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V4 with windows 10 and serial

I installed a new v4 on my w 10 notebook and wanted to find out if any issues since it works fine with the w7 pc.

I installed did driver install then full install, checked that prolific usb was on com1 went to advanced comm and selected serial and then com1 no go I checked to see that jib came up as com1 yep it was there. I get pc port failure message


First outing with ver. 4

I had been using ver. 2.5 since it's first release in beta and it's worked fine for us for many years. Since we were getting ready to hit the road home today, I installed ver. 4.0.2 the other day and made all new gauges, using the data from my 2.5 gauges.

There is good news and bad news. First the good news, all my temp gauges work find, tach works, my multi-bar gauge with load, frate, and turbo works, speed and cruse speed work.

Bad news:

1. Cruise status shows a constant green. Here are the parameters I used for this gauge:

vmsPC cruise stat gauge-20150828.PNG

2. Odometers show really strange numbers for distance.

3. Tank minder works,unless I turn off "Use recent MPG", then I get really strange numbers

Here's what my gauges look like:


First experience with version 4

I had not looked for a new version since 2.5, as it was working fine for me, currently with ISL 400. Yesterday I crossed into Canada and plan to be up here for a month or more, so I went looking at ways to get the speed to read in KM, at which point I discovered version 4.02 and downloaded and installed it. I found that I could run 2.5 as a renamed .exe file in the same folder, simultaneously with 4.0, so I did that in order to setup all the gauges I use in an identical fashion. My tank minder was showing 124.9 gallons out of the 140 it will hold, so those values were entered into the minder.

Today I drove 180 or so miles, and there were two obvious issues. The first was that every gauge would go bonkers for 1/2 second at some interval. For example the gear selected would read 6 for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, then for 1/2 second it would read A, 0, Z, or E. Gear achieved would do the same thing, but with different things (I saw 3, E, and F) and not at the same time that gear selected would show wrong values.

For engine coolant temp, which ran in the 180s all day, I occasionally saw a reading in the 90s. I never saw a high one, but Max Temp showed 233 for a long time, then 238. Transmission temp, also in the 180s, would occasionally read 4 digits. Highest I saw was over 4000!

The worst was speed. It would never go even 5 seconds without a bad reading. Usually 1/2 second, but sometimes "2 beats" for a full second. The spurious reading was consistently less than 10 low. For example I was mostly on cruise at 63mph, with the road speed showing as ~102 (that is the only gauge I set to metric), but the "downbeats" were usually 94. When I went down a hill and speed increased to 112 or so, the bad readings were in the 104 range.

The other problem was the tank monitor. As noted, it started at 125 gallons, but as soon as I rolled it went to zero, zero miles to go, mpg over 20,000. I double-clicked it and it properly returned to 140, and for the first gallon while it was using recent mpg it read correctly for both recent mpg and remaining miles. Once that gallon was gone, mpg and remaining distance went to zero. Gallons dropped normally over the course of the trip.

That's what I have so far.

Gallons used not working

I am changing computers. I installed the software on the new computer and hooked it up to the motor home.

On the trip and fuel minder, it does not record fuel used. The operating systems are the same, windows 7. Detroit 8V92, 500 hp.

I reconnected the old lap top and it does record fuel used.

What am I missing?

v4.0.1 Released today

An incremental build has been released. It addresses principally the bugs found in v4.0 and not any significant changes otherwise.

This is what you may notice is different:

We left 1992 a little further behind
Top Line Menu item: "File" has been replaced with "Layout."
This is part of the plan to do things intelligently and less like a DOS prompt. Rather than "File" then "Open" then...hope the right kind of SCR or SCR.XML file gets opened, it seems more reasonable to have the program filter and find the layouts for you. First step: "Layout." Release 4.1 will have the completed "Layout"..."Import" function; automatically scanning the VMSpc4.0 folder (and subfolders) for layouts then presenting your options. One dragon at a time however....

Menu Item Change (Advanced) (Text Color) Removed
This was the original (and now redundant) option. Better selections are now made via the Color Palette Options (Day/Night...)

Serial Port functionality
Several folks found their Serial Port Jibs suddenly *not* passing data after migrating from the v4.Beta to v4.0 final. Josh fixed this. We need more feedback on actual packets caught and missed. There are many serial-to-USB cables out there. Confidence is low that all are going to be listened to the same.

License Agreement
The proper Agreement now displays during VMSpc install (rather than the FTDI-driver version.) ooops. Fixed this.

XP only version
The installation would complete but the Application wouldn't run as it was compiled as a 64-bit(only) program. Fixed this.

Additional Engines
The selection for Engines was confusing, starting in the root directory.
Changed the pointer to: C:\VMSpc4.0\VMSpc\Additional Engines

Known Bugs and path forward

## Rolling and INST MPG ## Reading the same.... v4.1
## Cruise ## NO PID (sometimes) Missing cruise status. ... v4.05
## MMC.EXE error when pressing "Check Device Manager" ... v4.1


Features to add
Too many to list...many pages...all very cool!



v4.0 Software issues

A Serial-JIB issue has popped up--one identified by beta-tester donupdyke.

With all previous software versions (to include v4.beta Release Candidate 3 "v4RC3") Serial Port jibs worked normally. What broke with v4.0Beta has been fixed with v4.0.3.

v4.0.3 will work with ALL jib types.

Bravo Don in finding the first bug!! Coffee's on me ;-)


the 4 beta issues with serial usb converter

Art I talked to the guys at Madison and we played with 4 beta I have issues with my isl 400 with 3.1b.3 and fuel readings and gauges.

I tried the 4 and it does not see the usb/serial data at all. Is there a driver issue?
When I run the install_drivers I get ftdi cdm driver package failed two times


VMSpc Additional Engines

These are the complete set of Engine Files available to date. New ones can be added, just make the request either by a forum posting or a phone call.

New versions of VMSpc include these Engines in the VMSpc Install Program.

Windows 10 (oops) and v3.1b3 solutions.

I saw an update to the VMSpc software to v3.1b3. I had v3.0b1. Updates are good (?). So I upgraded.

But, I did not connect to the coach. The screen looked great on my Win 8.1 tablet. THEN----Win 10 came along. Still everything looked great.

Went out in coach on weekend and a few of the gauges did not work correctly. Tank Minder, RMPG, parts of Odometer. Called in on Monday and I still had the Distribution Disk for v3.0b1 with drivers signed 11-19-2014. With Arts guidance, I did a reinstallation. Now, I am back on the version that used to work on Win 8.1.

Took the coach for a drive this morning, and everything is working again. Yea! Thank you Art. I guess I will just have to wait for a v4.x.

Thanks again Art.

Al Wilson

A look towards Fall: maintenance schedules

Hey folks

Its that time of year for most of you to be out there on the road--doing that thing which those in the 'commuter lane' in a "cute" little Smart Car just doesn't understand.

However...for many of you, Fall and its' wind-down is coming. The list of Honey-Dos' are going to be replaced by pre-scheduled ToDos' to keep that rolling-stock up to snuff. When you get a moment, check out this posting Bob made just a couple years back.

His idea of using the VMSpc maintenance scheduler on both his (house and motorcoach) computers is very effective and timely. Organize now and save time...and money...later.

Bravo Bob!!

Transfering data to new computer

We want to use a new laptop in the rig. The old notebook was tooo old, running XP. The new one is using 8.1

Yes, we did download software on it.

I tried "save as" on the old machine, saved to USP stick, loaded to new one, but still can't read the previous data. IT wants to start over.

Note that I am very computer un-savvy. Computer illiterate would be a more accurate description!

Art J

VMSpc Beta-4 rc3


I was not able to edit the engine corrections information on the beta version. I can change the multiplier and offset, but not the upper Odometer, Hourmeter, and Fuelmeter. On the previous version all three were set to zero.

VMSpc on Windows 8.1 Tablets - Solutions

Hi Folks,
I've been using VMSpc for a number of years using a small "Netbook" PC and it's been working fine - but kind of kludgey.

In the last year or so the price of Windows Tablets has fallen through the floor making them very attractive for a number of applications and particularly as dedicated displays for things like VMSpc. A number of you have done this but I haven't seen anyone solve all the problems and make a Windows tablet behave truly as if it's a dedicated VMSpc monitor.

What do I mean by dedicated? The criteria is:

1. After pressing the power switch it automatically boots into VMSpc with no intervention by the user. That means no login, no password, etc. It just starts the VMSpc app and it fills the entire screen and starts running.

2. No irritating Windows message popup. It always displays VMSpc with no interruption.

3. Simple powerup and powerdown using the tablet's power button.

4. Easy brightness control without having to use the touchscreen, bluettooth keyboard etc.

5. VMSpc gauges locked in place so they do not inadvertently get moved by touching the touchscreen.

6. Windows Tablet drives USB serial interface or USB JIB and and charges at same time for continuous use without needing user to be concerned about battery charging and power. Most Windows tablets have only the micro-USB "On-The-Go" port that is used for charging the device or alternately as a USB host port but not at the same time. I'm aware of only one low-cost tablet that has separate USB charging and host ports (there may be others) and that is the Winbook. All others need some sort of solution.

With inexpensive Windows 8.1 7" tablets now regularly on sale for sub-$100 (last one I bought was $67). This is by far the best solution for VMSpc if it can be made user friendly and foolproof. .

After spending quite of bit of research and experimentation I've been able to solve the above challenges makeing a low cost Windows 8.1 tablet behave as a dedicated VMS "appliance. It truly works great and is fool-proof. Here's a summary of how I did it. I'll address them by requirement number:

Requirements 1,2, and 3 are simply a matter of configuring Windows properly to do all those things. In practice there are quite a lot of configuration items in various places (control panel, BIOS, and other locations) that must be set to get the desired behavior. There is a software tool available makes the necessary configuration changes to achieve item 1 and all the rest are manual changes I made.

Requirement 4 is an issue in that to adjust brightness in Windows 8.1 you must use a mouse or the touch screen on most tablets. I'm not aware of any tablets that have dedicated hardware brightnesss buttons. Some have the capability to adjust brightness via a Bluetooth keyboard function key but most do not the necessary keyboard remapping software shipped with them. Plus, who wants to have to use a keyboard to adjust the brightness while driving? Not me. Nearly all low-cost windows tablets have dedicated speaker volume keys though. These are of little/no value in the VMSpc environment so the obvious solution was to re-assign these keys to adjusting screen brightness instead. Easier said than done. You can't do it in Windows control panel or via the registry key mapping. Just doesn't work because the mapping is done by a separate driver provided by the hardware maker. However, I developed a small utility that loads at boot up and runs in the background that does do this remapping and it works great. It allows you to use the hardware volume keys on the side of tablet for screen brightness instead speaker volume.

Requirement 5. This has been the biggest irritant. SilverLeaf could easily add a simple option to lock the gauges in place in the VMSpc software so you don't accidentally move them around but they choose not to. I understand, they only have so much support and development resource and they must spend it wisely. That said, having written a lot of software myself I can confidently say it would be EXTREMELY simple to add this to the software and very little time and resource. In any case, I'm pretty impressed with the level of support they do provide. So, rather than whine about it I created a solution. My first solution was simple minded and it was to disable the touch screen driver and use a small bluetooth keyboard/touchpad for reseting odometer and tank minder. Inconvenient, but it does keep you from accidentally swiping against the screen and changing things around. It's something you can't do it safely while driving though. Recently I developed a MUCH better solution. Again, it's a small utility program that automatically loads at boot and runs in the background and it effectively just adds a "gauge lock" function to VMSpc preventing you from clicking and dragging the gauges around unless you turn it off via a ctrl-alt key sequence (when you WANT to make changes). It still allows all other functionality such as taps (for selecting diagnostics and other menu selections), double taps (reset odometer and tank minder without going into the menus), and two-fingered taps (to bring up the odometer reset screen for instance). It works perfectly and completely solves the problem.

Requirement 6. Anyone that's researched using a Windows tablet in the way we are discussing has surely come up against the problem of not being able to supply the tablet power while at the same time interfacing it to USB devices such as a USB<->Serial cable. In my opinion, the "USB On-The-Go" port is a terrible feature causing major inconvenience and it only saves about 25 cents per tablet in cost so it's a poor trade-ff. As I mentioned, the WinBook tablets have both the USB micro-USB charging/OTG port and a full-size USB host port but I didn't want to use that for a number of reasons. I found a solution to do it just the OTG port on a smaller, sleeker tablet using a small "charging hub" device that allows you to use the OTG port as a Host USB interface while, at the same time powering the tablet. The device costs about $25 and works perfectly. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/charge-tablet-thinkpad-VivoTab-ME400C/dp/B00TIQU232/ref=pd_sim_sbs_107_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0MWS7833TBCWRC7TSDY3

Anyway, quite a bit of effort went in to figuring all this stuff out to make it like a real, end-user friendly "appliance" (as opposed to a cobbled together bunch of stuff that only a computer geek can make work). If there is enough interest I may document it all in more detail and perhaps even provide an automated installation for most of it and make available to those interested.

Apparently, SilverLeaf has decided to add a "gauge lock" feature in their new version 4 beta software. That's good news for new installs! For those who have a working installation with the current VMSpc version and don't want to risk messing with it I've attached a utility that provides a "gauge lock" function for the existing VMSpc software. It's verified on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. It may work on older versions of Windows as well but hasn't been tested. Simply copy it to your VMSpc folder and add it to your autoexec so it loads after VMSpc. It does nothing but sit in the background performing it's function - nothing more. You can toggle it off/on (defaults to on) with CTRL-ALT-L keys (all at the same time) and can remove it by right clicking it's icon in the status tray (lower right screen where your battery and wifi icons are) and clicking "Exit". It's free software for non-commercial use.

Ron Curry


VMSpc and Linux

Has anyone run on a version of Linux. Or with a Windows emulator on Linux? Just curious. Started playing with Raspberry Pi and this idea popped into the old brain.

VMSpc working after hooking to correct plug

I have not been able to get data from 2000 Diplomat Cummings ISC until today. Art Renda was his usual cheerful and happy self. After running several checks of my system Art discovered I was plugged into Allison Data Port not the Cummings Data Port.

I had been looking for engine port for weeks. Finally found that someone had moved from under dash to inside the left side console. Moved connect to proper plug and jib and we are working.

Thanks, Art


If we downgrade from 3.1 to 2.5 do we need to re-run the Install_Drivers.exe in the 2.5 Distribution?

Gauge Screen Files ( .scr )

Share them here

Have a set of gauges you'd like to share?

Need a starting point or just want to freshen up your old, tired set? Did your laptop crash and the 'vacation' starts TOMORROW?
This is the place to upload, retrieve & discuss gauge screens. Its under construction and has some needed explanations at the end of these
Basic Rules:

1. Rename your screen with something unique AND change the ".scr" extension to ".screen" Example: Default_03.scr becomes "1200x800 Richards Horiz GPS dark Amber 03.SCReen"

Screen resolution [Yes, this is important.]
Unique name [Your handle or critters' name...whatever]
Purpose [or scope or category...]
Revision [01 Aa beta ...]

2. As some include pictures-as-gauges, zip it all up. Many folks, as seen in the VMSpc Screens Gallery, include a picture of the bus, the dog...or even 'marble.' If this is you, you'll need to upload them as an archive. Windows allows for selecting some files, then with a (right-click) (Send To) Compressed (zipped) Folder.


Upload via eMail

Once received, we'll post it here. If there's enough interest, we'll get orderly and formalise this, perhaps even automate it. For now, lets see where it goes.

The gauge screen files are being renamed for a security related reason. Screen savers also use this 'extension' of .scr . These are executable, can be seen as a potential threat and so are filtered out by most antivirus programs. Read: we change the name to prevent frustration.

By changing it to 800x600...whatever.SCReen we can get around that. the .zip file, for uploading, should be fine. I'll act on feedback if downloading becomes problematic. But, for now, we'll try this out...

This forum doesn't have the built-in...stuff...to allow for uploaded user-files. So, for now, we'll have to use the old-school method of email. Sorry about that..

vmspc acting crazy

Running vmspc on my most recent trip my lap top started going crazy. Windows opening and closing, mouse arrow jumping all over the screen. I closed it and opened it again but same result. This is the first time this has happened. I tried rebooting and it finally settled down. However the next morning when I started the engine with vmspc running it started again. Also during one of the trips vmspc just stopped running with numbers remaining static. any ideas? I'm runing 2.5 Build 10.

Can I Change Wiring on JIB Plug

The wiring on the diagnostic plug of my 2014 Cummins ISL9 380 HP is always hot (powered). Since the line is always hot, my JIB would stay on 24/7 if I left it plugged. To avoid this, I currently unplug the JIB from the J1939 line every time I turn my coach off. I believe I read that I can put a switch on the red wire of the J1939 line going into the JIB to avoid having to always unplug the JIB. If so, is this red wire nothing more than constant 12V wire for power? If also true, would it be safe to just cut and cap the red wire where it comes from the J1939 (to avoid a potential short circuit), then run my own 12V switched wire to the red wire at the JIB plug? This would allow me to "set it and forget it" since the JIB will only go hot when I start the coach since the switched line would be on the ignition circuit. Thank you.

New PC driver, all platforms

A new hardware Driver Is Available

Hey folks...Art here...

