VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

VMSpc Torque Reading

I'm using 2.2 on my Cat 3126b and Allison 3000 tranny. Everything works except I'm unable to get a reading for the Torque Gauge. Any ideas why no value being displayed?

Adaptor from Cat to Cummins on Freightliner Chassis

I attempted to transfer my VMSpc, I used with a Safari with a Cat engine, to a Newmar with a Cummins engine and found the plug was different. Is there an adaptor I need to fit the plug on the Freightliner chassis with the Cummins engine?


Just installed VMspc in our 2000 Damon Escaper MH. It has an 8.3 cummins 350Hp.Works Great!
I want to have the udible alarms for oil pressure .temperature etc. What value would I use to trigger? What are the operating normal values for this engine?
What or how does the simple guage of relative humity work.
Thank you for your response. Stu............Canada

National Caribbean

We purchased a 2001 National Caribbean and travelled the USA and Canada. We then shipped it back to Australia. It has been converted to right hand drive and have had an LPG system fitted to the motor. This has increased fuel efficientcy and given an increase in power.
I now know 6 people who have imported Caribbeans from USA to Australia.
Have advised them of the Silverleaf system and believe would all be interested if they could see a working system on this model.
Nobody has been able to find a front data link. We have found one tied in a loom, above the gearbox. This will be brought out to the rear compartment that houses the 12 volt electrics, inverter gearbox and LPG computors.

front port on 2005 Freightliner XC chassis

I don't have 12VDC on the front dash port. The engine port works fine. By jumping another 12V source in the dash, I can get the JIB to work. Do you know if there is a switch somewhere on the XC chassis for the front port power?


Is my Engine/Tranny is PID-ling on me ?

Hi -

I hope the title caught your attention.

Now for my question... What the heck do all the PID codes mean that I'm getting, and where are they coming from? I have a VMSpc connected to an '06 HR Endeavor with the ISL400 and Allison Transmission, and I randomly (as best as I can tell) am getting a whole lot of codes, see atachment, but can't find out anything anywhere as to what they are for/from or a decoder to define them. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

Fuel Level Sensor

Does the fuel level sensor work with the VMSpc? If so how and what's the cost?

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