VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

Occasional message

I just got my VMSPc set up with my 10" Lenovo tablet. Much easier to read than the analog gauges, and so much more info. I am getting an error code that reads "ENG PID 94 92 Fuel Delivery Pressure Abnormal Change".
The engine was just serviced and they replaced a sensor on the engine. They said that no other codes were being thrown. The coach seems to run great.
What does this code mean?

Laptop screen goes blank

I have a strange issue with VMSpc on my laptop. If I have the program running before I start the engine it works until I start to crank the engine and then the monitor will go blank and it losses connection to the JIB. When the engine starts I have to restart VMSpc, then it's OK. I have the communication set to restart in the advanced setting. This has been an issue since I upgraded to Windows 10. Does anyone have a suggestion? It's a Samsung Laptop. Thanks

VMSpc Downloads

New version v4.0.8b now available for download.
Updated Release: this one resolves "Failure Between Engine and Jib" error; as it was defaulting to J1939. Fixed that bit. Now defaults to both J1708 AND J1939 data.

This can be used on any coach/ chassis with J1708 (6-pin or 12-pin), J1939 9-pin type-I 250kb (black) or type-II (green) 500kb diags interface.

See the Bug-list Forum topic for details.

For older (J1587/J1708) coaches, you will see more effective gauges with the original v3.0 software. The new 4.x isn't quite there yet for J1708 (and pre-2005) coaches.

Check the Forum for any new bug fixes and changes.

For newer (2005 and up) coaches, the new 4.x software mixes the original layout style with a new feature set. Once you try this new version out, you'll never want to go back to anything older!

Even if you don't have the VMSpc Cables and Hardware you can still install and try out the software. You can see for yourself how easy it is to customize VMSpc to your tastes. And when you are ready to "go live", give us a call at (888) 741-0259 and we'll set you up with everything else you need.

Software upgrades are free forever. When in doubt: Read the FAQ


As diagnostic ports vary greatly across the spread of coach-builds and years, the pinning and socket types vary significantly. When you call we will ask for your coachs' make, model and yer as well as what type of Diagnostic socket(s) you have. This may require a close look, first, to determine the physical nature of the socket, number of pins available and those used in that socket. Refer to the Connector Document to identify what the Diagnostic sockets look like. Its regretful that, for this reason alone, we're not able to have an online store.

To start a fresh installation, download the latest "Distribution Disk," below. However, when first prompted, Open it (don't download it) --save/copy the Folder it contains to a place on your PC you can find easily, such as c:\ or your Desktop.

Install the drivers by Opening 'Install_Drivers.exe' Once the driver Software has completed, Install program from that same folder (ex: "Distribution_Disk_v4.0.x"). Reboot, open the VMSpc program with that new desktop shortcut, select your specific engine (when prompted). The first time opening you'll need to confirm that communications are set; USB JIB etc. Follow the manual on this--not too difficult. Need a hand? Call and we can walk you through.

If you are having difficulty Installing VMSpc v4.x, please refer to our All Versions Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information.

Be sure to give a call if you get stuck or need clarification.

Need an engine calibration file not on the list? Look here: Engine Calibration Files New engines are added on an as-needed basis for the most part...

Older program versions (prior to v2.5) and drivers have been archived; contact us by phone or Tech Support (below) for help.

VMSpc Downloads

Transmission display only shows gear attained, not selected

Running VMSpc v4.0.3 on 2014 Phaeton ISL380. Selected ISLe380 engine type. Transmission shows 2 question marks when not connected. When connected only shows gear attained, not gear selected.

Standard VMS Features

All VMS™ models - from the incredible VMS-755 Glass Dash to the budget-minded VMSpc - all support these incredible features. All gauges are digitally accurate, with readings taken directly from the engine and transmission for ideal accuracy and relevance. You can't get better instrumentation than a VMS™.

Digital Engine Gauges
Accelerator Position
Battery Volts
Cruise Control Set Speed
Coolant Temperature
Engine Load
Fuel Rate
Instantaneous MPG
Intake Manifold Temperature
Turbo Boost Pressure

Additional Gauges - Dependent on Engine Model
Fuel Injection Pressure
Fuel Temperature
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature

Performance Analysis Gauges
Horsepower Output
Power Factor
Torque Output
Rolling Miles Per Gallon

Transmission Gauges
Requires Allison 6-Speed World Tranmission
Gear Selected
Gear Attained
Mode (Economy / Performance)
Shift Inhibit / Do Not Shift Condition
Torque Converter Status
Shaft Speed

Professional Electronic Diagnostic “Scan”
Automatic Diagnostic Recording
4096 Event Memory Capacity
Plain-Language Code Translation

