Freightliner dash guages going wild

Got my updated jib back For the 2017 Cummins 450 with the 500k green twist on plug and all the guages on the Vmspc are working ok. But my problem is every few minutes the dash warning lights go crazy. ABS, Check engine and other lights come on and off.

re: 2017 and VMSpc USB jibs

Hello RJ

We've tried to reproduce this on a 2017 that rolled through today. It didn't exhibit this oddity--however, there's about 4 different coaches (Tiffins and a Newmar) which do much as yours.

We're comparing some raw-logs just now to see if there's some pattern or discernable error which we can work with.

Is this about every 4 minutes...or 5? Does your PC continue to otherwise work normally or is it affected also?


Art, I really didn't time

I really didn't time it, but it seems to be about 5 min. will time it tomorrow. When Idling I just get the ABS light coming on for about a few seconds then off.

The PC will show error codes which i sent you. I haven't ran the coach on the road, just that one trip when the dash lights were really acting up. The pc seemed to be fine if I remember right. but I pulled over and disconnected the jib and all was normal again.

Will be taking a long trip starting June 7th. and will try it again


re: 2017 Coach and gauges

Hello Ralph

We've identified that the firmware is contributing to the problem. It'll need to come back at some point to be updated. However, that said, we're still working out a consistent fix. This problem isn't seen on every 2017 which has made it more difficult to nail down.

Stay tuned


2017 Coach

Ok Art I'll wait for it. Let me know when to send it back for an update.
Thanks, Ralph

I have a similar problem

I have a similar problem occurring on my new Tiffin Phaeton with an ISL9 380 engine. My ABS light and MIL will intermittently come on and off. I also get the following message on my LBCU screen: TRANS COM FAIL

In addition the Gear Selected and the Odometer functions don't display any data.

Is there a list that I should be added to so that I'm notified when the update is available?