VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

Frozen Data

I've asked this before but can't recall your response. Recently the data kept freezing and the mouse went crazy and actually rebooted the computer on its own. Please explain again do I plug the hardware into the computer USB slot before I turn on the computer, before I start up the VMSpc software or before I start up the engine? I know there is a certain procedure to prevent this from happening.

Cruise status lamp

All of a sudden the cruise status lamp stays green regardless of cruise setting. Running 2.2 upraded from the beta. Fix?

2001 FT U320

Allison selector

It appears that a lot or maybe all of the new Allison selector pads are now supplied with the dual window instead of the single window. I read in a previous post where the new version will not provide any transmission info to the VMSpc, is that still correct? If so in the near future the problem will get worse as new coaches roll off the line. Is it possible that the program could incorporate a couple of files, one for the single window and the other for the double window? Kind of like you have written in the different engine files.

Ted Bryan

Mercedes MBE 929 Engine File

As promised, here is the engine calibration file for the new Mercedes MBE 929 (330 HP) engine. If you are using this engine, just copy this file to your VMSpc directory. Then select Engine Type and choose this engine.

Mercedes 926 330 hp engine


We recently ordered a new motorhome from Tiffin Motorhomes. It will have the MBE 926 330 hp engine. Does the new version of VMSpc have that engine in it? If so great, if not what can I do to either provide you with the necessry info or contact someone who can provide the necessary info.

Ted Bryan

Manually Removing incorrect drivers (Prolific)

Manually Removing incorrect drivers (Prolific)
(Originaly Posted on 23-APR-2003, by Robert L. McConn)
(Original Thread: Stop Errow Screen with win XP )

I had the same problem and had no luck contacting SilverLeaf. They tried their best but could not solve the problem. The Bafo web site shows a new BF810 driver Version 1.5 for Windows XP. However, when I download this zipped file, I still got a driver SER2PL.sys Version I then contacted Bafo and they sent me an e-mail with the prober driver attached. They also included detailed instructions on removing the old version 1.3. Properly removing the old driver is very important.

Here is Bafo's response and attached to this reply is the proper driver. Hope this all comes through o.k. If not feel free to contact me by e-mail and I will forward it all to you.

Bob Mc

Dear Robert,

USB to Serial adapter - Windows 2000 & XP

Manually Removing incorrect drivers

Note: enable to see all the hidden files and folders

1. Go to Start / Search / For Files or Folders. Type in SERPORT and click

Search Now. Search result will show serport.inf is located at C:\WINNT\INF

and serport.vxd is located at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Please select serport.inf

and serport.vxd and Delete. Note: You might have see more then 2 serport

files, please delete all the files that contain serport files in C:\WINDOWS\…

2. Repeat step #1 to search “ser?pl” and “usb2ser”

3. Type OEM*.INF and click SEARCH NOW.

If the file OEM*.INF can not be found please do the following:

a. Go to the menu bar and click on




AND FOLDERS and click OK.

c. Click SEARCH NOW.

If you have multiple files of OEM*.INF, you need to search for the correct file to delete. Windows 2000 renames all drivers to OEM*.INF.

a. Double click each file and Notepad

will open it.

b. Press Ctrl + F and type in the following:

USB\VID_067B&PID_2303 and click


The OEM*.INF file that contains USB\VID_067B&PID_2303 is the file that needs to be deleted. Close Find and Notepad windows. You may now delete this file by right clicking your mouse button and scroll down to Delete.

4. Go to Start / Run / type in REGEDT32 and click OK. Multiple windows will

open at the same time. Find Hkey_Local_Machine à System /

CurrentControlSet / Enum / USB / USB\Vid_067b&Pid_2303 and press

delete. If you can’t delete this file, go to Security / Permissions / select the

Full Control and click OK. Now you may delete USB\Vid_067b&Pid_2303.

