VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

Changing the font sizes

I am using a fairly small tablet and found i like the full screen mode. I am making the numbers large enough to read but that make the text way to large for the space. Is there a way to use smaller fonts for the text in the gauges?

RCA Cambio W1013DK Power Supply Cord

I prefer to power my RCA 10" Cambio W1013DK with a DC power cord. I did find some on eBay listed for this purpose. Does anyone have experience with this? Are there any problems?
Thank You!!

logged codes prior to VMSps install

can the VMSpc retrieve logged codes that happened prior to install

Time clock

Is there a way to use the 24 clock?

50cycle and Silverleaf

What do you do when you want to plug your coach into shore power--but, say, you've landed your American-made coach in the UK?

How does this 50cycle and 230VAC pan out on North American-style 220VAC 60cycle?

The coach in question has this symptom: When plugged into shore power, the the transfer switch won't "pull in" (latch) and the error "Bad Frequency" is displayed on the Total Coach panel.

I've emailed this question out specifically to folks who have indicated they're in the UK. Yes--All Six Of Them! ;-)

You folks and anyone else with specific knowledge are welcome to join us to reveal your clever solutions. And, if things were sometimes by trial and, er...retrial--share those too!



Polling for PID's?

After a few months of Hiatus im back to working on my Bus.. Ive been running the VMSpc on an Asus tablet which works very well..

there are several PID's which dont show up in the VMSpc yet do when I use the International Navistar software and interface...

for example PID 164 is my High Pressure oil pump.. that is what controls injection.. its the first thing that will go wonky when its sender starts to go bad (and they do often)..

the Navistar software appears to Poll the J1708 interface and request that PID.. I see where the J1587 protocol spec supports requesting a specific PID.. as not all of them are sent all the time.

is there a way we can get the VMSpc to poll the interface and request a PID? it looks pretty straightforward to do it...

I had shot out a couple emails with some detailed data on this but got no respomnse so I mayu have sent them the wrong place..


driver update for windows 10

Any word on the windows driver update for Window's 10 tablets?
How will we know when drive will be available ?

Odometer not recording miles, time, fuel mileage for trips.

V4.0.6 newly installed on W7 PC. Upgraded from a v3.?? And XP.

No recording/reporting of miles, time or mileage on odometer gauge. I believe the last thing I changed was my engine file; went to Cummins ISC 380HP from whatever was a default. I think, based on .txt log file, that it was working.

Any ideas of what's wrong??

I just deleted the odometer and tank minder, saved the layout and reinstalled the tank midge and odometer. Not sure if it's working yet but "time" doesn't seem to change (increment) with app running but engine off. I thought my old version did that.

opening port

just upgraded to surface pro 4, everything worked fine on old tablet pc I an now getting no comm. what port do i open for communication >?
i do have the correct engine etc

change from a 7 pin to a 9 pin

when I changed from a 7 pin connector from my cummins 315 isc to a 9 pin connector for my 350 isl I was told I had to cut a lead inside my JS501 box. can anyone tell me what lead I'm a supposed to cut to make the new connector work properly thanks bob

New Green 500K connector and Setup

Received the new 9 pin twist lock plug and had a problem installing it - got check engine warning and trans comm fail - no J1939 Data. Called and talked to Mark and he requested I send the unit back to SilverLeaf for an update. My question is - when I get it back, what version of VMSpc will best work with the new setup? Currently using 2.5 but that was with my old coach with a CAT 350 made in 2007. This new 2017 Newmar Dutch Star has given me some surprises with SilverLeaf. One other thing, I use Pressure Pro Bridge in the setup.

Thanks in advance,

Latest ideas for v4.0.6

Here's the latest idea for the new build; what do you think?

21. Alarms
1. Single-button "Alert" (audible alarm) feature in gauge properties. GUI "Sound Effects" pop-up then selects file or _records_from_local_mic_. Is there a way to show time-length of selected file? How long is Ride of the Valkyries anyway?

Normally, one hits (Advanced), (Audible Alarms) to get a 'Sound Effects' box. Select your gauge, Give it a value (like, over 15 etc) then pick a file and (OK). Mostly overlooked yet easy enough to accomplish.

