Convert Trip Logs to Excel format

Please help to provide some guidance on how to convert the VMSPc format trip logs to Excel format.


After it opens in Notepad

After it opens in Notepad have you tried to highlight it and copy it and then paste in your Excel program?

You then may have to use the save as in your Excel.


Re:Convert Trip Logs to Excel format

The Data Log Format should be "Comma Delimited".

Start Excel (or your favorite Spread Sheet, I use Open Office)

Do a File, Open

Select the File Type of "Comma Delimited" (Open Office calls it "Text CSV" for "Text, Comma Separated Values")

Locate the Data Log file. (It should be called "defaultlog.txt" and located in your VMSpc directory.)

Select the DataLog File and Open it...

(Open Office gives you a preview of your Data, so that you can see what it will look like after being opened. Which is a Good Idea since Open Office 2.0 defaults to TAB Delimited, not Comma Delimited)

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