VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

VMS Pc Issues/Enhancements

Here are some issues I've noticed. They are not necessarily new at 4.0.8 which I've just upgraded to.
- Coolant gauge always has a red indicator even though the level is at 100%. I've included the parms
and how it looks on the screen.
- Gear indicator is only reporting the gear attained not the gear selected. I've included a screenshot of how this looks on the screen. Before you say it, it's the same for drive and reverse too.
- It would be helpful to have scroll bars on the main screen. I use this in portrait mode, but design in landscape mode. When in landscape mode I can't see the bottom part of my custom page because I can't scroll.
- When I try to reset the fuelminder or odometer by double clicking they don't seem to work correctly afterwards. It does work correctly if the "Fill" or "Reset" buttons are used.
- For the tankminder could an option be added to use the actual fuel level if the engine provides that data? I have a Freightliner chassis with Cummins engine. PID 96 is the parameter I can use for actual fuel level. I would think you'd want to average the last n values as it fluctuates a bit. I find that the tankminder is great if you don't have this data, but due to fluctuations in temperature, etc it's not as good as having a reported value if available.
- It would be helpful to allow a Text type gauge to be multi-line. I don't see any way to put in a line break or format in any way.
- Designing would be easier if you could group gauges. Then be able to size and move as a group.
- An upgrade process when rolling out new software would be helpful. I don't see anything that tells me what files should be copied from the old release directory to the new release directory. Maybe there should be an upgrade file in the distribution disk files that would do this copy for you.


Freightliner Information Centre

I have a 2005 Tiffin Phaeton 40QDH, it has the Freightliner Information system installed but I can’t find the J1708 or J1939 connector. I think that because the Freightliner display is installed it is wired to the ECU directly. The Freightliner display has a connector that looks like the one that goes into the Silverleaf Jib, a rectangular plug with 2 rows of 3 pins, is that right, no pigtail needed?

The Freightliner display shows front and rear Air pressure and also fuel tank level. (I had read that fuel tank level is not normally available through the ECU but it looks like it must be connected in my case to be able to display on the Freightliner display?).
These are gauges that don’t seem to be available as standard with VMSpc but I think that perhaps they might show up with the pid sniffer correct? If so will the Fuel tank level be available and can it then be used to calculate and display available distance?

VMSpc MFC application Failure

I just loaded the new software on my laptop (Windows 7) and ran into a couple of issues. Art helped on the issue of no com between engine and Jib by changing the data base to J1708. I did receive info on the screen once the change was made but now I'm trying to sync the ODO with the VMS. In looking in the Advanced drop down window it repeatably indicates "Failure between eng and JIB. If I request a reboot to the port I then get the MFS failure.

1999 ICS350, Country Coach.

Any help is appreciated.


Odometer and oil gauge issues

I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find the answer. Just loaded up the VMSpc and connected to my 1999 ICS 350 in my Country Coach.

Oil pressure is stuck at 55. Never changes. Gauge on coach will move up down but VMS does not change.

I know I'm missing something here. I am trying to sync the odometer with the one on the coach.
My actual miles are 181,531. The drop down window reads 1,259,559.25. The PID is at 245.

Thanks for any help.

BTW this is my first post so I'm new to the forum.

Warning circle for gages

Would it be possible to make a circular warning ring?
I attached an example of how it could be used.
It should activate for the parameters that are checked off in a box so it only covers the items you want to monitor.

More of a central warning thing than an individual one.

It should have a circular border too rather than the square like the current warning lamps

New Engine Now I have VMSPC Problems

Had a Cummins factory reman ISB 5.9 engine installed in my 98 HR Endeavor. Tried to use the 4.* software version on a RCA Cambia tablet using Win 10. It was a no go. Lots of problems with it so I switched to ver3.* and it was better but had speed and rpm flashing as well as incorrect speed read outs verified by a GPS. Switched back to my old Sony laptop and ver 2.* software. Flashing stopped but the speed is off about 1 MPH at 30 and 5 MPH at 65. I think the RPM might be off a little compared to the dash analog gauge. Before the engine change every thing was spot on. Speed was very accurate. Any ideas on why it's acting this way. Could Cummins have change their software in the ECU? Everything else on the coach is the same. Transmission was not changed. I haven't driven it enough to see if their is any difference in the odometer readings but the temp and pressure gauges seem OK. Any hope of resolving this problem?

Coming soon: Round Gauges

We've been green-lighted for round gauges.
Have any feedback for how that style should be done?

Lets hear it ;-)


v4.0.8 Software Feedback

We have an update for the 4.x software program. This will be the place to let us know things you've noticed and maybe new bugs it either fixes...or introduces...