As much as I've enjoyed meeting many of you over the phone; spending many an hour installing drivers, a change is here. It comes in the form of a new driver package, that is to say, a new software package. If your system is working, ignore this for now.

Otherwise, that package can be downloaded as part of the full-on distribution disc or as a drivers-only disc. As many of you've found, the installation can be anything but plug-and-play. Manually added drivers were too common and just a huge time sink for our coach friends. Well...and me, too!

So, I dug through the scripting and driver files, found a bug and squashed it. The newly minted files have been reassembled into packages. You'll find them in the VMSpc Downloads area. As before, just run the application "Install Drivers" and reboot.

After rebooting, Open VMSpc. The first time it runs, you may need prompt it to where the JIB is:
......button: (Scan For Jib Connections)

You'll see highlighted in blue**:
COM3 VMSPC Virtual Serial Port (COM3) FTDIBUS

**Your actual port may be 4 or 5 or something else.
Press button (OK) and your gauges should appear normally.

Otherwise... stay in touch!

Art Renda
Documentation Central,
Silverleaf Electronics Inc.
Sunny Albany Oregon
(888) 741-0259

VMSpc Engine Files

Looking for a particular engine for your VMSpc™ installation? All the current engine files that we have added to the VMSpc distribution since 2008 are here for your convenience - Open the link for the group, extract the Engines Folder to your C:\VMSpc folder, then select [Advanced] [Engine Type] use the [Look In] box at the top to open the newly downloaded Engines folder. Select your engine then click [Open]. you're done ;-)

If your engine is not included in the VMSpc Installation or on this page, contact us and we'll go to work on developing the calibration tables for it. Some ISL9 engines have been difficult (or impossible) to find data on. It seems Cummins is choosing to keep this information "proprietary" and otherwise all to themselves. If this is the case, you may need to help by requesting it or scouring the web for it.

Also note that these files are only used to calculate torque and horsepower. All other gauges and features will function and report without them.

VMSpc Air Pressure readings

I am using VMSpc on a 2003 Foretravel Cummins 400 ISL.

I created 2 parameters with the PIDs from a list (117 and 118). These 2 parameters are for front and rear air tank pressures.

I get these 2 pieces of data on the DIC but the Silverleaf does not pick up the data. The PID sniffer does not pick up on the PIDs as well but again I can add to the parameter editor as primary and secondary air.

Is this info possible on Silverleaf since the DIC reads it?



7-8" tablet system that works

Just finished (with Art's Help) setting up a 7" tablet with window mount with VMSpc using the 501 (USB) Jib that works great. I worked on it for a week attempting to put together a system that charges the little tablet and runs VMSpc at the same time. One of the problems using a tablet with only one port is the tablet only wants to allow one thing to operate through the single port.

I wound up using the following equipment:

1.) Plugable Pro8 docking station. Pricy little unit but will power the Tablet and allow it to run VMSpc at the same time. The pro8 only works on selected tablets.: Amazon.com

2.) HP 7" Stream Tablet (It's compatiable with the Pro8).: Amazon.com

3.) Windshield cradle mount for Stream 7.: Amazon.com

4.) 12 volt to 5 volt 10 amp converter step down Module.: Amazon.com

5.) JIB: Check with Silverleaf on the Jib that is needed with your vehicle. They have several different types depending upon your needs.

I cut off the end of the power cord of the pro8 and connected it to the Power converter, and the power converter input I connected to a cigarette lighter plug to supply the 12v power needed.

VMSPC Windows 8.1 Drivers on Tablets

Read your article regarding the Atom Processors and tablets. I understood that the Z3745 processor was working. Also got out of one your articles that the ASUS ViVo Tab 8 using the above processor would work with VMSpc so I purchased one. I have room for a 7" or 8" tablet.

I am having the following issues.

1. The VMSpc program and drivers appear to install correctly.

2. Plugging in the Jib ( TM 501 USB) and the jib lights up with a Green steady light and a slow flashing red light.

3. The program loads correctly, however going into the communication tab shows "PC Port Failure " a scan shows no ports. Device manager shows a failure of the drivers to load. Sometimes will error with a problem with "Hash" other times it says "Corrupted or tampered file" or the drivers are not compatiable.

4. Uninstalling and reinstalling does no good.

5. The JiB should be good because I can run everything on a larger laptop with no problems.

6. tried to force install of the drivers but this tablet would require an expert to accomplish that.

