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There should be some kind of hierarchy for the pictures. One time I load and my guages are on top and the next time the picture is covering the guages. There should be the same for stacking pictures too. Also a default wallpaper size so I can create a background that has menu boards to place buttons on

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Hello Tom

This bugs me too. It was tossed onto the 'Add list' as item #8 quite some time back. This last release was (almost) entirely bug fixes however. The only thing we had time for from the goodies list was the combined clock/ Diags gauge.

I'll move it to the top of the list for the next build--because you've brought it up. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

On Fixed wallpaper size, not happening. Everybody's screen is a different size, shape and resolution. Once we can lock a group of gauges (pics, simple gauge or whatever) and resize them _as a group_ this gets simpler. Then, create your 'menu boards' as the rear layer, toss some stuff on top and top it with a simple gauge and its done.

Doesn't resolve the cool shading & highlighting in your piccy but is +90% of the content.

My coder is going to balk at this--its going to be a pretty big undertaking and its as a favor it gets released at all. Still, I'll try to get another cycle started in the next 6-months for the next build.



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May I add your picture to the Gallery of Installations?


You are welcome to use my

You are welcome to use my example as you see fit

re: Picture Heirachy

The ability to use a trimmed picture (gif) would be good too.
Then I could make round guages that are black faced when all is good and turns red faced when out of spec.
I would stack the Red/green indicator behind a trimmed bezel and place the actual temp in the center.

re: Picture Heirachy

Get rid of the outline around the guage boxes too.
Allow rotation of guages so I can put a graph guage at a 45 deg angle

re: outline etc

Hello 'Cool

The pixels-wide border, unfortunately, is an unmovable, unrepentant compatibility element for Windows. Its here to stay; sorry. Back with Win-98 that element wasn't required. Now its used to define the grabable edge for resizing for everything since.

I've asked the coder if eliminating the border is possible. He related that it would be a major undertaking, essentially adding the Win-8 tile look and functionality and somehow ensuring compatibility with XP etc. Translated, this means 'No, not happening."

On diagonal, he said again, the coordinate conversion combined with resizing also is a lot of work to do in C++. For elements everyone needs or would use this could make sense--but not so much for a novelty. Maybe a right-angle option is more doable.

Still, keep the ideas coming!


How about making the outline

How about making the outline color match the gage face color,to hide it?
Can they make the outline for the warning light round rather than square?

re: customizing elements

On color-matching gauge edges; that to is pretty tough. The prescripted program defines the edges' color (or transparency.) The screen layout file holds the colors noted for the gauge. One will be static--if for any reason we can't load the screen file (which does happen) we risk hanging the program while it tries to sort out a match.

What that would boil down to is rewriting the section on how this border is colored, its logic and if static or based on another file (default.scr.xml or user defined ...silverado_01.scr.xml). I'll look into this.

I'm not sure what is meant by the square warning light. Which? Do you mean the the square gauge which a warning light is in? Just the warning 'dot' by itself? Not an unreasonable question....


The warning light has a

The warning light has a square border around it.
That makes it tough to place it inside a round picture or background because the edges of the square overlap.
Look at my gold layout and view the warning lights in the round gages.