VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

VMSpc asking for password when trying to pair

I purchased a VMSpc with Bluetooth connection for my 08 Beaver Patriot. I am using a new Dell Vue 8 Pro with Windows 8.0. I have been unable to connect with my tablet and after calling Silverleaf, returned the unit back to them to ensure it is functioning properly. After receiving the unit back, I again attempted to connect to my tablet and when it gets to the part where it is ready to pair, it is asking me for a password. It says the password is either listed on the unit or in the paperwork. I have no idea about any password. Anyone able to give me some direction?

New App progress?

Just checking to see how the progress is coming on the updated VMSair app for Android. The current app is working will, but I would truly love to have transmission info, and a more gauge flexibility!


VMSpc quits working

I am running VMSpc on a Dell studio laptop. On a recent trip to Canada it quit working. I got it working again by removing and reinserting the cables, restarted VMSpc and it seemed to work. On my way back from the Rio Grande Valley it quit working again. I restarted the port and it started working again for a while then quit again. When trying to get it started again I got the following error: "fAILURE TO INITIALIZE SHARED FILE".
Is there anything I can do to make VMSpc more reliable?

Recommendation Small windows tablet to run VMSpc on

I just bought a new coach and do not want to use my large laptop on the JOTTO desk. I have room for a small, say 7-8 inch screen to the left of the steering wheel. Can anyone recommend a small display or windows based tablet with a usb port that I can run VMSpc on. I would prefer a single box display and processor but will consider a external display and get a cheap old laptop.

Bluetooth function on VMSair

I have just installed the new Bluetooth JIB in my rig and am running it on a Samsung 10.1 Tablet. It works well when running, but when I shut it down and go back to use it again the Bluetooth does not find the JIB automatically. When I check the settings in the tablet, it shows as seeing the JIB. The JIB itself is flashing the appropriate lights. To get it to hook up I had to hit the restart on the tablet Bluetooth. It would then search and find the JIB and start displaying information. Is this a glitch in the VMSair program, or something else? Any ideas?


Do you have an App to run VMSPC with an Android Tablet? If not any idea when it will be available? Thanks

engine file Maxforce 10 405 hp


Have you created a file for this engine yet? I can not find one. still using 350 hp


Help interpreting diagnostics.txt and Manifold Gauge

Running VMSpc 2.5 for quite some time now and have periodically checked log file. Quite a few entries but lots of "unknown" type things. Does this mean that I perhaps don't have the right engine file? I do have the software set for my configuration (Detroit/515).

Is there a way I can upload my diagnostics.txt and get some help with interpretation?

Also, I have added the intake manifold temperature gauge to my display, but it generally reads zero all the time. On our last driving segment, I periodically saw values of 64 and 128. I believe I've experienced a head gasket failure at the same time, based on the symptoms, so I'd like to understand what this gauge can add to my assessment, if it works at all with my engine.


George C, 2005 Monaco Exec, Series 60/MH4000

Engine file for cat c-13

I was looking for an engine file for my 2005 Safari Panther with a cat c-13 525hp 1650 lb ft torque. I did not see it on the list. Thanks

Updating VMSpc

I have had such great experience with my VMSpc, I haven't been on the forum for many years. Altho the program is working fine on my old Omnibook 800CT, running Windows98, I believe I have version 2.2 which seems to be way out of date.

Will the later updates all work on my setup (2002 Cummins ISL)...or is there an intermediate update that I should use instead of the very latest...which I think is 3.0?

Can you point me to a link to where ther differences in the updates are described? Likely my question is already answered there.

Thank you.

VMSpc runs on Acer Aspire W510

I have just successfully installed VMSpc on the Acer W510, using the legacy circuit board with a USB adapter. Other than having to download the driver from FTDI and change the VMSpc port from COM1 to COM3 (presumably an artifact of the adapter driver) no problems. What a program! