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New version v4.0.9b [To be renamed v4.1] is ON HOLD pending a patch. Seems we broke the Odometer. v4.1 Official will be available shortly.
This release includes the J1708 bug fixes (for missing data) and gives an option for Round ("Radial") gauges. Other notes are may be found in the Forum topic "4.0.9 Feedback"

This can be used on any coach/ chassis with J1708 (6-pin or 12-pin), J1939 9-pin type-I 250kb (black) or type-II (green) 500kb diags interface.

Check the Forum for any new bug fixes and changes.

The new 4.x software mixes the original layout style with a new feature set. Once you try this new version out, you'll never want to go back to anything older!

Even if you don't have the VMSpc Cables and Hardware you can still install and try out the software. You can see for yourself how easy it is to customize VMSpc to your tastes. And when you are ready to "go live", give us a call at (888) 741-0259 and we'll set you up with everything else you need.

Software upgrades are always free and no log-in is required. When in doubt: Read the manual.


As diagnostic ports vary greatly across the spread of coach-builds and years, the pinning and socket types vary significantly. When you call we will ask for your coachs' make, model and yer as well as what type of Diagnostic socket(s) you have. This may require a close look, first, to determine the physical nature of the socket, number of pins available and those used in that socket. Refer to the Connector Document to identify what the Diagnostic sockets look like. Its regretful that, for this reason alone, we're not able to have an online store.

To start a fresh installation, download the latest "Distribution Disk," below. However, when first prompted, Open it (don't download it) --save/copy the Folder it contains to a place on your PC you can find easily, such as c:\ or your Desktop.

Install the drivers by Opening 'Install_Drivers.exe' Once the driver Software has completed, Install program from that same folder (ex: "Distribution_Disk_v4.0.x"). Reboot, open the VMSpc program with that new desktop shortcut, select your specific engine (when prompted). The first time opening you'll need to confirm that communications are set; USB JIB etc. Follow the manual on this--not too difficult. Need a hand? Call and we can walk you through.

If you are having difficulty Installing VMSpc v4.x, please refer to our All Versions Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information.

Be sure to give a call if you get stuck or need clarification.

Need an engine calibration file not on the list? Look here: Engine Calibration Files New engines are added on an as-needed basis for the most part...

Older program versions (prior to v2.5) and drivers have been archived; contact us by phone or Tech Support (below) for help.

VMSpc Downloads

VMSpc_4xB_Owners.pdf3.28 MB
Signed_Drivers_Only_04-16-2015.zip2.2 MB
Distribution_Disk_USB_Jib_v3.0_12_24_2015.zip4.72 MB
Distribution_Disk_VMSpc_v2.5b10c.zip4.62 MB
Wifi Manual Addendum Hardware.v.2 rev.2.05.pdf125.86 KB
Wifi Manual Addendum Hardware.v.1.pdf85.4 KB
Additional_Engines_(05-04-2017).zip43.78 KB
J1708-J1939_connector_comparison_8-17c.jpg77.63 KB