Screen resizing when changing computers

I found myself having created a very elaborate and beautiful screen (if I may say), but then tried switching to a new device with a different screen size. Oh yea, this is hard coded for the dimensions and will not adjust....rather than using percentages, they choose pixels. Uggghhh!!!

So, I created a script on Google Sheets that will easily translate the screen.scr.xml file you have and adjust only the screen values to what they need to be to fit your new device.


Create your own copy of the file linked above and follow the direction on the sheet. Worked well for me and saved me a lot of extra work.

New program download

Hello I have the vmspc system in my coach. It is a 1999 american eagle with a cummins 350 hp engine. I see that there is a new updated program and wonder if I should download it. My system (vmspc v2.5 b10p) Thanks John

Cummins ISB6.7 360hp 800ftlb

Do you have an engine file available for this engine?
if not, what should I use?



How does one go about purchasing the VMCsp 9 pin WiFi?

VMSpc flickers on many gauges while driving

I’ve been using VMSpc version 2.5 build 10 for a number of years with no problems. Last month a number of the gauges started to “flicker” while driving. I’m using a Nextbook tablet running Windows 10 with the latest updates. When we park for any long length of time other than over night or a few days, I disconnect the cable from the maintenance port on our 2006 Fleetwood Discovery (Cat C7 - 330 hp) so the VMSpc box won’t be powered while we’re parked.
Does anyone have this problem? Is there a fix for it?
Please advise.

V4.0.7 - Gear Selected Still Not Working

Hi Art. Tried v4.0.7, and still not seeing the gear selected in the transmission gauge. I even tried installing a second transmission gauge, and it's working exactly like the first. When I run VMSpc without the box connected, I am seeing both question marks. However, when the box is connected, the gear selection question mark will appear for 3-5 seconds, then disappear. I've tried it with both the ignition on and off (my J1939 is always hot), and get the same results both ways. I've also tried with both the ISL 450 and ISL9 450 engine files, and still get the same result on my Jan 2015 dated ISL.

2015 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP

Logging data

I am looking at getting the VMSpc. Can someone explain how the logging works. What I would like for it to do is automatically start logging when it is running. How does it name the log files? Does it have a new name for each time it starts logging, does it over write the last file or keep adding to the file.

Also I am buying a MotorHome with a Cummings ILS9 450HP. Is the 9 pin JIB with USB still the best way to go?

New Tablet

Hi Art,

Bought a NuVision 8" Windows 10 Tablet. VMSpc installs ok and runs.
However, when selecting communications and scanning for jib it freezes and becomes non-responsive.
Reinstalled it a few times. No change.

Any ideas?

Adding Sensors

Has anyone tried adding I/O to the J1939 bus? I'd like to add several sensors (pyrometer, fuel pressure, etc) for display within VMSpc. I've found both integrated sensor/broadcasters and I/O controllers. Most appear to be targeting the OEM market. The Murphy XM500 module would cover my needs and at a reasonable cost: http://shopping.murcal.com/Catalog/J1939-CANbus-Input-Output-Modules/XM500-J1939-I-O-Module

One thing that makes me nervous is they all seem to list OFF highway vehicles in their list of applications. Too hazardous to add controllers to the bus of an on highway vehicle?

Any wisdom out there?



Now you can use your Windows-based PC tablet or notebook to monitor your engine - with the VMSpc. VMSpc is an intelligent data translator that links between your USB port and engine diagnostic connector on your rig. Together with the special software, it allows you to read performance and diagnostic information right on your laptop computer. You get complete real-time performance gauges, diagnostics, trip information and graphing system that lets you display any number of parameters at once. You can even store the engine data to a file and load it into a spreadsheet.


  • Check out the VMSpc 'Best-Of' Gallery of Installations.

  • But wait! There's more! VMSpc let's you program audible alarms based on any engine parameter. For example, you can set it to play any MP3 or WAV file (grab a microphone and record your own!) when your road speed reaches a certain point. Have it played once, once a minute, or continuously.

    And you can create a "Tank Minder", which provides a miles-to-empty calculation based on your tank size and fuel economy. VMSpc lets you enter correction factors to compensate for a poorly calibrated engine/ drivetrain. You can even program gauges to read in metric, if you desire.

    Professional engineers use VMSpc to test their vehicle designs. Now you can use the same tools to test your coach.

    Feel free to Download the VMSpc software - it's free. In fact, SilverLeaf Electronics is committed to provide the VMSpc software and all updates absolutely free on our web site. We welcome your input and encourage you to tell us what you'd like to see in future versions of VMSpc.

