VMS 645

Just a question on my 645, When Dale hooked all 3 camera's to dash we were having a problem with side camera's not working so we reprogrammed dash to show rear camera when using turn signals. It worked for a while then stopped working. Now every once in a great while it will show rear camera. Is there a fix for this?

re: Fix for missing cameras

Yes, there's a fix--but the forum , as an open discussion, seems like a pretty slow, pensive--though conversational--approach.

But, here we are. I'm wondering why the side cameras weren't wired in. Are they the same age as the (now failed) backup camera? Could the rear camera have aged-out...failed due to age?

If I was standing there with my tool bag and mug of coffee, I'd be substituting in a video source to the input that was completed; the rear. It could be anything. A VCR or DVD player works great.

There's a few video inputs on the back, in all likelihood only one is being used, and that's for the rear camera. After substituting the VCR for the camera, is *that* input seen (with a turn etc) and when the camera would/should be?

Lets start there.