Loosing connection

I have the Silverleaf TM-501 USB JIB and I get no data sometimes. It is h/w 1.0 s/w 1.09.... If I unplug the Jib at the 6 pin connector for a little while (1/2 minutes) it might work again, but not always. Is my JIB going bad???



I guess nobody has any idea what is happening with my JIB!!!!


re: Nobody knows

More likely its a time constraint. We care--but have so little time for getting back to forum folks.

Its not likely the jib is failing--yet, it seems it may be rebooting (or need to be.) This can happen on J1708 data-buses which can be a bit noisy. Sometimes we shrug and and don't have many suggestions. However, you could send it in and we could check it out.

There is a firmware and hardware update, $90, which changes out the clock crystal and brings in new firmware. The new coaches (2017 and on) require this as they have a databus moving twice as fast with almost double the band-width.

This new setup grabs data in much larger bunches and so can take advantage of (what is typically) the faster CPUs. This may have a knock-on effect of getting around your data bottleneck. Or, it may not change anything.

Which version of VMSpc software are you on?