Totalcoach Auto Genstart

I have a 2009 Newell equipped with the Totalcoach system. In addition, I have the VMS 640CL and the VMS240CL.

When I press the Genset button on the Totalcoach panel, it says AGS, Disabled-Ext Activity. At the time, all AC units were selected off and the coach was plugged into and operating on shore power. Exactly what is the "External Activity" that disables AGS?


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External Activity = shore power.

Hello John

The external activity is your shore power. Being plugged in supersedes, I believe, (the need for) an automatic generator function.

RV-C Specification the specification for the RV-c CAN bus used in your coach. Its the comm. bus which shares all and bares all to the Silverleaf tools. The document denotes...though a bit this works on page 163. While technically informative, its more a specifications rip than helpful glossary. Within it however, you can see from where the cryptic terms are derived. [And will cure insomnia!]

Documentation Central
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gen start from totalcoach panel or VMS

I have a 2006 country coach affinity, generator starts fine from manual on/off start but does not start from totalcoach panel or VMS. I have read the blogs and tried recycling the house battery. Tried starting from manual and then try to shut off with VMS, no luck. Tried starting and stopping directly at generator, then cycling power, no luck, etc.

Any suggestions.

Equalization and max charge

I have a 2005 Country Coach Magna with a VMS 200. I have two 3000w Magnum hybrid inverters. I would like to equalize the four 8d Lifeline batteries. The VMS 200 shows the equalization function as off, and I cannot turn it on.

Also, what is the reason for the max charge rate to be at 80%? Why not 90 or 100%? I am able to change that parameter, but haven't.



re: Magnums and the VMS200

Hello Tom

I suspect the VMS200 doesn't have the ability to access the equalizing function as the batteries are set to AGM. Most AGM mfgrs do not recommend equalizing. We believe the only exception is Lifeline. Changing the battery type to Flooded may...or may not... allow you to change this. Its code base is quite old now, not being significantly updated since 2011. The simpler Magnum parsing was added just the year before.

The last change was in 2014 when we broke out the versions (as we were out of code space) to add PressurePro. This created 4 flavors:

v42RS04 - 11-09-2011
v42JS04 - 05-19-2014
v42JP05 - 02-19-2014
v42RP05 - 06-05-2014

R = RV-C -or- J = J1708
P = PressurePro -or- S = SmarTire

There are no plans for resuscitating this units' code base.

As for charge-percent, the 80% is a conservative setting for the longest life (of the inverter) installed in a less-than perfect area. In an ideal installation, plenty of ventilation, that could be bumped up to 100%. At that point you'll be trusting and testing the thermal shutdown/ de-rating built into the Magnum itself. I can't give any advice on this but to say that many people have bumped the rate (including the Xantrex models) up to 100% with varying results. None, as far as I've heard, have torched.

Its a good question for the Forum; here and IRV2.