VMSpc 4.0.9 Release: Now with Round Gauges and a TST Interface

VMSpc Demo

If you've been waiting for a little better analogue display on your VMSpc, well, Round Gauges are finally here! As you can see in the demo, these Round (or "Radial") Gauges allow for a little more customization in the color and positioning. Of course, the original Simple Gauges are still around too, which you probably used in previous versions. So now the VMSpc offers more layout options than ever before, whether you want to replace all your Simple Gauges with the new Round ones, stick to the old style, or mix up your display with a combination of both!

The other major change in this version is the integration with TST — a TPMS that provides detailed information on up to 20 tires, including real-time reports on pressure, temperature, leak status, and more. The VMSpc interface makes using the TST simple, giving you easy access to the knowledge you need on the road.

As always, this new version can be found on the downloads page, and additional information about TST, bug fixes, and other updates is listed in the VMSpc Forum.