4.06 Doesn't work properly yet?

12Downloaded and installed the 4.06. Decompressed file. Installed drivers. Installed setup program. Selected my port (4) which worked on 4.05. Communications....says JIB to Engine communication is not working. I run 4.05 and everything is just fine for communication. Glitch in 4.06?

4.0.6 questions

Hello gsgriffin
The only glitch that has come up, so far, with 4.0.6 is a default setting of J1939 data bus.
... ... bottom of the window: Choose Databus (for troubleshooting)

This should default to 'Both'
However, I've seen twice now that it defaulted to J1939 which will appear then to not work on the older coaches with J1708/ 6-pin (or ALDL 12-pin) connections. Switch it to J1708 or Both and it may be corrected.

You didn't really offer much for me to work with to sort that out so, have a look and see if it applies to you.