Adding a 7" monitor to the laptop to display the VMSpc software is a success.

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I have successfully added a 7" LCD monitor to my laptop to display the VMSpc software. The wife used the laptop screen to use the GPS software and I didn't want to "infringe" on her space. The 7" VGA monitor worked great using the dual monitor option in Windows XP.

Now I have a seperate monitor on my side to continually display the VMS, the picture quality is great, and I can monitor all of the related gauges without taking my eyes too far away from the line of sight while driving. I mounted the 7" LCD screen on the top left corner of my dash display.

Pictures are available on request!


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Trying to post a pic, but didn't get it right!

monitor pics

I'm sure many folks that visit this forum would like to see picturs of your installation, my self included. Could you try again. If you're not successful, would you consider sending them to me?

Also, where did you find a 7" monitor. I looked for one a while back with the idea of doing exactly what you've done and couldn't find a satisfactory small monitor.

Thanks for your help.

Mann Duff

7" display

Mann, I found mine online at a place called "Logic" They had varioius sizes and price ranges for several types of screens. To locate other monitor business, I typed "mini VGA monitor" in Google. I hit several businesses selling them.

I just figured it out!! See above.



I am having trouble getting my second monitor to read info. I am using windows Xp. Monitor turns blue only.

Lars, the fact that it turns

Lars, the fact that it turns blue means that you are there!

The blue is most likey the color of the wallpaper on your laptop. When you go into the video setup icon in Windows, it allows you to set up which monitor is on which side. In other words, if your 7" monitor is on the left of your laptop, it will be #1, and the laptop will be #2. This tells windows that when you scroll the mouse to the left edge of the laptop screen, you will see it disappear from the laptop and appear on the 7" monitor.

That means that the monitor is set up properly, and you are ready to pull the VMS software to the 7" monitor. Just open VMS, use your mouse to resize the window to the approximate size of the 7" monitor, then right click and hold the mouse button and "drag" the VMS program right over to the 7" monitor. Resize it to fit, and select your gauges!!

Windows remembered which screen the VMS was on, and the next time I opened it, it opened on the 7" monitor. Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!


7" monitor for VMSpc

Would appreciate some pictures of your installation.


Max Hollis

Sure Max, I'll send them

Sure Max, I'll send them right over.


I would also love to see some pictures of your installation.
Thanks in advance !


Sure Mark, I'll send them

Sure Mark, I'll send them over.



If you don't mind send them my way too....Jim

No problem Jim,

No problem Jim, enroute.


Pics Again


I'm interested in what you did too! can you send some pics.

Sure Mike, they are

Sure Mike, they are enroute.


link for pictures and info on adding 7" video screen

I figured out how to post the pic above, but here is the link to the web site where I first posted the info on the monitor. It is an RV web site call "IRV2". It is posted in the Winnebago owners section.

The link should take you to the thread, and has lots of info and pictures. If it doesn't hyperlink to the site, copy the link above and paste it in your browser address bar. It should work for you.


Required to run a second monitor!!

I need to mention it here, if you are not sure yet, in order to run the second display for the VMS software, your laptop MUST support a second screen. That means that your laptop has a VGA port on the rear. This allows the connection of a VGA monitor to display the VMS program. If you have the VGA port, then Windows XP will have a video card that supports 2 monitors.

A second monitor was added by a friend of mine, another owner of the VMSpc software, but he used a different monitor (a Sony back up camera monitor) that was not VGA. The results were that it worked, but the graphics were unsatisfactory.

The excellent results I had were due to the VGA monitor. A video screen that you may use to display a DVD player does not have the resolution that is required for fine graphics. If you are going to buy a new small monitor, make sure that it is a VGA hookup. Some, like mine have more than one way to hook up the incoming signal, and that is fine. The monitor will display other forms of input like a camera or DVD.


Marty - looks really good!

Marty - looks really good! I hope to be playing with my 15" monitor in a few days.
John Canfield
2005 Horizon, F1 Datastorm

Thanks John! If that 15"

Thanks John! If that 15" monitor works out you will have the "Jumbo-tron" of VMS displays!!

I have been using the VMSpc

I have been using the VMSpc software for a few months now, and it works great. I love having all the engine monitoring gauges at my finger tips.

However, one thing I did learn was that the wife's GPS software (Microsoft Streets and Trips) likes to use the same port as the VMS software. The GPS software isn't as flexable as the VMS software, so I need to start the GPS software so it can take it's chosen port, then start the VMS program. When they each have grabbed a port, then start the engine. If you start your engine first before VMSpc, the software wont get a signal from the coach ECM.

Just a note to say that the

Just a note to say that the inner child im me figured a way to use the spare camera hook up that was left over when I mounted the screen for the VMSpc display. I bought a color infared camera and mounted to the front roof of my RV. Now I get a forward looking view at roof level for pulling into those campgrounds with low over hanging trees!

At least thats what I told the wife......

2nd Monitor and I-Pad

I'm using the system with my laptop like most on this thread and also interested in the 2nd slave monitor. I'm also looking at some different bracketing options to fasten an I-pad which has the great large screen for a GPS. I had been letting my laptop sit on the dash not even needing to secure it in my case but I want to get a dedicated mini computer for the VMSpc to reduce the beating my business computer takes but also to leave a dedicated brain hooked up at all times since the engine codes are only recorded if the computer is hooked up. I don't know if the mini lap tops have the VGA that Marty points out as required (doubtful I'm afraid. The mini lap top can work as the monitor itself just fine but the screens on all the ones I see don't unfold flat all the way. So I can't make a cradle to drop it into (between the dash and front windshield). This is on a 97 Prevost by the way.

Since this thread is a little old maybe someone will have some new suggestions of what works best. I'm also considering one of the large 7" multimedia in dash GPS combos that are in the $1,000 price range most of which have at least two video inputs although I don't know if they have VGA input (doubtful).

I think you guys will dig what this guy did with an i-pad install in a truck dash Motorized iPad 2 Install in Silverado

So I'm trying to upgrade my audio and fix up my VMSpc system and get it all organized and cooperating the best along with my the audio upgrade. Any other installations or configurations or suggestions greatly appreciated. My email is if anyone has photos to send. I'll put Marty for his additional pictures also if he sees this.

Thank you all in advance.