Trip Features
Trip Miles Per Gallon
Trip Miles
Trip Time Elapsed
Trip Fuel Consumed
Trip Average Speed
Trip Miles Remaining
Estimated Time of Arrival
Estimated Fuel Required
Trip History with 4000 Trip Capacity

Other Features
Maintenance Tracking
Pre-Drive Checklist
Engine Odometer, Hourmeter, Fuelmeter
Engine Identification
Cruise Control Troubleshooter
Cruise Monitor
Trouble Monitor

VMSpc is not seeing Com Port

Installed VMSpc 3.5 after installing Drivers on a new HP Tablet running Windows 10 Home. Added a Com Port 7, but VMSpc does not recognize Port.
Seems that on a previous install on Nextbook 8.1 you had me change some port settings to get the port recognized by VMSpc. Do those values/settings appear on Forum?

Pat Coleman

Recent MPG and rolling MPG not working Cat 3126(330hp)

I am using VMSpc 3.1 build 3 and I never had any problems since I bought the software. I went to Caterpillar for maintenance and the updated the software of the engine for the most recent one.

Since that update I cannot see any recent MPG (pid 502) also rolling MPG (pid 9). I cannot monitor the mpg in the trip , what is left in my tank, nothing works for trip management.

Is there an update for this engine? or there is something I have to do to make this work?
Need help

Thank you

Downloading VMSpc

I am having a issue withWindows 10 and downloading VMSpc. I have also on the PC WinZip Version 20. Not sure how to use this along with your instructions. WinZip seems to have a mind of its own. Please help, I miss not have VMSpc on our travels.

Is there maybe a problem with jib.

Hello I have been working on the coach to fix my abs. Went to hook up my computer to the coach and it wouldn't communicate with the computer. Port failure. When in and downloaded the program on another computer. The computer doesn't have a cd rom . Won't work with that computer either. Seen on this forum that it could be the cable from the jib. We replaced the cable. Didn't fix it either. Thinking it might be the jib. Help john

My laptop Won't talk to the jib

I'm having a big problem with my laptop not talking to the vmspc. The jib is not communicating. I have two laptops and both don't work. Both run windows 10. I have had this system for 4 years too. Working when I took it out of the coach last winter. I replaced the cable from the jib but that didn't work. I am not the greatest at computers but do know enough to be dangerous. Thanks for any help in advance. John

Failure while driving down the highway

After using VMSpec for over four years without incident, it stopped working midway on my trip yesterday. I tried the usual, unplug, re-plug, reboot routine, it still didn't work. I went to the FAQ's and everything pointed to the USB cord being defective. I swapped it out with my printer USB cord and now it is working perfectly again. Just wanted to say thank you for the FAQ's that allowed me to properly diagnose and fix my problem. I felt lost driving without it.

Re-release of version 4.0 software?

I am about to load up a new windows 10 tablet with the VMSpc software and was wondering if the latest 4.0 version is ready for release again?

VMSpc Screen Sizing

Is there any way to re-size the entire screen when transferring from one laptop to another? When I tried to view my custom screen that I created on my smaller laptop, some of the information blocks were cut off. I know I can re-do each individual block, however I would like to be able to re-size, the entire box proportionally without redoing the entire layout.

Powering a tablet

Using a HP Stream 7 tablet with windows 10.1. Seems to work just fine, but not trying the tank minder, which I miss. But that is a fix for another time.
Problem today is tablet runs out of battery power at about 3.5 hours. Reading the silver leaf manual I see, " For extended Tablet use, charging may be done employing a "Y" splitter or "Powered USB Hub." The splitter for use with a micro-USB are less tedious and cheaper."
Splitters I find on the net appear to be provide power to 2 devices, not input data and power into one device.
Art, to make my life simple, please provide me the name and model number of a splitter that will input data to the tablet, as well as charge the tablet. The HP stream has only one micro USB port.
Thanks, Richard

Arts screens - a test

Attached is a 1379x722 screen with no Tank Minder or Odometer gauges. Its important to remove those before uploading as they are coach-generated and could confuse another computer.

The image above is a screen capture ( alt+PrtScrn ) of the VMSpc window. I reduced it to 6oo pixels wide to keep it to a reasonable size--AND within the frame.

Also, the .SCR extension was changed to .SCReen as Windows/ Antivirus would have prevented this from being downloaded. Named as "MyGauges.SCReen" it won't get filtered out as a potential virus or other threat--but that means also you'll need to rename it (after downloading) with the .scr extension.

Mode Gauge?

I will be using VMSpc next week, and have begun building my screen. Somewhere I recall seeing a layout with a Mode indicator. That would be useful to me, but I don't see one listed in the drop-down menu or on the PID descriptions. Does one exist? How do I add it?



Soon to be VMSpc owner


Starting the shopping for VMSpc components.

My proposed install:

Mount: Approx 6-8" screw mount extension from left windshield post. Looking for a mount that is solid and doesn't have the "clamp fingers" wrapped around the screen (i.e., is model specific so it somehow attaches to back of tablet, snaps around the edge, or at least has very short fingers, looking for something that doesn't look temporary). There are so many mounts out there but I have yet to find something that will work for me. (Attachment shows proposed mount in yellow and tablet in red). I realize mounting in a "cantilever" fashion from the post may lead to a little vibration (which of course I do want to avoid) but I'm trying to avoid drilling the dash behind the proposed tablet location. My plan is to install as-if this was just something that came with the coach, not considering using tablet for any other purpose (already have laptop/smartphone/GPS/etc....) unless I should be considering something I'm not. Can't use stick-on dash disk as position of tablet would be too high and would interfere with view of left mirror.

Tablet: 7" Windows based (largest I have room for). Dimming and "sleep" issues seem to be considerations based on what I've read. What ports (e.g., mini/micro/full size USB, memory card, etc) and features (WiFi, bluetooth, etc) should I be looking for, for both power hookup and VMS attachment? No idea what brands to seek/avoid.

Connection: Hard wired for both power and communication with port. Prefer avoiding connect/reconnect issues unless I can be convinced otherwise. Don't mind powering unit on/off manually (in fact, would this be preferable?)

I've spent some time on the phone with the Silverleaf folks, and will again, but would love input and ideas from users.


Screen lay-out

While looking through "VMSpc Gallery of Installations" I have noticed several screens that are displaying the "Date" in the same box as the "time" is displayed. Where or how can I find the "Date" to instal? I am new here and will be learning with every expedition. Thanks Gerry

False Reading

I have a 2000 Fleetwood Discovery with the Cummins 275ISB and have used VMSpc for years (Currently v3.0 Build 1.) I'm getting the following diagnostic code:

ENG SID 65 7 Heated Oxygen Sensor Not Responding 10/28/15 9:56

The problem is my engine does not have a Heated Oxygen Sensor.

Is there any way I can find out what this failure code is really referring to? I've noticed in the past that VMSpc codes don't always correspond to Cummins diagnostic codes.

Thanks for any help.

Pat Curry

should I download a upgrade as I have vmspc v2.5 b10p

I have had this system for 5 years and just upgraded my 2010 computer to windows 10. I did get the motorhome to talk to the system and was wondering if I need a update to a better upgrade??? Thanks in advance for any help.


Here you can find manuals for many of our products. Manuals for other "Interfacing" products can be had here. If you can't find something you need, please contact us directly.

V4 with windows 10 and serial

I installed a new v4 on my w 10 notebook and wanted to find out if any issues since it works fine with the w7 pc.

I installed did driver install then full install, checked that prolific usb was on com1 went to advanced comm and selected serial and then com1 no go I checked to see that jib came up as com1 yep it was there. I get pc port failure message


First outing with ver. 4

I had been using ver. 2.5 since it's first release in beta and it's worked fine for us for many years. Since we were getting ready to hit the road home today, I installed ver. 4.0.2 the other day and made all new gauges, using the data from my 2.5 gauges.

There is good news and bad news. First the good news, all my temp gauges work find, tach works, my multi-bar gauge with load, frate, and turbo works, speed and cruse speed work.

Bad news:

1. Cruise status shows a constant green. Here are the parameters I used for this gauge:

vmsPC cruise stat gauge-20150828.PNG

2. Odometers show really strange numbers for distance.

3. Tank minder works,unless I turn off "Use recent MPG", then I get really strange numbers

Here's what my gauges look like:


First experience with version 4

I had not looked for a new version since 2.5, as it was working fine for me, currently with ISL 400. Yesterday I crossed into Canada and plan to be up here for a month or more, so I went looking at ways to get the speed to read in KM, at which point I discovered version 4.02 and downloaded and installed it. I found that I could run 2.5 as a renamed .exe file in the same folder, simultaneously with 4.0, so I did that in order to setup all the gauges I use in an identical fashion. My tank minder was showing 124.9 gallons out of the 140 it will hold, so those values were entered into the minder.

Today I drove 180 or so miles, and there were two obvious issues. The first was that every gauge would go bonkers for 1/2 second at some interval. For example the gear selected would read 6 for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, then for 1/2 second it would read A, 0, Z, or E. Gear achieved would do the same thing, but with different things (I saw 3, E, and F) and not at the same time that gear selected would show wrong values.

For engine coolant temp, which ran in the 180s all day, I occasionally saw a reading in the 90s. I never saw a high one, but Max Temp showed 233 for a long time, then 238. Transmission temp, also in the 180s, would occasionally read 4 digits. Highest I saw was over 4000!