5. Hkey_Local_Machine/System/ControlSet001/Services….please delete the filename “Serport” or “Ser?pl”

6. Hkey_Local_Machine/System/ControlSet002/Services….please delete the filename “Serport” or “Ser?pl”

7. Unplug the adapter and computer reboot

8. Plug in the adapter with USB cable and windows will find the new hardware

1. download attached driver

2. unzip the driver

3. attached USB cable with converter

4. let windows attached new hardware device

5. select specified a driver location

6. point to where you can see "ser2pl.inf"

7. click next to continue

9. and then Windows will find the driver

10. click next to finish the installation

Best Regards,

BAFO Support Center


MarkO re-posting Robert L. McConn

Mark D. Overholser
Engineering Technician
SilverLeaf Electronics Inc.
2472 Ferry Street SW
Albany, OR 97322

541-967-8988 (fax)
( http://www.simply-smarter.com/ )

Intake Manifold Temperature

I'm running a VMSpc on a 2000 Monaco Dynasty. What, exactly, does the Intake Manifold Temperature tell me? What should I be watching for with that temperature indication? Is it an indication of the ambient air temp going into the engine?


Our Top 10 tech support call topics.

Top 10 Issues with VMSpc not working
As Of 15-SEP-2004

Diagnostic Plug in front of Coach, not wired correctly.

Diagnostic Plug in front of Coach, not found, was "hid too well".

VMSpc stops "updating" after 3-5 minutes.

VMSpc can not open Com Port.

Bafo USB-to-Serial Adapter won't Install

Bafo USB-to-Serial Adapter already Installed, but Hardware Manager is asking for Drivers.

Bafo USB-to-Serial Adapter drivers not Signed for Win XP.

VMSpc stops receiving data after Update of SW from 2.x to 2.x+.

VMSpc stops receiving data for no apparent reason.

On Boot-Up of WinXP, Mouse is very "erratic", an usually unusable.


Some answers to the above (not a compleat list)

10. and 9.
If the wiring Issues is Power, find a source of Power somewhere in the Dash. If the wiring Issues is Data, if another J1708 data source is located, the Harness can be spliced in. If not, we have made in the past (for a price) 50-60 foot data cables to plug in in the Engine Compartment, and the Owner runs the line forward to plug into his VMSpc or VMS.

Most Windows Lap-Tops seem to be configured to slow-down/shut-down/sleep/hibernate when "not used". "Not Used" being defined as Mouse or Keyboard activity. This is usually a "configurable" amount of time, and most Lap-Tops let you configure this differently for Battery Uses and AC Powered Use, but the AC Powered is usually NOT set to "Never". Which means that if the VMSpc user is "just watching", their Lap-Top, it will stop updating, and sometimes even "freeze up". In some cases, a trip to the BIOS is in order, to keep the Lap-Top awake because of Com Port settings or Power Save modes.

If you know the Com Port is correct, look for Conflicting Software. 4 times out of 5, the User has Palm Pilot, "hot-sync" software, waiting for the Palm to Drop in the Cradle, unfortunately this ties up the Com Port, thus VMSpc is unable to work. The other cases are usually GPS Software or other Com Port using Software.

I am not ever sure with this one. Follow these directions, Manually Removing incorrect drivers (Prolific) to "totally remove" the Bafo Software from Lap-Top and try the install from the Top.

It appears that there is only 2 USB port on a "USB root hub". If the Lap-Top has more USB port, there can be multiple "USB root hubs". The driver only gets installed for the One "USB root hub", so if at a later time, the User plugs the Bafo (or any USB device) into another "USB root hub", the Drivers are not "installed" for that "root hub", so the Hardware Wizard comes up to tell you it needs your help. The Drivers should already be available on your Hard Drive, just not "installed" for the "new" "USB root hub".

I personally have experienced 3 "USB root hubs", for a total of 5 USB ports. 4 USB ports (2 different "USB root hubs") were USB ver 1.1 and One was USB ver 2.0. This would require (technically) three different driver installs, to have the Bafo usable in any USB port on the LapTop.

Bafo seems to have Signed Drivers for XP, now! (Summer 2006).

If the user installs the VMSpc2.1 or VMSpc2.2 package on VMSpc2.0 or VMS2.1, it will erase all the settings, and replace the DEFAULT layout. Martin released a VMSpc2.x Update, which is designed to install over a prevous version of VMSpc2.x.

