1997 Holiday Rambler Endeavor LE

I have a 1997 holiday Rambler with a 3126b caterpillar with a 6 speed allison, what unit will work for me? What is the cost and where is my plug located all I can find is the one in the engine compartment.

Your 3126B and our VMSpc-USB

Hello Wild Bill

Our USB version, matched to a supplied, specialty cable will work on your outfit. Its pretty easy to install--takes just a few minutes-to-a half hour.

The kit price is $395 (which includes your specific cabling) plus postage.

Give a call and we can get one to you when you're ready to go.

Thank you

Art Renda
Documentation Central
Silverleaf Electronics, Albany, Oregon
(888) 741-0259

Aladin Jr replacement

I have a 2006 Monaco Diplomat and my Aladin is failing. As of now my Rear view camera is the only issue.
What unit do you recommend and what is the cost? Is the installation of ypur unit a drop in or are modifications required?


Don T.