Not a big deal--but why bury it in advanced features? Its a normal expectation to have an Alert any more. Alerts for texts, alerts for email, alerts for tweets, low battery, charged, dropped signal...

This will accomplish two simplifying goals, really:
1. Group & Reduce clicks: Gauge (Properties), (Alert) _and_
2. Add Record-Your-Own -in the event you (or the sweetie) have a really great radio voice!

Your thoughts?


Various Gauges Momentarily go to Zero

For quite some time (well over a year) I have had this problem that various gauges will go to zero for 10-15 seconds then return to normal. I have not been able to determine a pattern or commonality with the occurrence. But, in the course of an hour I will see it several times in several different gauges! I first noted it in our previous RV, but when we changed RV's summer of last year the problem followed us to the newer one. Both had Cummins engines, the previous one was a 2009, current one is a 2013 model!
In the last several months for unrelated reasons I got a new laptop for the job and I installed newer VMS programs v3. Nothing has made a difference.
Anybody else having a similar problem? If so any suggestions on how to fix!

Can't locate my engine

I'm converting a school bus into a motorhome. It's an 1999 International AmTran diesel. It has the diagnostic port under the dash to connect the VMSpc hardware to. I looked at the VMSpc user manual and the additional engine codes but could not find my International DT466E engine listed. What other engine is my engine similar to that I can choose so that VMSpc will interpret the codes correctly? Thanks.

Feature request

I would like to select LOCK SCREEN once and have it apply through reboots.

VMSpc Ver. 4.04

I just received my VMSpc JIB and the software Ver. 4.04 was included on a CD. I read the ReadMe.txt file about the drivers not installing on older Windows XP computers, and other than saying they had to be installed manually, how do I do that?

Cost per mile enhancement request

It occurs to me that it would be neat if there was a way to enter # gallons and cost/gallon when resetting the tank minder. With that info, I'd think it would be fairly simple to add a cost per mile entry in the Odometers. I know yall are buried with the 4.xx releases but perhaps when things calm down???

Check engine light blinked a few times twice but nothing reported and nothing in the diagnostic file

Cat 3126E Allison 6 speed in a 2003 Fleetwood Discovery. Yesterday, while rolling hills in NY, my check engine light came on and went into a 10 second blink for 30 seconds. Did this twice. All readings on my monitor were good. Checked the diagnostics file and there was nothing in it.

I'm new to VMSpc and diesels for that matter. Is there a reason that the light would come on and VMSpc not capture a code? Is there a way to use VMSpc to get the code from the ECU? Is there another way to get a code from the ECU?


Signals from ECU

Does anyone know if there is a method of getting VMSpc to show a list of the actual signals being received from the ECU?

Remote monitor vs. Mini notebook

I'm reinstalling my VMSpec after several years of a hiatus and am totally not up to speed with the latest developments / options. A couple of questions.

My label says
JR501 J1708/J1939 Interface
hw 1.00 sw 1.05

Do I need to reference anything special when posting to the forum ? Is "JIB" version significant ?

Next, where's the best spot on the forum to view users set ups to see how best to install with the latest mini lap tops and remote monitors. I have this fantastic spot in my dash (shown) that I deliberately left for installing a remote screen. What screens are recommended for this in dash set up and are they touch or regular ? I'd like to stow a dedicated mini lap top out of site if others have set it up this way.

The 2nd option would be a folding / convertible tablet or mini computer that I mount to the left of the dash on a stand I can fashion but the issue (a few years back) with this idea was that no lap top let the screen lay all the way flat and parallel with the keyboard. Lenovo makes a 10" model called Flex that now solves this problem so I'm deliberating between the remote, in dash, screen and the Flex. Suggestions or pitfalls with the remote screen from users or admins welcomed and wanted. I guess I'm leaning toward the Flex and may have answered my own question but I've not been following the forum and am not sure what other options have come out lately. Thank you.

PC port failure

I am running VMSpc 4.0.4 on a HP Pavilion with Windows 8.1.

I have found a few threads discussing this problem, but none of the suggestions help. My device manager shows that I have only one port, COM1, but the Communications dialog seems to think there should be a COM3 and tries to use it. I have tried to update the driver via the device manager, but it indicates that the driver is up to date.

