VMSpc 4.0.6 is live!

Quick note:

v4.0.6 along with the new manual ('4xB') is live.

I've completed testing and done the last tweak on the manual for clarity, better thought out directions and to cover the new functions.

"Point-6" is principally a mass of bug fixes--which worked out pretty good. It has one new item; the combination Clock/ Diags box many requested. Its a big space saver and efficiency improvement.

There's still the stock Clock-Calendar Gauge. The new addition will look similar (Time and Date) until the chassis throws a code, at which point it converts to a full on diags box (of the same size) with numbers and clear messages.

Keep an eye on the 4.0.6 buglist as more folks help shake out the wrinkles. [After a week Now we have a couple.]