Does it work?

I driving down the road today in my 2007 Beaver Contessa and right when I arrive at my destination for the night and the stupid (because it tells me nothing!) Check Engine light comes on for about thirty seconds. My coach slows to a crawl when the light is on and then everything goes back to normal. During this time every gauge availabe is normal.

Please tell me VMSpc and an appropiate cable from Silverleaf will be able to give me an actual code. I hate being treated like I don't need to know this information.


Re:Does it work?

Yes it would.. If you have a VMSpc plugged in to the Diagnostic Port and the Computer on and the VMSpc Program running..

The Check Engine and the Loss of Power (Called a "Power De-rate") will be detected and the ECM's code for the Problem will be broadcast across the network.

That Code will give you and the Technician a clue as to where to start looking for the problem.

Mark Overholser

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My 120 LC doesnt tell me

My 120 LC doesnt tell me anything. i purchased it from a good friend and connected it omce and it worked. Was not traveling just setting still. Today connected it and screen was green but no meaage. What should I do?
Denny W