Camera inputs to VMSpc

I just ordered my VMSpc cable and awaiting its arrival. Art mentioned something on the phone about having events for pulling up different camera inputs and wanted to clarify. Is that just with the Glass Dash, or can I run my camera inputs through the VMSpc software to also integrate new turn signal cameras along with my rear camera. Is it possible to have the video as the background of the gauges similar to the VMS440 or 330? I ordered a video to usb capture device that will hopefully pull up the video signal as a webcam source and I am hoping that the software will have this feature already integrated.

re: video input

Hello Chris

The VMSpc doesn't have native support of video input(s). What a fella can do is virtually indistinguishable however...

First, download "Always on Top" software. As slimware it enables an additional Context Menu item: to add the needed option for setting one program or window to always stay on top using a (rt-click) selection.

Combine this with a video capture software can create a simple video window or 'tile.'

Now make a hole in your gauge layout the size of the little video window. Select the new option for that new video 'square' to stay on top. The rest is just moving and sizing to taste.