VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

Jake Brake indicator

Is there a "Jake Brake indicator" that can be installed on VMSpc? I have a Detroit 60 with MH4000 trans.

Metric conversion


Being in Australia I have tried to convert my gauges to metric. I think I have achieved most of them (not tested as vehicle off road at present) but need some help with the odometers.

How could I change the units to the metric equivalents on the Odometers and will the values be shown as metric if I have put in the Engine corrections for odometer and fuel meter?

Also I have two Plus under my dash one that shows just engine info and the other just gearbox info (Eaton Autoshift) how can I combine these to show both on the VMSPC?

I think this is a fantastic product and would like to see more layouts, maybe a section for layouts to be shown on here would be an idea


software upgrade

Is there anything the works for a gauge shape upgrade? The glass dash systems have round gauges and other visually attractive attributes. How about just the option of a round gauge. vmspc so far has performed flawlessly. Made me a better driver and improved mileage. 2002 400hp western rv alpine

fuel pressure monitor ?

With a big diesel engine, think big RVs and trucks, when the fuel lift pump fails and the engine is running, nothing will happen. The engine will continue to run.
The lift pump is used to pressurize the fuel system for starting the engine.
When the lift pump has failed and the engine is shut down it will not restart until a new lift pump is installed.
Lots of tow jobs, lots of roadside repairs and lots of money changing hands.

We need way to monitor the lift pump output pressure real time.
Seems as though you folks could step up to the plate on this problem and make some money.

CAT C7 350 Odometers do not work

We have a 2004 Itasca Meridian with a CAT C7 305HP engine and the Bluetooth version of VMSpc. For some reason VMSpc is unable to read either the total fuel or total engine hours. The local truck service center was able to read both with their software so the data is available. The value of VMSpc is significantly reduced without functioning odometers.

Anyone else have a similar problem? How about a solution?

SID 48 & 49

I have a 1999 Cummins 275 ISB in my 2000 Fleetwood Discovery MH. My VMSpc Diagnostics shows multiple codes and I know many of them are inconsequential. But there are a couple I'm concerned about:

ENG SID 48 1 Injector Cylinder #18 Low Reading 7/11/14 10:54

ENG SID 48 1 Injector Cylinder #18 High Reading 7/11/14 10:54

I have had both of these readings multiple times and the same reason for #19 but with SID 49.

Nothing has shown up in the Recent Diagnostic Events window - these all show up in the History Notepad file.

Can you tell me what these mean? Is there a place I can find a list of the codes?

Thanks very much for your help.

Pat Curry

Fluctuating data

I have used the VMSpc on my bus conversion since 2006, right after I had the bus repowered to a Cummins 450HP ISM. I currently run the VMSpc with Version 3.0, Build 1.

During recent trips, I have found some of the data displayed fluctuate consistently, up and down, usually by more than 10%.

Some of the gauges are stable, those being oil pressure, coolant and oil temps, miles, all the mileage (odometers), mpg, gph, cruise and speed.

The ones that vary constantly as said above are:
tach (rpm), turbo (boost), Power (HP), Torgue and Load (%). .

I am using a ASUS netbook computer with Windows 7.

Any help. What am I dealing with. I ruled out connection problems due to the stability of some data, but fluctuations of others. Could it be my Engine ECM? If so, what can be done about it?


Fuel Consumption reading does not record

Over the past few trips I have noticed that the Fuel reading in the Odometer gauge as well as the Tank Minder for my VMSpc software is not changing, even after traveling over 100 miles at times. It will occasionally update at random distances traveled but the most recent occurrences have been over 100 miles. The analog fuel gauge in the dash seems to be working fine. All other gauges in the VMSpc software are working fine. Any ideas or corrective measures would be appreciated.


Where to buy

Can I buy a VMSpc kit directly from Silverleaf? If not , where?

Thanks, Kevin

VMSPC Classic?

Saw a reference to a classic version of VMSpc for older coaches (1998 with a Cat diesel). Is this still available? Do I lose any functionality over a standard version?

Thanks, Kevin

Windows 8.1

Any help running VMSpc on a HP windows 8.1 computer?
Installed VMSpc 3.0 on my windows 8.1 computer.

VPSpc Serial Unit w/USB Adapter

I found that I have a VMSpc model JR500 J1708 Interface Board, v.2.01 software v1.10 in my motorhome. I would like to use this with my HP dv6-1245dx laptop, running Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit, which has no serial ports. Will this VMSpc unit work with my laptop with the proper Serial-to-USB adapter? If so, then is there a recommended adapter that works well with Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit?

I am anxious to use VMSpc, and would like to us this unit, if it will work well, instead of purchasing an entirely new cable assembly.


Fluctuating Voltage

I have a 1996 Safari Sahara with a Cat 3126 (no letter) 250 HP engine.

The voltage is always in conatant change on my VMSPC. It fluctuates from 14 - 13.4 - 13.6 - 13.8 over and over again. The voltage changes quickly and is never rock solid.

You once addressed this issue but the reply was that we must indeed have fluctuating voltage. On a Safari forum we have a number of VMSPC users that all report the same fluctuation.

Using a Fluke DMM and also using an oscolloscope I find that there is no voltage fluctuation as displayed by the VMSPC. I have replced the alternator and also the isolator and still have the problem. All wiring connections are clean and tight.

