VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.


The future for VMS is to run on Android devices. Is this a reasonable expectation?

CAT 3126 250 HP PID's (Oil)

I am a new user (bought VMSpc at Indio on Friday, got different cable on Saturday). When i used the new cable, I got information to populate the screen. I did not notice at that time the Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature were reading zero. When I look at the parameters for those guages, they show 100 and 175. When I run PID sniffer, I do not see any listing for Oil Pressure or Temperature. Suggestions please.

Al Wilson

Turbo boost question

Can someone explain what the "turbo Boost" and "Turbo Boost extended" functions are? what are they used for, and are they typically one of the more important readings?

VMSpc messages

I created a message for the cruise on VMSpc however it does not work correctly. "Cruise off" message is set to "match" 0.0. "Cruise on" is set to "match" 1.0 and "Cruise Set" is set to 129.0. Each value is the value displayed when a "cruise status" gauge is built. Can you explain at what state each message is "true" and does the message diplay when "true".

Windows 8 and VMSpc Drivers

I am having trouble getting the VMSpc drivers to load(install)on a new computer with Win 8. Anyone have any secrets?

Windows 8 Tablets

Will the VMSpc software and interface work with the USB port on the new Windows 8 Tablets?
I almost went to the Android Tablet and Bluetooth a while back, but held off in hope that the new windows tablets would be a cleaner option.


If these are boolean values then why does a simple gauge that displays cruise status show a real number,"o.o"?

j1939 diagnostic plug

on the j1939 9 pin diagnostic plug what do i connect the data common to?

Does CAT 3208T have the electronics necessary for VMS?

My 1990 ForeTravel is powered by Cat 3208T (250) via an Allison 4 speed. What I want mostly, is the fuel consumption data. Can it be done without replacing the engine ?

New Laptop totally shuts off when turning ignition on with vmspc


i have run vmspc for years on 2 different coaches. i have been running it on a lenovo thinkpad with windows 7 ultimate just fine.

i have the newer version of the JIB with built in usb

i just bought a new ivy bridge laptop the lenovo ideapad y580. i installed the vmspc software and set it up.

used the 64bit drivers from this web site to load the usb drivers.

they loaded up fine and when i plug in the usb cable for the vmspc box they see a new device and finish installing the drivers succesfully.

then i plug the vmspc into the coach still ok. as soon as i turn the ignition on, the laptop shuts off completely. will not reboot unless i turn the ignition off.

before the ignition is turned on, the green light is steady on the vmspc box and the red light is flashing.

i am very perplexed. please help me.

btw, all my other usb devices work normally on my new laptop and i did try the various ports on the laptop and it shuts down no matter what port i use for the vmspc.


Cruise Set Speed not always showing

For 5 years I used a VMSpc serial to USB product. I recently upgraded to the VMSpc USB product. Nothing else changed and I am using it with the same Windows 7 Laptop.

Cruise set speed will only show the set speed occasionally. I can find no pattern of timing when it will show, or how long the set speed will be indicated. When the set speed is not shown, I only see ‘0'.

So what is the problem?

Rex Darley

PID 190

Does anyone know what pid 190 means. I have a Cumming 275 isb. Cummings does not know what it means, not a Cummings code. My email is hymes3@sbcglobal.net

PC connection failure

Hi, I'm a brand new user of VMSpc.

The problem is that VMSpc will not recognize the connection between the Laptop and the JIB, giving PC to JIB failure message.

I have just installed VMSpc on my older Dell notebook computer running Win XP. This is a minimalist business laptop sporting one serial output and one USB output.
During installation, the pc did not recognize the USB interface to the jib, so I installed the x86 drivers and Win XP recognized the interface, verified by Device Manager which assigned Port 10 to the vmspc usb to jib connection. Verified that in Communications and hit "find" and then "restart" the port.
VMSpc will not open the link to the JIB. I follow all the recommendations for making the connections in the right order. I have uninstalled and reinstalled.

Any suggestions as to how can I trouble shoot this?

Mike Dyer

P.S. it Does work on another Windows 7 laptop that is too large to be placed on the dashboard. So, the JIB and the USB cable are both fine - it's confirmed to be a software/driver installation problem.

Windows 8

Windows 8 appears to work correctly with the latest USB version of VMSpec. I am using the TechNet Professional version of Windows 8 on a Lenovo touchscreen Netbook. Windows 8 runs great on this netbook, and is at least two times faster than the current Windows 7. I have had no trouble with VMSpec using Microsoft's latest operating system. Windows 8 actually lets the old 10" netbook run like it should have ran when it was released with XP.

