VMS 616 CL

VMS 616 CL "Glass Dash"

50cycle and Silverleaf

What do you do when you want to plug your coach into shore power--but, say, you've landed your American-made coach in the UK?

How does this 50cycle and 230VAC pan out on North American-style 220VAC 60cycle?

The coach in question has this symptom: When plugged into shore power, the the transfer switch won't "pull in" (latch) and the error "Bad Frequency" is displayed on the Total Coach panel.

I've emailed this question out specifically to folks who have indicated they're in the UK. Yes--All Six Of Them! ;-)

You folks and anyone else with specific knowledge are welcome to join us to reveal your clever solutions. And, if things were sometimes by trial and, er...retrial--share those too!



Standard VMS Features

All VMS™ models - from the incredible VMS-755 Glass Dash to the budget-minded VMSpc - all support these incredible features. All gauges are digitally accurate, with readings taken directly from the engine and transmission for ideal accuracy and relevance. You can't get better instrumentation than a VMS™.

Digital Engine Gauges
Accelerator Position
Battery Volts
Cruise Control Set Speed
Coolant Temperature
Engine Load
Fuel Rate
Instantaneous MPG
Intake Manifold Temperature
Turbo Boost Pressure

Additional Gauges - Dependent on Engine Model
Fuel Injection Pressure
Fuel Temperature
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature

Performance Analysis Gauges
Horsepower Output
Power Factor
Torque Output
Rolling Miles Per Gallon

Transmission Gauges
Requires Allison 6-Speed World Tranmission
Gear Selected
Gear Attained
Mode (Economy / Performance)
Shift Inhibit / Do Not Shift Condition
Torque Converter Status
Shaft Speed

Professional Electronic Diagnostic “Scan”
Automatic Diagnostic Recording
4096 Event Memory Capacity
Plain-Language Code Translation

Trip Features
Trip Miles Per Gallon
Trip Miles
Trip Time Elapsed
Trip Fuel Consumed
Trip Average Speed
Trip Miles Remaining
Estimated Time of Arrival
Estimated Fuel Required
Trip History with 4000 Trip Capacity

Other Features
Maintenance Tracking
Pre-Drive Checklist
Engine Odometer, Hourmeter, Fuelmeter
Engine Identification
Cruise Control Troubleshooter
Cruise Monitor
Trouble Monitor

Parking brake overrides video display in VMS 616

SITUATION: I've connected video to the video 1 input of the VMS 616 (software version 23CD05) in order to take advantage of the larger full screen of the Digital Dash video display. Unfortunately, I discovered when the parking brake is released the VMS 616 switches to the full screen gauges display. While there is a tiny video of the rear camera it is useful only for casual observation, not for detailed monitoring.
QUESTION: Is it possible to defeat the automatic switchback software action so that the rear camera (monitoring the towed vehicle) can be viewed full screen at will while driving simply by selecting the "video" button?

Fuel Raedings

I have a retro fit VMS 616 Glass Dash (I think). It was installed at Beaudry RV in Tucson on a 2001 Country Coach Affinity. Pretty neat system all in all. Last week I had Beaudry convert the old float system over to the Sonatrac Fuel sensor as the old float device wasn't working with the SilverLeaf. After having the new sender installed I am having a difficult time getting everything calibrated. For Example, the Technicial (Eric Olstrom) set the gallonage to 160 gallons. When I filled the fuel tank the Gauge read 107%. I ran the Coach 400 miles which should've uconsumed some 62 gallons give or take. The gauge is now reading 75%. I believe the reading should be more like 60% give or take. Is there some parameter I can change to make it track more accurately???

Nick Caruso
Boerne, TX

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