Has anyone else had this problem? Do I need to get an update from Silverleaf?

Here's a Great Example of One Man's VMSpc

Here's an excellent example of how one man, Scott Hicks, has set up VMSpc to work alongside DeLorme on a 2003 Tradewinds.
Scott's using a Jotto Desk to hold the laptop in place.

You may post your questions on our VMSpc Forum or e-mail us here.

PID 120 Multiplier & Offset

I have a 2000 Foretravel U-320 with the Allison Retarder. I added the retarder temp guage and it seems to work fine with one major exception: the numbers are low. Example: After being parked for two days I made the following reading in the morning: Outside temp: 57, tranny temp: 59, retarder temp 29. I would expect them to be about the same. Another reading cruising on the level without recent use of the retarder: Tranny temp: 170, Retarder temp: 109. When using the retarder the temps rise and fall as expected.

I've plotted all my readings and find that if I use a multiplier of 1.5 and an offset of 16. My corrected values are reasonably close to the expected values.

Is it reasonable to have to use these values for the multiplier and offset?

Cat ECM codes

I have 4.0.2 installed on an HP laptop. The coach is a 2000 CC with 3126 Cat engine. Will VMSpc display engine failure codes when they occur? I'm having some intermittent engine issues, but the green No Errors Reported box never changes. Do I need to go to a mechanic and have him plug into the diagnostic port at the back of the coach to pull codes?

No Check Engine light either.

Lost my Total miles

LOST My total miles and Odometer readout? I know I had it when I first started it up. How do I fix???

Software v4.0.3 Feedback

Version 4.0.3 software has been replaced with v4.0.4. See the updated feedback thread for updates.

Feedback has picked up, so far, it has one absolute show-stopper: PressurePro. As this is a must-have, we're picking up the pace on v4.0.4. Goal is to have it released TODAY (5/12.) See The Forum Topic: "4.0.3 Buglist" for the 'Known Issues' and 'Adds.'

Another gotcha, however, on some Windows-10 systems: Windows Defender. It may, or may not, cry foul during installation on the uninstaller. We've verified its a glitch in its heuristics, not the software. For the time being, disable Defender, download (or re-download) the distribution disk and install. Re-enable Defender afterwards.

Windows-10 is acting wonky with our WiFi Jibs. It will randomly disconnect or persistently drop the data connection. Not sure of the root issue--yet other mfg's are having this problem too.

Here's your chance to weigh in on the bug-list.
--Doing so will help us all keep track!
1. State the type JIB you're using and diagnostics connector type -and-
2. Frame your point in one of two categories:

Something is broken/ missing and preventing basic functionality. A feature (small or large) is unusable because of a glitch of some sort.

Aesthetics, look, feel and additional functionality. Or, maybe it works but the logic is...not...logical.


Art Renda
Documentation Central
Silverleaf Electronics
(888) 741-0259

Camera inputs to VMSpc

I just ordered my VMSpc cable and awaiting its arrival. Art mentioned something on the phone about having events for pulling up different camera inputs and wanted to clarify. Is that just with the Glass Dash, or can I run my camera inputs through the VMSpc software to also integrate new turn signal cameras along with my rear camera. Is it possible to have the video as the background of the gauges similar to the VMS440 or 330? I ordered a video to usb capture device that will hopefully pull up the video signal as a webcam source and I am hoping that the software will have this feature already integrated.

v4.0.4 Software Buglist (closed)

Please give feedback and post your bugs on the Software 4.0.4 Feedback and bug fixes Page. Thank you !

..........known Issues..........

FIXES (needed):
1. Win-10, Defender gives us the boot On install, if program 'sits' idle without being installed, Defender boots it out. Install program is not the problem, Defenders' 'Heuristics' are flagging us as a maybe. (In Work)

2. Help menu item, needs a link to FAQ and Website. Link to manual works. Working on a 'boiler plate' which will consistently work on OS XP ~ Win-10)

3. Win10, WiFi Dropouts after ~45 min. Mouse-trick didn't work. Other method to prevent interruption? (Looking for root-cause)

4. Odometer "day one" odometer isn't day one. It starts from whatever date I create it.

5. Gauge Flicker J1708 & Serial JIB, 'red' values periodically, ~1/10th sec --Otherwise okay. See #7

6. Gauge Focus, on startup A random gauge is on focus. Should be none or, barring that, the same one each time.
(Problem identified--solution is...not so easy...)