The worst was speed. It would never go even 5 seconds without a bad reading. Usually 1/2 second, but sometimes "2 beats" for a full second. The spurious reading was consistently less than 10 low. For example I was mostly on cruise at 63mph, with the road speed showing as ~102 (that is the only gauge I set to metric), but the "downbeats" were usually 94. When I went down a hill and speed increased to 112 or so, the bad readings were in the 104 range.

The other problem was the tank monitor. As noted, it started at 125 gallons, but as soon as I rolled it went to zero, zero miles to go, mpg over 20,000. I double-clicked it and it properly returned to 140, and for the first gallon while it was using recent mpg it read correctly for both recent mpg and remaining miles. Once that gallon was gone, mpg and remaining distance went to zero. Gallons dropped normally over the course of the trip.

That's what I have so far.

Gallons used not working

I am changing computers. I installed the software on the new computer and hooked it up to the motor home.

On the trip and fuel minder, it does not record fuel used. The operating systems are the same, windows 7. Detroit 8V92, 500 hp.

I reconnected the old lap top and it does record fuel used.

What am I missing?

v4.0.1 Released today

An incremental build has been released. It addresses principally the bugs found in v4.0 and not any significant changes otherwise.

This is what you may notice is different:

We left 1992 a little further behind
Top Line Menu item: "File" has been replaced with "Layout."
This is part of the plan to do things intelligently and less like a DOS prompt. Rather than "File" then "Open" then...hope the right kind of SCR or SCR.XML file gets opened, it seems more reasonable to have the program filter and find the layouts for you. First step: "Layout." Release 4.1 will have the completed "Layout"..."Import" function; automatically scanning the VMSpc4.0 folder (and subfolders) for layouts then presenting your options. One dragon at a time however....

Menu Item Change (Advanced) (Text Color) Removed
This was the original (and now redundant) option. Better selections are now made via the Color Palette Options (Day/Night...)

Serial Port functionality
Several folks found their Serial Port Jibs suddenly *not* passing data after migrating from the v4.Beta to v4.0 final. Josh fixed this. We need more feedback on actual packets caught and missed. There are many serial-to-USB cables out there. Confidence is low that all are going to be listened to the same.

License Agreement
The proper Agreement now displays during VMSpc install (rather than the FTDI-driver version.) ooops. Fixed this.

XP only version
The installation would complete but the Application wouldn't run as it was compiled as a 64-bit(only) program. Fixed this.

Additional Engines
The selection for Engines was confusing, starting in the root directory.
Changed the pointer to: C:\VMSpc4.0\VMSpc\Additional Engines

Known Bugs and path forward

## Rolling and INST MPG ## Reading the same.... v4.1
## Cruise ## NO PID (sometimes) Missing cruise status. ... v4.05
## MMC.EXE error when pressing "Check Device Manager" ... v4.1


Features to add
Too many to list...many pages...all very cool!



v4.0 Software issues

A Serial-JIB issue has popped up--one identified by beta-tester donupdyke.

With all previous software versions (to include v4.beta Release Candidate 3 "v4RC3") Serial Port jibs worked normally. What broke with v4.0Beta has been fixed with v4.0.3.

v4.0.3 will work with ALL jib types.

Bravo Don in finding the first bug!! Coffee's on me ;-)


the 4 beta issues with serial usb converter

Art I talked to the guys at Madison and we played with 4 beta I have issues with my isl 400 with 3.1b.3 and fuel readings and gauges.

I tried the 4 and it does not see the usb/serial data at all. Is there a driver issue?
When I run the install_drivers I get ftdi cdm driver package failed two times


VMSpc Additional Engines

These are the complete set of Engine Files available to date. New ones can be added, just make the request either by a forum posting or a phone call.

New versions of VMSpc include these Engines in the VMSpc Install Program.

Windows 10 (oops) and v3.1b3 solutions.

I saw an update to the VMSpc software to v3.1b3. I had v3.0b1. Updates are good (?). So I upgraded.

But, I did not connect to the coach. The screen looked great on my Win 8.1 tablet. THEN----Win 10 came along. Still everything looked great.

Went out in coach on weekend and a few of the gauges did not work correctly. Tank Minder, RMPG, parts of Odometer. Called in on Monday and I still had the Distribution Disk for v3.0b1 with drivers signed 11-19-2014. With Arts guidance, I did a reinstallation. Now, I am back on the version that used to work on Win 8.1.

Took the coach for a drive this morning, and everything is working again. Yea! Thank you Art. I guess I will just have to wait for a v4.x.

Thanks again Art.

Al Wilson

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