    System Requirements

    -Windows - Any version except 'RT'
    -Any hardware, tablet, notebook or lugable produced since 1997
    -Available full-size USB-A Port
    ### This is a product for Windows-Based computers aka "PCs" ###
    It is not Apple or Android tablet compatible.
    It may be used via Fusion, VMware on your Apple notebook however.

    VMSpc USB Kit, $395 + freight
    VMSpc JIB (JS501/USB)
    6 ft USB cable (as required)
    1 ft engine diagnostic harness (specify 6 pin or 9 pin)
    CD with software
    Owner's Manual w/ Warranty card


    Refer to the Connector Document to identify what the Diagnostic sockets look like.

    If you would like to try the software for yourself, go to our downloads section and download it free of charge!

    Horsepower and torque readings drop out.

    Have a Cat 3126 330 HP w/ Allison 3000 using 6b version

    As I pull a hill and watch the horsepower and torque readings at 328 HP the readings drop to zero. As soon as the load is reduced and the engine output drops they come back.

    Just downloaded the additional engine files to see if you have an extended engine file for this application.

    A Magic Button: What would it do?

    Hey folks,
    We're exploring an idea called the Magic Button.
    Imagine a gauge which acts like a simple On-Off switch (or something). Then, lets say your jib had some ability to turn something on...and off.

    What would that be? An LED map light comes to mind. But... what else, hmmm?

    And, somehow, if it had this ability to act like a switch, how many of these should there be?

    Your thoughts?


    Apple Compatability

    Any chance this product will be compatable with Apple soon.

    Color of Text

    I have been using V 4.03 on an old XP machine for several years. I just downloaded V 4.0.6b to a Windows 10 tablet. The text inside the gauges is a light brown color and the values are in white. On my older screen they were both black and much easier to read. The manual has only a sentence or two about changing text color that is not of much use to me.


    How can I get odometer data with V4.06

    I reported in the 4.06 feedback topic that I do not get odometer readings with 4.06. I would like a suggestion.

    Running VMSpc with USB JIB. Windows 10. CAT C-10 engine in a 2000 Country Coach.

    Tried all the data bus settings. No luck.

    Any help out there?

    Certain Guage Data stopped displaying

    I have been running vmspc 4.05 for a few months now and recently my transmission gear info gauge stopped displaying what gear i am in. Its just ?? for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday the Oil Pressure stopped updating. I have made sure my malwarebytes & defender scanner has your vmspc folder excluded. All the other gauges appear to be working. Although the mph and water temp changes lag quite a bit more than they did a month ago.

    Is there something I can do to fix this? -Bill

    Adding Guages

    Greetings... I tested v4, but it looks like v3 is still the way to go for me for now (still not getting the gear selected in the transmission gauge for starters). Before firing v3 back up, I ran the PID sniffer in v4 and grabbed some screen shots because of my OCDness. Anyway, I noticed that the PID sniffer in v4 gave me a 412 PID for EGR, which does not come up in v3's PID sniffer. Would I be able to get a working EGR gauge in v3 if I copied all the parameters from the EGR gauge in v4? Thanks in advance.

    Files fail to load - no trip odometer information

    When starting Silverleaf 4.06, messages telling me that a couple of files failed to load display briefly (too briefly to copy down). Could that be why the trip odometer displays zero for miles, mpg, and hours? The simple odometer and fuel meter are displaying correctly, as are rolling and instantaneous mpg. (J1708 6-pin, cummins ISC 350). Computer is an Alpha Switch running Win 10.

    diagnostic error

    Getting a code warning but dont know what it is

    ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply Invalid Data 7/28/17 16:40
    ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply Invalid Data 7/28/17 16:41
    ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply Invalid Data 7/28/17 16:42
    ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply Invalid Data 7/28/17 16:42
    ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply Invalid Data 7/28/17 16:42
    ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply Invalid Data 7/28/17 16:43
    ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply Invalid Data 7/28/17 16:48
    ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply Invalid Data 7/28/17 16:48ENG SID 251 50 Power Supply

    Won't Run in MAC/Parallels


    INSTALLED v4.0.5 in our Windows 8.1 1 running in Parallels 10 Version 10.3.0 (29227) in MAC OS Sierra Version 10.12.4, configured & tested OK. Now, when we try to open it, all we get is “Error Reading File”. Sure wish there was a Mac version of the software.

    Wallpapers for backgrounds

    Here are a few wallpapers I played with when setting up my system
    Convert the .jpg to a bmp and use them as wallpaper backgrounds
    Sorry I couldn't upload them as .bmp

    SeeLevel tank monitors

    I have SeeLevel tank monitors.
    Can they be integrated into the VMSpc system?

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