v4.0.8 Software Feedback [Closed] See v4.0.9 Feedback

Last day for this version, a release which fixed the high volume data issue that new-coach (2017+)owners were experiencing yet still had J1708 issues. Thanks for the feedback--but its time to move onto what I expect will be a very pleasant experience: v4.0.9.


Is it just me and the confusion of my installation or does the version appear as 4.0.7 in the program About Us info.

Will be awesome someday when the updates allow you to upgrade and carry over previous information without having to manually move and tweak and edit XMLs or at least could be installed over a previous version without wiping out the edit to parameters. Maybe V5 will take this into account?

re: Portability

Hello GS
The version error was reported earlier and was posted as Debug item #11, under Forum topic, top of the list "v4.0.8 Bug-List (Current)"

11. Version ID Version is still listed as 4.0.7 (under Help)

Portability was an opening-day goal for v4.x.x and so its a "Please Add" item under "v4.0.8 Software Add-list (current)"

5. (Layout) Export: Via menu item [Layout, Export to...]

My goal for the next build is based on the reality of ever-growing product lines vs. manpower and legacy equipment. The VMSpc is of the the longest lasting single products. However, within the priority system we must use in order to maintain momentum, the PC product doesn't see change unless there's a break and time is freed up, a new engineer who gets this as a 'welcome to SL' project or there's a serious problem--as was the case for v4.0.8.

This is mentioned elsewhere in the forum so I won't dwell on that here.

The deal I try to strike with the coder is, when fixing or adding something to the VMSpc software, take at least one item off the 'Add' list; they get to choose which. The low hanging fruit have all been picked. There's still a few not-too-tedious additions which would bring some welcome features--such as an Auto-Fill button on the TankMinder guage. However, many are going to be a challenge...and may never happen due to the time involved.

Maybe this next revision, when the Auto-Save gets turned off/ gets a menu option, we can somehow incorporate something like your xml resizing fixer. There was a reason explained to me at one point why we couldn't use percentages. This was during the dev process of 4.0.2.--but the reasoning escapes me.



Failure to load trip file

Installed 4.08 on two different PC's. Each reports the same failed to load trip file - defaulting values.

Trying changing the data file. No luck.


Got it to stop complaining

Got it to stop complaining about the trip file. Not sure how I did it. Possibly doing a fill tank then reset trip

Noticed that under help > About it shows version 4.07

re: missing file.

If you move a layout to another pc, all the elements must be moved with it.

For example, if I create a layout with a tank-minder and 3 odometers, all three odometer files along with the tank-minder file must be included--otherwise it doesn't know how to populate it.

I've found that, if sharing or moving layouts, it best to first remove the TMs' and ODOs' --those things dependent on a support file. This way it migrates without the missing file problem.

I hope this was the issue! This a buggy area...


Day/Night issue. V4.08

I had different colors for different gauges on my old version. (Sorry, not at motorhome right now, so can’t get version, but was installed 9/2014.)

So, I set this new version to replicate the old one. I had to right click on the gauge, pick a color from the choices, or go to the pallets and create/save a custom color. Click OK, to get back to the window with the "Use Unique Color" box. I check that and now have the color I want. I do this to all the gauges and it now looks like what I’m used to with my old version.

Then I go to Night view and all my unique screen colors show up in Night mode, even though I picked the "Use Default" for Night mode. It doesn’t change to the default Night mode completely.

If I were to use Custom #1 or Custom #2, all the gauges will be the same color. I don’t have the option of having different colors for different gauges without affecting Night Mode.

The only issue is checking the Use Unique Color box and having that gauge color transfer to Night Mode.

re: Custom Colors and night mode.

Hello Happy
I knew there was a problem with the night mode--at one point it was on the bug-list to be corrected as there was a mis-match custom colors. It hasn't been on there in a while; it must have broken again or dropped off prematurely. Dang.

So, if I understand this correctly, the problem statement would read:
"Custom color isn't carried over to night mode."

Does that sum it up or what would you add to that to dial it in?


The custom color for the

The custom color for the gauge is carried over to Night screen. What I would like is to have the Default Night screen appear as is, without any interference from custom color day screen. The Default Night screen is great just the way it is. But when changing to Use Custom Color on the day screen, it affects the default Night screen, or any of the Color Palette Selector screens.

I replicated the colors from Default to Custom 2, thinking I might get lucky. Then I picked Custom 2 for my Night screen. But, the Use Custom Color migrates into the Night Palette.

It would be nice to be able to pick, and use, the default Night screen, as designed, for the Night screen. And, at same time create a custom screen for day use, using custom colors.

Speed reading Jumping by 3mph

My road speed is jumping by 3mph while going down the road.

I read in here that perhaps the "both" setting in communications could be the issue but it is not.

I have the Detroit 515 engine and my communication setting is on the J1708 because this is a 2005.

I did try the J1939 but no data is transferred at all.

Gear Asked not showing

I saw on the v4.0.8 Software Bug-list (Current) that under recent fixes that "the gear attained works but not the gear selected." On mine, only gear attained shows. After a restart but before starting engine is shows ? for both. I am on 4.0.8.
In advanced setting, it shows JIB Version as VMSpc JIB Version 1.13 if that means anything.
Thank you

re: Gear attained

Yes--this is important.
Hello TJ

The v4.0.8 has issues with parsing the transmission Gear Selected on the newer coaches; not sure why (yet.) It seems that 2014 and beyond are the benchmark for go/no-go.

It may be on the bug list--but reversed. I'll look at that just now... -Thank you!


Speed jumping around

Has anyone figured out how to fix this with a Detroit Diesel motor?
Using the latest software and J1708 plug

Having the same issue, speed

Having the same issue, speed jumps 6 - 7 mph, then back...

Partial odometer readings, identical instant and rolling mpg, ne

I’ve used VMSPC for years and, since the last update, it’s never been worse. Instant and rolling mileage identical, only the mileage records on two separate odometers, nothing else, and oil temp reads zero.

VMSpc for 2008 Allegro Bus

Put this comment in wrong place Sorry

RE: Night Mode and Custom colors

Wondering if the night mode custom color issue has been addressed.
See above.