Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring

I have the Silverleaf VMS240. with the Smart Tire II pressure & temp monitor. Trying to find out if I can purchase just the part that fits onto the valve stem from Pressure Pro and have the Silverleaf monitor the readings. I'm trying not to have another device attached to the dash or side window to look at.

Reading other post here, you indicated that if the unit has the system upgraded ie:You will need to have version 40RV25 or newer to have Pressure Pro support with all known issues fixed.

Re:CL 240 Smartire sensors
Just a note that I did switch to PressurePro sensors and the 240 displays them although a interface was needed to connect.
By JohnFreyja at 2014-04-12 09:35 reply

Was this "INTERFACE" part of the software upgrade to the 40RV25 or newer?


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Well, I'm probably too late to help much. But no the INTERFACE did not come with the upgrade. I believe Mark was able to tell me what wired interface I would need and I did a google search to find it.

smart tire system

on the vms display there are various tire illustrations. What are the meaning of these? IE: normal pressure, no reading ETC

TPMS tire illustrations

Hello John

Rather than re-write the manual here, let me direct you to one you can download, here:

Pick out your model and the tire info will be in there. You'll also find several others specifically for Tires ie. PressurePro.



Thanks guys

I'd like to thank you guys for the great Christmas present my wife bought me this year. The pressure pro system installed easily and has functioned as advertised for both the coach and the toad.

Great job guys