One thought is that there might be a setting to slow down the sampling rate of the voltage read. Am I on the right track?

John Ruff
96 Safari

Windows 7 VMSpc driver

VMSpc adapter "driver for this device are not installed".
Tried original software, tried downloading from website. No joy.

What do I need to do to get drivers installed. Tried to update driver from device manager, no joy.

Windows 8 insall

I just tried to install VMSpc on HP windows 8 machine. Program installed and window with gauges came up displaying current mileage data. I closed the program. When I reopen the gauges do not show. If I go to file and open I get a popup that reads "Error reading file" Any suggestions.



Combining Engine and Trans connectors


I have seperate connectors for my engine C12 Cat and Transmission Eaton Autoshift.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make up a cable that could combine these so I can monitor both at the same time? And would this cause any issues?

I figure some sort of Y cable that connects to both and then allows me to plug my JIB in.


Cat C12 410HP engine File


I was wondering if you have been able to produce an engine file for a Cat C12 410HP?
I sent the Data sheet to Marko a few months ago?


ENG SID 237 11 Start Enable Device Unknown Failure

what does this diagnostics mean on my 1999 Itasca with 275hp cummins? ENG SID 237 11 Start Enable Device Unknown Failure 3/18/14 16:43

I get this often when first starting the motorhome. 3

Going from 2002 to 2014

Trading up from 2002 Allegro Bus to 2014 Tiffin Phaeton. Is there anything special / different to be addressed to connect my VMSpc to the diagnostic port? Diagnostic connector the same? Easy to find connector?
Do not have the RV yet, just looking ahead.

Tire Pressure Monitor

I know that you have an option for using pressure pro tire sensors. Was wondering if there are any plans to use other system sensors where batteries can be replaced such as systems from TireTracker?

VMSpc asking for password when trying to pair

I purchased a VMSpc with Bluetooth connection for my 08 Beaver Patriot. I am using a new Dell Vue 8 Pro with Windows 8.0. I have been unable to connect with my tablet and after calling Silverleaf, returned the unit back to them to ensure it is functioning properly. After receiving the unit back, I again attempted to connect to my tablet and when it gets to the part where it is ready to pair, it is asking me for a password. It says the password is either listed on the unit or in the paperwork. I have no idea about any password. Anyone able to give me some direction?

New App progress?

Just checking to see how the progress is coming on the updated VMSair app for Android. The current app is working will, but I would truly love to have transmission info, and a more gauge flexibility!


VMSpc quits working

I am running VMSpc on a Dell studio laptop. On a recent trip to Canada it quit working. I got it working again by removing and reinserting the cables, restarted VMSpc and it seemed to work. On my way back from the Rio Grande Valley it quit working again. I restarted the port and it started working again for a while then quit again. When trying to get it started again I got the following error: "fAILURE TO INITIALIZE SHARED FILE".
Is there anything I can do to make VMSpc more reliable?

Recommendation Small windows tablet to run VMSpc on

I just bought a new coach and do not want to use my large laptop on the JOTTO desk. I have room for a small, say 7-8 inch screen to the left of the steering wheel. Can anyone recommend a small display or windows based tablet with a usb port that I can run VMSpc on. I would prefer a single box display and processor but will consider a external display and get a cheap old laptop.

Bluetooth function on VMSair

I have just installed the new Bluetooth JIB in my rig and am running it on a Samsung 10.1 Tablet. It works well when running, but when I shut it down and go back to use it again the Bluetooth does not find the JIB automatically. When I check the settings in the tablet, it shows as seeing the JIB. The JIB itself is flashing the appropriate lights. To get it to hook up I had to hit the restart on the tablet Bluetooth. It would then search and find the JIB and start displaying information. Is this a glitch in the VMSair program, or something else? Any ideas?


Do you have an App to run VMSPC with an Android Tablet? If not any idea when it will be available? Thanks

engine file Maxforce 10 405 hp


Have you created a file for this engine yet? I can not find one. still using 350 hp


Help interpreting diagnostics.txt and Manifold Gauge

Running VMSpc 2.5 for quite some time now and have periodically checked log file. Quite a few entries but lots of "unknown" type things. Does this mean that I perhaps don't have the right engine file? I do have the software set for my configuration (Detroit/515).

Is there a way I can upload my diagnostics.txt and get some help with interpretation?

Also, I have added the intake manifold temperature gauge to my display, but it generally reads zero all the time. On our last driving segment, I periodically saw values of 64 and 128. I believe I've experienced a head gasket failure at the same time, based on the symptoms, so I'd like to understand what this gauge can add to my assessment, if it works at all with my engine.


George C, 2005 Monaco Exec, Series 60/MH4000

Engine file for cat c-13

I was looking for an engine file for my 2005 Safari Panther with a cat c-13 525hp 1650 lb ft torque. I did not see it on the list. Thanks

Updating VMSpc

I have had such great experience with my VMSpc, I haven't been on the forum for many years. Altho the program is working fine on my old Omnibook 800CT, running Windows98, I believe I have version 2.2 which seems to be way out of date.

Will the later updates all work on my setup (2002 Cummins ISL)...or is there an intermediate update that I should use instead of the very latest...which I think is 3.0?

Can you point me to a link to where ther differences in the updates are described? Likely my question is already answered there.

Thank you.

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