Recent MPG and rolling MPG not working Cat 3126(330hp)

I am using VMSpc 3.1 build 3 and I never had any problems since I bought the software. I went to Caterpillar for maintenance and the updated the software of the engine for the most recent one.

Since that update I cannot see any recent MPG (pid 502) also rolling MPG (pid 9). I cannot monitor the mpg in the trip , what is left in my tank, nothing works for trip management.

Is there an update for this engine? or there is something I have to do to make this work?
Need help

Thank you

Missing PIDs

Hello Kik

It sounds like they either killed those PIDs or they were shifted to an alternate one.

A couple things to try:
...(Engine corrections)
... ... Change the Odometer PID to 243

Try that first.
If it doesn't work, change it back to 244, then try this:

(Tank Minder Properties)
check...or uncheck the box "Calculate Using Recent MPG"

You can also try both the 243' *and* checkbox trick, together.

Be sure to post your results here. Inquiring minds want to know :-)



Missing PID's

I just got the motorhome out for the next season , I will keep you update on my findings, I went back to the old software V2.5b and I get some readings but I don't know if they are accurate. Still testing.
Should I try the latest software and work with the newer? What do you say.


re: missing PIDs

Hello there

Here's what I think: I think that when you switched from the original ECM to the new it brought up-to-date all the PID broadcasts. At least one of those was a special PID used in the older engines. Its now 'normalised.'

This PID for recent MPG was likely 244, the old specialty code. By updating the ECM it may now be broadcasting the same info now on PID 245.

All software versions have this 'switch' available. Do a search in this forum simply for 244 . Much has been discussed over the years.

As for SW v3.1b3, it has known tank-minder issues for non-ISL engines. We tried many special 'builds' of SW to get the fuel/ mileage rates to parse right on ISLs with only some success. But, the effort broke the tank-minder for other engines as a trade-off. We stopped at build-3 and picked up the effort again with v4.x

So, for your older non-ISL engine, I'd use the v2.5, 3.0 or 4.0.5

The v2.5 and 3.0 will act and look just the same.
The v4.0.5 will have many more features...and may work just fine on your chassis setup. Its still in development yet works fine for many folks.