7. Max Gauges: Spikes hurt! Any little spike (as displayed) also hits the Max with artificially high values. Parsing or Rule situation? (Still hunting for cause)

8. Color Palate (XP): Palates won't work unless 'Unique' is checked. Themes are broken. (In Work)

9. Full Screen (XP): Wonky. Eliminates top bar (which is fine) but then moves everything UP, not full screen. Bottom space (size of top-bar) remains blank. (In Work)

10. Incorrect Folder (Name) creation : Upon installation, folder name is 4.0.3 (prior build).

11. Engine File Access: When selecting an Engine File, user is taken to My Documents. Should be: C:\VMSpc[build]\VMSpc\Additional Engines

12. When playing .WAV file: the system stops responding and goes into a prolonged reset mode to recover control. .MP3 seems to work as required. [Win-10 x1 ]

13. Alarm set values: Will not save any values such as above/below, how many times the alarm sounds. After setting these values and hitting save, they are returned to the default of under and 70.

14. Full Screen: Under Win-10, Tablets: Long background press does not ESC from Full screen. Special button needed?

15. Trans info: Gear Attained missing on (new) J1939 chassis. We see a 'blank box' for gear attained. Worked on v2.5, 3.x and maybe 4.0.2. [3x samples]

16. Custom Color and Touch Under Win10 Tablet (without keyboard), cannot select custom color on Tank Minder. (sample = 1)

17. Tire Status; Learning Mode This times-out in 20~40 seconds rather than a reasonable 2 or 3 minutes. Need to increase this to 3 min

18. Tire Status; Presets & positions Tires Populate wrong. When re-opening Tire Status, grid auto populates with '0's for all possible positions. This carries over to the Status Gauge, filling it completely out with 0s'.

19. Maintenance List; functions correctly but displays "0" (mileage) interval while doing so. should read 5000 or 10000 or whatever the interval is.


Exhaust Manifold PID for Cat 330 #3126

I have just installed a VMSpc in my 2001 Airstream Land Yacht XL390, Cat 330 Turbo, engine #3126. I do not see a PID for Exhaust Manifold in the software. Can anyone shed some light on this for me.

Software 4.0.4 Feedback and bug fixes

v4.0.4 was released Early May 2016 and replaced by v4.0.5 in Mid June 2016.

4.0.3 Bugfixes:
2a. Help menu item, About, needs to reflect new Rev level.
==Fixed this.

2b. Help menu item, Added a link to the manual, still need link to FAQ, website. -in process, manual link may still need more work. Works on Win-7; others?

3. Communications, re-enable the 'Hello' WiFi section.

4. Layout Saves, does not always autosave all changes. New gauge won't save. Theme change does. Resize/ Move does.
==Couldn't consistently repeat this or find problem. Need more info on computer OS (7, 8 or Win-10)

7. Audible Alarms .wav works, .mp3 does not.
==All audio files need to be placed in VMSpc root folder to work.

9. Alarm Test Program freeze on test of a .wav
(Win10 USB, sample = 1)
==A missing file was fixed yet Win-10 'in the wild' still report freezes; local machine does not.

10. Diags Gauge, Properties box: Only static color, 'other' is broken.
==All color buttons and styles fixed (custom colors).

11a. WiFi Settings; wrong default address. Never connects to VMSpc. Rebuild using as default.
==Fixed this to correspond to correct address.

11b. WiFi Settings, note on AD-HOC to use . This should read "AD-HOC or AP mode use ".
==Fixed wording to be helpful.

14. TPMS: Something broke. Now not working. [Thanks user 'Steve' !! ] This **IS** a show stopper...so, building a new version just now.
==Misplaced a line of code: moved it. Fixed.

15. Engines: Defaults to looking in My Documents. Should be looking in C:\VMSpc(build#)\vmspc\Additional_Engines\
==Not consistent across platforms. Maybe fixed.

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