Software v4.0.3 Feedback

Version 4.0.3 software has been replaced with v4.0.4. See the updated feedback thread for updates.

Feedback has picked up, so far, it has one absolute show-stopper: PressurePro. As this is a must-have, we're picking up the pace on v4.0.4. Goal is to have it released TODAY (5/12.) See The Forum Topic: "4.0.3 Buglist" for the 'Known Issues' and 'Adds.'

Another gotcha, however, on some Windows-10 systems: Windows Defender. It may, or may not, cry foul during installation on the uninstaller. We've verified its a glitch in its heuristics, not the software. For the time being, disable Defender, download (or re-download) the distribution disk and install. Re-enable Defender afterwards.

Windows-10 is acting wonky with our WiFi Jibs. It will randomly disconnect or persistently drop the data connection. Not sure of the root issue--yet other mfg's are having this problem too.

Here's your chance to weigh in on the bug-list.
--Doing so will help us all keep track!
1. State the type JIB you're using and diagnostics connector type -and-
2. Frame your point in one of two categories:

Something is broken/ missing and preventing basic functionality. A feature (small or large) is unusable because of a glitch of some sort.

Aesthetics, look, feel and additional functionality. Or, maybe it works but the logic is...not...logical.


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