The 8" Asus VIVO Tab 8 M81C-B1-BK 32gb Tablet with the Intel Bay Trail T Z3745 Atom Processor is ideal if I can work out the issue with the drivers.

UPDATE: Just looked up the specs on the intel Bay Trail T Z3745 and found it only has one controller which may be the problem. Any Thoughts?


Series 60 11.1

I used my VMSPC on a 12.7L series 60 and had no problems. I have just picked up a 11.1L series 60 and cannot establish communication. In the list of engines there is no listing for an 11,1L. I have tried all of the 12.7L files but nothing seems to work. Is there an archived file somewhere for an 11.1 or what have others done?

Engine File

I purchased a 8" Asus tablet to use with VMSpc. I have a 2003 Bounder 34M and would like to know what engine file to use. I have installed a banks system on the engine and notice you have numerous engine files for cummins and banks. Using the J501 USB Jib. Any help would be appreciated.


Processors (CPU) and Tablets: Its all about the Chips.

Hey Folks, Art here

[[I'm deleting most of this thread--as the new 4-16-2015 driver resolved the conflict. Remaining will be the comments. However, while the efforts shown by our equipment users are terrific, the landscape has changed and this thread should otherwise be read as a historical reference.]]

Many have called with VMSpc issues seemingly related to the USB driver. Unsurprisingly, many have been resolved with some manual-loading of the Virtual Serial Port Driver. Not all--and this bothers me. It was unpredictable. [[Editors note: this also was resolved with the new driver.]]

There's been a few folks now which have tablets that just won't recognize the JIB enough to assign it a unique USB Controller. That's a different problem. If you've been following this, you'll remember the "Acer Aspire Switch" as having a problematic USB controller or Hub issue. The Asus x205TA is another non-starter.

As you know, that controller is paired with a Virtual Serial Port. The two work to move data between the JIB and the VMSpc program. Some of you have found that if the one-two combo breaks, my phone starts ringing and you folks start asking really, really good questions. My white-board then starts filling up with detailed notes and I go through coffee much faster! Well, I finally have some answers regarding the Acer and Asus Tablets.

Brace yourself--this is the nerdy part: Chip-sets

The smaller the screen, the simpler the chipset. Some are particularly so. A mfg'r can use a 'larger' "D" or "E" chipset, one with more features, on say, an 7, 8 or 10" tablet. Some do. Some cheap-out and use a stripped down "F" or "G" chip on 10". Acer did with ONE of the 10" 'Switch' models. Asus did with its 11.6"

At the heart of it, it comes down to these CPUs:
ATOM Z3735 and Z3745.

The Z3735 (the one were focusing on) has four flavors.
Two are now a known problem:
Z3735 F and Z3735 G

[ See the data sheet here: @ www.intel.com ]

The Z37xxD and E have full connectivity and can have 2 extra USB Host Controllers added. Read: VMSpc works as it gets the unique USB controller it needs.

The F and G chips look the same--same size--but they've been neutered; 2 Host controllers built-in are already spoken for and unique controllers are MIA. So, unless a generic device is connected (say, a portable hard drive or flash drive) it won't work. Video performance took a hit, too. The "F" has half the memory pipeline of a E-type, and "G" has only 1/4th of the memory pipeline. The number of pins that connect to the board tell the story: The 'D' and 'E' have 620+ I/O pins vs. 367 on the 'F' and 'G.' That's a LOT of functionality cut out!

The Bottom Line
All Tablets work now with the USB JIB.


Art Renda
Documentation Central
Silverleaf Electronics
(888) 741-0259

Join this conversation:
Post your Tablets' Processor below...

Want an analog clock?

I've been using an analog clock, CrossGL Surface Clock, with my VMSpc display for a few years. The clock runs in Windows and can be set to always stay on top. That lets me place a blank text box gage in my display and place the clock on top of the gage.

Perhaps its my age and growing up without digital clocks but I find I can read an analog clock faster and remember the time better.

While looking for the original download site I see that things have changed a bit and you now have the choice of over 100 clocks. There are no help files so once you open the clock, place your mouse cursor over the clock and right click. You'll get a menu that will let you go to a website for help and support and also get to he clock settings.

Here's the link http://www.crossgl.com/


Retarder Temp (PID120)

I am having difficulty loading PID 120. I can select it from the PID Sniffer list but it does not go to the Simple Gauge list to where i can add the gauge.
Any suggestions?

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