VMSpc Com Port is assigned Manually from the "Advanced->Communications" menu option. When the Bafo (and I assume all USB-to-Serial adapters) are "plugged-in", Windows assigns them a Com Port, the Comm Port seems to change as the USB-to-Serial adapter is moved from USB to USB port on the laptop (see Toshiba P25-S477 Satellite Lap-Top info below). So if the user, uses a different USB port on the Lap-Top, the Com Port changes, but VMSpc does not look for the "new" Com Port, and thus, does not work. Also on the "Advanced->Communications" menu option, it is recommended to select the "check box" AUTORESTART.

This is very prevalent on Win XP, in the last 9-12 months (2003-2004 time frame). Read "Current Best Procedure, Toshiba P25-S477 Satellite" below. Also Martin just "found out" in the Last Month, that MicroSoft specifically DOES NOT support USB-to-Serial devices, so each Manufacture is on there own to support them, and MicroSoft does not "seem to" care if they work, AT ALL.


P.S. Also, VMSpc Got-Cha... IF you add gages or Move them around, you MUST SAVE your layout, before you exit VMSpc, other wise when starting VMSpc up, it will load the DEFAULT config. Also when creating Odometers, there are Odometer File created, and when the Odometers are Destroyed, the Odometer Files are Destroyed. But if you create an Odometer, and forget to SAVE your layout, the Odometer does not appear on your VMSpc, but the Odometer File are still on your Hard Drive, now Orphaned....


Current Best Procedure
Toshiba P25-S477 Satellite

Plug IN USB to Serial Adapter before Powering up Lap Top from a Cold Start. Plug In USB to Serial into Back Bottom USB port. (Configured for COM2)
DO NOT have VMSpc JIB powered Up, Until Lap Top is booted up to Login Screen.
Power Up VMSpc JIB.
Login and Start VMSpc Window's Program Ver 2.1.

Best Guess of Problem.

There is a Conflict with the Bafo BF-810 USB to Serial adapter when it is receiving Data from the VMSpc JIB. Plugging the Bafo BF-810 in to the LapTop after booting does not seem to help the problem. Only booting the Lap Top with the BAFO plugged in, and NO data coming from the VMSpc JIB is that only consistent and reliable configuration.

Please note that USB devices should be able to be “plugged In” after booting, at any time. This behavior is most likely a “bug” and I will address it to Bafo to see if it can be corrected in Future releases of their Software.

(Note: New Information avalible as of Summer 2006 indicates that WinXP is "seeing" the Serial Data comming from the VMSpc JIB, and thinking that it is Serial Mouse data. WinXP then Opens the COM Port, and prevents other applications for using that COM Port. I have also received one report of this behavour with WinXP and a Built-In COM Port.)

Mark Overholser
SilverLeaf Electronics Inc.

Entered on 04/19/2004 at 14:32:22 by Mark Overholser:
Toshiba Satellite P25-S477,

Unit has 4 USB ports, 2 on Right Side (Top and Bottom), 2 on Back Side
(Top and Bottom). Side USB ports are VERY LOOSE, looks like they are
coming off their mount.
USB to Serial Bafo in
Side Top COM5
Side Bottom COM8
Back Top COM9
Back Bottom COM10 (Conflict with Toshiba BT [Blue Tooth])

Also possible related:
Toshiba BT (Blue Tooth) Port (COM10)
Toshiba BT (Blue Tooth) Port (COM11)
Toshiba BT (Blue Tooth) Port (COM13)
Toshiba BT (Blue Tooth) Port (COM6)
Toshiba BT (Blue Tooth) Port (COM7)

The "owner" reported (and I concur) that when USB to Serial is plugged in
to the Lap Top at Boot Time and JIB is powered off Engine (or eSIM)
the LapTops Mouse (Touch Pad) is very "jumpy" and "intermittent" in
its operation. In most cases, Touch Pad is un-usable, unless LapTop
is started WITHOUT USB to Serial plugged in, then plugged in after
bootup. USB to Serial seems OK, IF NO ENGINE DATA!!

