Signals from ECU

Does anyone know if there is a method of getting VMSpc to show a list of the actual signals being received from the ECU?

re: Signals from ECU and Raw Logging

The actual signals, which are digital, would be hard to work out unless one has an oscilloscope. So, as part of the VMSpc program, you can create a log based on the organizing of it all, in a formal...though busy hexadecimal...format.

These are the actual messages being received on a given databus (whether J1708 or J1939). From this you can derive the PGNs (whether SPNs, PIDs or whatever) when compared to the SAE J1708 or J1939 document.

Historically we've directed folks to send us a Raw Log at the time some specific event (or non-event) is happening--as a way to sort out the validity of what the program is displaying.

I hope this helps