a little. Sorry...but I was worried we had built a monster. Guess not. *whew!*

The most helpful article on this comes from Barb, over on 'Barbs Connected World,' here. It gives the background, Microsofts' various fixes, a couple walk-thrus and links to updates.

Bottom Line:
If you're having connection issues and using a SP3, Find the updates. If this still doesn't resolve the connection, give a call--though it seems, so far, the SP3 may not be usable for our Jib if that's the case.


Feel free to give a call for clarification or any walk-thru help. Otherwise...download the official FAQ for more solutions.


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(541) 967-8111 (Everywhere else)

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