Windows 10 (oops) and v3.1b3 solutions.

I saw an update to the VMSpc software to v3.1b3. I had v3.0b1. Updates are good (?). So I upgraded.

But, I did not connect to the coach. The screen looked great on my Win 8.1 tablet. THEN----Win 10 came along. Still everything looked great.

Went out in coach on weekend and a few of the gauges did not work correctly. Tank Minder, RMPG, parts of Odometer. Called in on Monday and I still had the Distribution Disk for v3.0b1 with drivers signed 11-19-2014. With Arts guidance, I did a reinstallation. Now, I am back on the version that used to work on Win 8.1.

Took the coach for a drive this morning, and everything is working again. Yea! Thank you Art. I guess I will just have to wait for a v4.x.

Thanks again Art.

Al Wilson

Another question

The Odometer is working, but it appears to update only about every 8 minutes. I think my USB jib is set to a Bit Gap of 17. Of course, I am not in the coach to confirm, but would that have anything to do with it?

Al Wilson

Same Problem with Ver 3.1 b3

This summer I decided to upgrade my VmsPc from the serial port model to the USB model. I did and installed the 3.1 b3 ver of the software that came with the unit. I reworked my gauges making some additions and tried it out. Everything seems to be working until we left for our 1300 mile trip.

I discovered that the fuel mileage and "miles to empty" were not working. And of course we were travelling on Sat and Sun so I could not get in touch with Silverleaf for help. Out of desperation I came here and started searching the forum for help. Low and behold... the problem was written up by Al Wilson (thanks Al). So it is now Sunday night at midnight and I have re-installed my Ver 2.5 backup using my new screen file. I now get the "history" fuel mileage and assume that when I hit the road tomorrow that I will get my trip fuel mileage and "miles to empty" which I can't live without.

So.... ver 3.1 b3 isn't working for some of us, Art.

Ron Meola

Hello RonI'm creating an

Hello Ron

I'm creating an updated distribution disc--for new purchases. I'm also changing out the download from the 3.1b3 (with Allison and ISL bug-fixes) for the previous version.

Thanks guys for the feedback--that's you, too, Al! this is how we move forward.


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where are W10 drivers for 3.1

where are W10 drivers for 3.1 build 3? I get PC port failure after switching for W7 to 10.

drivers solved

Just got drivers to work.