J1939 Transmission Data

I have a 2006 Monaco Windsor with the Cummins 400 ISL. Under the dash is the 6 pin diagnostic connector. As is well documented on this site, no transmission data is revealed by VMSpc when the 6 pin port is used. If I understand these systems correctly, the transmission data is sent over the J1939 bus and the J1939 data lines are not present in the 6 pin diagnostic port. Inside the dash there appear to be other electronics that use the J1939 data lines - the Beede Instru-Link and the Aladdin J1939 Bridge. Can I simply tap the J1939 data +/- lines and supply these to pins 5 and 6 on the VMSpc module?
Another possible solution may be in the foreward electrical bay driver's side foreward outside. There is a 9 pin diagnostic port labeled 'TRANS'. This would be a little more complicated routing from outside the coach to inside.
On this coach the 12v power is constantly on at the 6 pin port and switched at the 9 pin port. Can the 12v power to pin 7 of the VMSpc be derived from any convenient switched source instead of coming from the diagnostic port?
What is the purpose of pin 8 (Headlight Switch) on the VMSpc?


switching from notebook PC to android tablet

Will the VMSpc JIB drive the new bluetooth module? (Note: I have the orig JIB w/RS-232 D connector). What do I need to make the switch from a notebook PC (Windoze) to an Android tablet? My motorhome is a 2004 Freightliner XC chassis with a Cummins ISB2 & Allison 3000 trans.

interpreting Diagnostic History File

I have had several Stop engine light events that only last about 5-10 seconds and then go out. On printing out the Diagnostic History file I get a lot of information that should be useful if I can find what they mean.
The heading information that are obvious are ENG, TRN. What does the heading SRC and MD mean? I assume TPE is type, is that correct? What do the following codes mean, SID, PID and SPN? When it prints out ID codes that are not Cummins or Allison codes where do you find the information to interpret the codes. I have had several 5 digit codes that Cummins and Spartan don't have information on. They are 64208, 24287, 25983, 93567, 6, 1656, and 2047 among many others. My engine is a Cummins ISC 425 with an Allison 3000MH tranny. Any help getting this information would be greatly appreciated.

93 Eagle DDECII / Allison B500 World

I have a 1993 Eagle Bus Conversion with DDEC II and an Allison B500 World. I purchased the JIB with pigtail from RVUpgrades a few weeks ago. I'm getting the dreaded PC Port Failure and Failure Between JIB and PC. I don't have a 6 or 9 pin connector so I'm connecting to the Chassis ALDL. The power to JIB is switched. Its "Ok" in Communications dialog until I turn on the Ignition switch. I have 13.5v on red (when ignition switch is on), black is grounded. White wire is fluttering at 4 volts and green at 1 volt. I'm using the J1708 wires on the pigtail. In VMSpc it cycles through Starting, PC Port Failure, Ok, then repeats in communications dialog. Eventually I'll see the Failure Between JIB and PC. I have green light on JIB. Red light blinks twice at a 1Hz rate then waits 2 seconds and repeats. It behaves the same on two different laptops running Vista. I've searched the forum and checked everything I can think of. Attached is one of the raw logs I captured rawlog3.zip. Hopefully that will help pinpoint the issue. Thanks in advance for reading and any suggestions you may have.

Fluctuating voltage

While driving my voltage showing on VMSPC fluctuates from 13.2 to 14 volts. It reads 14. - 13.8 - 13.6 - 13.4 - 13.2

Each voltage seems to hold for about two seconds.

It is pretty regular and I am wondering if it is just the nature of VMSPC or do I really have such a wide fluctuating voltage while driving?

Oil Temp on Cat C7

I cannot get VMSpc to read Oil Temp. Any suggestions?


Is all OK with Silver Leaf.....just sent and e-mail to Lori and got a bouceback.....

My engine is not in the drop down, which should I select?

Just received my VMSpc in the mail yesterday. Thank you.
I was looking in the advanced tab of the software and noticed that the Maxforce 7 engine is not a selection. I have th 260hp version. Which engine should I be selecting instead?

Stewart Graefner

mileage correction not working

software will not allow me to correct the mileage. I can select the current mileage but it will not allow a correction. The mileage shown was not entered by me and popped up when I first loaded the program.

Removing old data

I have a new coach and want to delete the old data from the old coach. I would appreciate any suggestions.


will it function on a 2000 Harney Renegade with a Cat 3216B??

After Market Can Nodes

I am working on aftermarket Canbus nodes for RV''s that don't have Can .
once I get the info i need to spit data out through WSP hardware, I will be offer some notes per the RV-C spec that you can use.
The nods use the Maple STM32 development board for building and testing.
It has a Can bus built into the board.
The hardware is in a Din Rail Enclosure for mounting.
BTW I have a 1950 Fageol that has 32 Can bus nodes I built.

Cat 3126E diag. codes

Can I clear diagnostic codes stored in the computer with VMSPC?

Running VMSpc on a netbook, 7" screen

trying to run VMSpc at less than full screen so I can run Streets & Trips at the same time.
VMSpc ALWAYS opens in full screen and clicking on the reduce button does nothing. Also tried grabbing the screen border and dragging, still no change.
I'm using the latest release of VMSpc and Windows XP. Other programs can be run partial screen.

pig tail connector

6 pin connector does it work on cat and cummins? thanks

Battery Voltage Fluctuates

My voltage is constantly changing. It goes from 13.4 to 13.6 to 13.8 to 14 volts in an endless cycle.

Is it just a timing issue and would there be a way to adjust the sense speed?

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