Changing USB ports and JIB Powered Status. Testing Matrix to follow.

Entered on 04/20/2004 at 14:36:13 by Mark Overholser:
Unit is inconsistent with Installing USB to Serial after boot up.
Loose USB ports on Right Side may be some of this cause.


Mark D. Overholser
Engineering Technician
SilverLeaf Electronics Inc.
2472 Ferry Street SW
Albany, OR 97322

541-967-8988 (fax)
( http://www.simply-smarter.com/ )

Logging flag

Hi, I have been using the VMSpc for over a year now and love it, particularly the logging function. I have used it on many an occassion to document issues with the coach to help the manufacturer trouble shoot heating issues for example.

My question is this:

Can you add a flag that displays whether or not the logging function is enable or disabled? Many times I forget to turn it off or upon departure cannot remember if I turned it on forcing me to go to the dialogs rather than setting a display flag to remind me in either case.

Another Boost guage question...

Just tried my VMSPC on my 2006 CC Inspire with CAT 400.

The turbo boost was in the "red" at 29 PSI? Seems pretty odd when it will be in the area of 31 PSI when accelerating and climbing hills. Is there an adjustment I should be making? It is already selected for the CAT 400.

But I found the program to be quite interesting.

What are the important guages to have? I have my Delorme software on top, with only a few guages down at the bottom.



Serial Port JIB connection fail

Just received kit. Installed cables. I keep getting failed between JIB and PC. Green lite on steady, red lite flashing. If there is a lite in the serial to USB cable, it is not lit. I purchased new cables in case that was the problem, no success. I tried two different laptops. I am using the correct com port. What gives. Could it be a malfunctioning JIB? Am very disappointed since I hoped to be using the system today!

multiple programs on screen

I would like to have my VMSpc engine monitor readings on the outside of my windows screen and the copilot live gps on the middle of my screen as was shown at the FMCA rally. How do I set up my computer?


Has anybody had any trouble with your software not connecting to the coach engine computer because of a "PC Failure?" I have identified the correct Port, and checked automatic restart, but still get the same error. Talked to Martin from Silveleaf at the Concord FMCA and he said to (1) Open Device Manager, plug in USB Adapter and port number should appear on the list. Next, he said to start VMSpc and set it to the correct port. Finally, plkug in the JIB and it should work. Well, it did but only one time. Since then, my system has been down. Thanks, Ron

Cruise control indicator


I couldn't find your email address anywhere on this site so am posting this message instead. We talked at FMCA-Charlotte about having the cruise control speed indicator reflect whether the cruise control is engaged or not. I searched the site using "cruise control" and could not get a relavent result. Please advise.

Bernie Dobrin

Tire size change

I changed to a different tire size, which is exactly 2.5% larger in circumference, according to flatland GPS measurements/mile markers vs. original VMSpc. OEM tires were 235/80/22.5" while the replacements are 275/70/22.5".

I'd like to reset just one 'trip odometer', the one I have set to track engine parameters from day one, to *not* reflect this 2.5% increase except from a certain mileage point, about 62K miles. I have made adjustments for the current odometers I use, of which there are four, I'm an info-geek, but that one I'd like to yank 2.5% out of the first 62K miles of data so I have a dead-on mileage reading for the 'lifetime' odo.



Kelly Bradley
currently on the road, in Pigon Forge, TN at the moment

VMSpc with 2006 Monaco coach

I reciently purchased a 2006 Monaco Knight with the Cummins ISC 330 HP and Allision 6 speed transmission ... I am receiving engine information, but nothing from the transmission ... I'm I missing something?

VMSPc 2.2 Beta v2 upgrade?

Is there an upgrade to the subject version? if so I would like to download it without destroying my trip logs, ets.

Convert Trip Logs to Excel format

Please help to provide some guidance on how to convert the VMSPc format trip logs to Excel format.


Freightliner/Mercedes VMSpc Compatability

I am considering ordering a Class A with the Mercedes Engine on a Freightliner Chasis.

Does the VMSpc work with this combination ?

