VMS 440 CL in '09 CC Magna

Need to have mine updated. What will it affect in the MH when it's out to get to Silverleaf for the checkout/update? The interior monitor panel is in the back but will it still work with the VMS removed? Rig is stored til the wife recovers from the July 4th liver transplant. Figure I might as well get some stuff done between Dr's appts.

re: VMS440 update effects

Mornin Deen,
No VMS monitoring functions...as you'd expect & no backup monitor. Really, it comes down to convenient house control. Not intimately involved with your rig, yet its a sure bet all will function just fine from the rear monitor. --I'm presuming a dandy HMS360 or 365?

If so, you'll lose some convenience, that's all. Functionality will be intact.

We've just updated the SW to allow for the new CAN-bus/J1939 Pressure Pro interface, which may be helpful down the road.



what I'm most concerned about is the lack of any generator start from inside the rig. At the FMCA rally at Coos Bay I was told the VMS needed an update to fix the problem by your person on site there.
I really wonder if that's what needs to be done?
Right now we can't use the rig as my wife had a liver transplant July 4th and is back in the hospital so it would be a good time to take the VMS out and get it to you.

FMCA and GenStart

Hello Deen
I wasn't in on the conversation had at the Coos Bay shindig. What was the deal? What was the catalyst for updating (the VMS)?

Off hand, I don't recall your coach model or which Silverleaf combination it currently has.


VMS440 CL. Your tech said the signal wasn't getting through from the VMS to the controller and that updating the VMS software would cure it. Then said maybe just wiring around the controller might be better.
I haven't had time to do any checking as my wife has been sick for some time, had a liver transplant on July 4th and died Aug 21st. That's why it took me a while to check for an answer.


I can check to verify signal from VMS to generator?

yes it can be checked.

Hello Deen
The output signal can be checked. It requires a voltmeter, flashlight and a a phone call. You'll be looking for a particular output pin/ wire to go 'low.'

When I get in tomorrow, I'll email you a wiring diagram along with its location within your coach.


VMS and generator

Finally got to the dealer and had them check it. Turned out to be a broken wire in the loom near the generator. They bypassed the wire and all is good now!!

re: VMS and Generator

Hello Deen

Glad to hear they were able to track that down. All ship shape then?


Sort of

Now trying to find out if I can clear an inverter "Fault" from the VMS 440 CL panels. Have a Xantrex RS3000 and I sometimes get an inverter fault when something moves the power cord. I don't have any controls for the inverter other than what the VMS provides so I have to move stuff around, slide a storage bay slide out, crawl in and remove a panel to hit the reset button. Does the VMS have any setting that would allow this from the VMS panel or do I need to add a Xantrex remote panel?

Not really...

If I understand this correctly, the inverter is detecting a drop-out in power when the power line gets moved. It then throws a fault. This is expected and normal. It would be in bad form to interrupt that process.

Instead of finding a band-aid to plaster over it, pinpoint and fix the part of cable (or its connection) which is failing. These don't fix themselves...so it will continue to degrade and eventually fail. That would be bad...not just annoying.

As far as resetting...for now...yes, there are 2 methods. First, if the fault is shown on the screen is to simply press CLEAR. Also, pressing DIAGS a couple times gets you to the screen which shows house diagnostics and, if memory serves, you can press CLEAR then, also.

One of these will certainly speed that process up.



The fault usually

The fault usually only happens at home. The circuit is one I installed many years ago, maybe 30 years. The receptacle is probably worn out. Will install or do it myself a new 50 amp plug closer to the RV connection.
No, I don't want to defeat the built in protection, just wanted an easier way to clear the fault then climbing in underneath.
Printed your comment out to check it out.