VMSpc v4.0.7 is Live !

There are problems and then there are "PROBLEMS!"

With 2017 and beyond came the new green J1939-ii Deutsch connection attached to a faster 500kb data bus. With more speed, of course, we also get MUCH more data to analyze.

Its sad yet, 15 years ago, when the oldest part of this VMSpc code was written, the coder didn't anticipate coaches ever chewing through data like this. So, some arbitrary value for caching was established which worked pretty good.

For years. Until...2017. Much of the v4.x software is based on the reliability of the 2.5 and 3.x code base. Part of that old stuff was the problem...but we couldn't identify it.

So, we built a faster beefier simulator which could help us duplicate the problem we were seeing in the field on some 2017 coaches; Tiffin, Newmar, Freightliner...several of this type combination.

With that we could see the exact problem--though it took one of our brightest minds a few days. He was able to dial this in to work regardless of the shape of those data. We now see some changes on the horizon; the jib itself could use an injection of speed and capacity. Not urgent but its there...waiting.

At any rate; this VMSpc version will work just dandy on your 2017 or 2018 coach. Our beta tester ('Deputy Dawg' on his spiffy 2017 Tiffin) found that the only anomaly he sees is a brief chirp from the ABS when first plugging in. Then, smooth sailing.

Check out the Forums' Bug List entries for more of the gory details...



Not recommended for older rigs

I have not had the tripminder work and continue to have crashes on all version, but 4.07 on my Monaco 330ISC is so unstable that it doesn't run, data goes crazy, crashes very quickly. 4.06 seems to be the most stable. Just wish I could get the tripminder and others working. Too bad that those of us that bought the equipment can't upgrade the software to get better looking displays. Mine is awesome looking, but not stable. Crashes and reboots many times a day while driving. Still get about 123,543,234 miles to a tank, which is great!