Question re replacing Xantrex RS3000

Need to know what inverter/charger that can replace a Xantrex RS3000 in my '09 CC Magna. Xantrex says the Freedom SW3012 is what I need but will that integrate with my Silverleaf 440CL and whole house control including the auto genstart?

re: Replacing the RS3000

In a word: no

Hello Deen, the language for the Freedom SW hadn't been invented yet when your coach was built. However, we knew, or believed, that the CAN-bus networking language now called RVC was coming. Eventually.

So, built into your display units are the hardware to be able to work with the new unit. A conversion will need to be done to update the software (in those same display units) in addition to some minor wiring changes.

Also, a couple Silverleaf boxes (TM101 and PM001/PM002) will need to be sent in. With those, we'll be able to pull the original settings and so will be able to ship back a third box, a TM102, to use in place of the others. This is the same unit used in new 2018 coaches; gets you back up to current electronics very nicely.

This conversion will require a block of time, somewhat determined by the skill-level of the shop. If done here in Oregon, its part of a day. Other shops, without that factory experience, will likely take a few days.

There are other details, too many for the forum. Give us a call for that and some recommendations.



Live close by

Live in Vancouver, WA so close enough to drop by and have it done there when the time comes. Possible cost estimate?

re: RS3000 to Freedom SW

Hello Deen
If you drop into our factory location we'll be able to take care of this update quickly. We flat-rate this to $50 for the update--and since its done here, we'll pull the TM102, fix the configuration and update the SW to the newest version as well.



Thinking about

going to a Magnum 3012 hybred. As I understand it that takes a bridge too. How much and do I still need to buy a Magnum control panel to set it up the first time?

re: magnum possibility

Our Silverleaf TM502 Magnum interface is $99; its price dropped last fall from $199. Add to that some wiring adjustments and a strong back and...viola!

If only a single unit, no Magnum panel will be needed for programming. However, we have those (for this one-time purpose) as a loaner here. So, no worry about that if you drop in.

Hows your back?


Error codes

Is there a way to read the Xantrix error codes with my whole house or VMS 440 or do I need to connect a Xantrix control panel?

re: Error codes and Xantrex

I'm not sure. Your tag/ handle indicates you have an '09 Magna...but the post above reads '02 Magna. Notwithstanding...

If the Prosine is still installed (on an '09) then, probably, yes; you (may) see an error if it produces one. At the time, their messaging was a bit simpler but one would expect an error to pop up when looking at House Diagnostics --on either unit.


Someone else posted on my question

I have an '09 Magna with the 440CL. I know the error sometimes, but no always, shows up on the total house panel. But that's not my question!
The question is: Can the VMS 440CL or the whole house system give me a readout of the error codes that are causing the fault condition or do I need the Xantrex System Control Panel to do that?

Xantrex RS-3000 or SW-3012 and RV-C Error Codes

The Short answer is YES and YES..

The Xantrex Inverters, when connected to the SilverLeaf RV-C System, will report the Errors in the RV-C Diagnostic Message format.

The VMS 440Cl and Total Coach System display the RV-C DM-1 messages for Errors..

You can connect a Xantrex Panel to the Inverter(s) in addition to the SilverLeaf RV-C System, so that you can see Both Types of Error Messages..

You can also contact us with an RV-C DM-1 Error, and we will look it up, and give you the Manufacture's error code if relevant...