Fault Code 233

I am getting a fault code "233 12 1 Fuel Pump Cntrl Faul" recently when I start the engine after having made a rest stop after having driven a few hours during a trip and the check engine light does not come on.

Can anyone help explain this issue and tell me if this is critical or what I need to do if anything.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks You,

Tony Pasquale,
VMS 240 CL
'99 Foretravel U295, 36'

Fuel Pump Controller Error

That's an internal error in the Fuel Pump Controller. According to the Cummins' book, it could lead to anything from a loss of power to a total shutdown. Based on your description, it's probably heat related. After you stop, many engine peripherals heat up because the cooling system is no longer active and the heat migrates from the engine block into the rest of the compartment. When you start up again, you get some air and coolant flow again and it cools down.

I'd get it taken care of. If it is heat-related, it will only get worse.