Thank you ,

The final release of VMSpc 2.2 doesn't work

I'm using the VMSpc Beta 2.2 software which works just fine with my system. However, I would like some of the extra features such as Horspower gage from the final release but that release won't communicate with my JIB. The software works just fine but it just doesn't find the JIB. I've seemed to try everything but no joy. My JIB has the com port out and I use the Com port to USB adapter purchased from you folks. When I view the hardware through "My Computer", the computer sees the port and the software is set to the same port number but nothing happens. Any thoughts?

VMSpc 9% higher than speedometer/Radar

VMSpc 9% higher than speedometer/Radar, how do I correct?

VMSpc w/ built-in USB (not thru adapter)

Are there any efforts in the works for the JIB to directly interface to the USB port on a PC, instead of using a USB-to-Serial adapter??

I guess this would also take a VMSpc software update, to connect to a USB port instead of a serial port.

Am I asking for too much? ;)

Using a serial connection these days is at least as dated as cassette tapes.

New Computer, downloaded program, connected the USB cord and...

...nothing. Is there something I should set on the computer to get it to work properly? Or, do I need a new cord...this one is three years old.



Boost guage question

Have been using VMSpc for a few years on our DSDP. Just put a Banks PowerPack on the Cummins ISC 350. I changed the setup to the ISC Banks one and found that my Banks boost gauge shows about 32-34 psi boost while the VMSpc never went over 24.3 psi. According to Banks I should see in the low 30's for boost now and that jibes with the gauge. I know I have the ISC w/Banks settings as the HP and torque show the new higher output. Is there something I need to change to get the correct boost reading?

Calculating Fuel Burn When Using Generator ?

Unfortunately (but obviously not SilverLeaf's fault), the generator is not being monitored by the engine computer, so there's no real way to have VMSpc do any calculations for it.

So, how do you other users incorporate the extra fuel burn based on generator usage, and how close do you REALLY get? From boondocking, I learned my QD8000 uses about 0.4-0.5gph by itself, but I can never get a good overall burn calculation from engine and generator together, even though engine-alone burn comes out quite close to what the VMSpc says. With the generator's numbers, my calculations are all over the board - I'm talking maybe 55 gallons one time and 70 the next for a comparable run, which has got to be wrong since there aren't that many hours of usage between fillups.

Somewhere in the garage, I think I still have one of those late '70s Zemco gauge-systems that had a ball-in-race type of fuel sensor, and am tempted to stick it in-line with the generator. Trouble is, it was never that accurate either.


VMSpc Torque Reading

I'm using 2.2 on my Cat 3126b and Allison 3000 tranny. Everything works except I'm unable to get a reading for the Torque Gauge. Any ideas why no value being displayed?

Adaptor from Cat to Cummins on Freightliner Chassis

I attempted to transfer my VMSpc, I used with a Safari with a Cat engine, to a Newmar with a Cummins engine and found the plug was different. Is there an adaptor I need to fit the plug on the Freightliner chassis with the Cummins engine?


Just installed VMspc in our 2000 Damon Escaper MH. It has an 8.3 cummins 350Hp.Works Great!
I want to have the udible alarms for oil pressure .temperature etc. What value would I use to trigger? What are the operating normal values for this engine?
What or how does the simple guage of relative humity work.
Thank you for your response. Stu............Canada

National Caribbean

We purchased a 2001 National Caribbean and travelled the USA and Canada. We then shipped it back to Australia. It has been converted to right hand drive and have had an LPG system fitted to the motor. This has increased fuel efficientcy and given an increase in power.
I now know 6 people who have imported Caribbeans from USA to Australia.
Have advised them of the Silverleaf system and believe would all be interested if they could see a working system on this model.
Nobody has been able to find a front data link. We have found one tied in a loom, above the gearbox. This will be brought out to the rear compartment that houses the 12 volt electrics, inverter gearbox and LPG computors.

front port on 2005 Freightliner XC chassis

I don't have 12VDC on the front dash port. The engine port works fine. By jumping another 12V source in the dash, I can get the JIB to work. Do you know if there is a switch somewhere on the XC chassis for the front port power?


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