Changing to new vehicle

I bought a new MH. When I go into maintenance, it shows the mileage for the old and new vehicle. Is there a way to save my gauge setup and have data only from the new vehicle?



The maintenance data is kept in a file called "maintenance.vms". You can simply delete or rename it to start a fresh maintenance list.

I should mention that this is an ordinary text file that you can edit with Notepad. And the format is pretty simple.

120 not working

Got it from a friend. Connected it once and it worked. Disconnected for a few weeks and re. Connected it and screen shows nothing but green color. whats next?


what's best for me

I now have a 2003 Fleetwood Discovery with a CAT 330 hp engine. It has 3 slides. It has a black/white tv monitor for the back up camera with night vision. Could you tell me what product you have that would be best for me and why. I would like to be able to monitor it at all times not have to stop and plug my lap top into it. Thank you always.
Dr. Don