v4.0.6 Software Bug-list (Current)

Fixes need in next release:

1. Default Databus J1939 On install, instead of 'Both' selected (Databus for Troubleshooting) The J1939 is selected. This appears then to not work for those with older J1708/ J1587 coaches.
Fixed: this was resolved with releasing a bugfixer "B" version; 4.0.6b.

2. Missing data, J1708 On ISL-370 and ISM-450 we're missing Torque and Horsepower. [This was broken in 4.x and only noted just now. ISL-370 worked on 4.0.5]

3. Retarder Gauge Retarder Switch (Hydraulic) always reads "error".

4. Install Issue Legacy option to "install in a different directory" needs to be removed. The pointers are broken; better to maintain the same folder hierarchy for consistent installs.

5. Retarder Status values lost Engine Retarder Status = "off" when exhaust brake off; reads "error" when exhaust brake is working. These values (under 121) ARE ZEROS. [Art is building the table for this and others.]

6. Spiking Gauges Instantaneous MPG occasionally reads "256". Less often so does rolling MPG. J1708 ISL-370