New Navigation information

I noticed today that someone installed a computer into his dash for navigation.

If your wanting to navigate to a campground, fuel stop etc. etc. take a look at this temporary web site:

Spoiler Alert: Advert for Delorme AND their nav add-on

I followed the link. Its an advert for Software *said* to make safer decisions....for a price (about a hundred bucks). In the spirit of sharing the many options out there, I'll leave this up for now...but. Not for long. This isn't Little Nickel Want Ads--If I see unrelated products I'll pull them.

That being said; the software is targeting you get a hall pass for now. Rand McNally Download has a nice product for the same price as the two combined--for iPad.

I've trawled Google and haven't found anyone using this software or verifying its validity. As it has no verifiable history Silverleaf neither recognizes it or endorses it: Caveat Emptor ("Buyer Beware")

Thank you

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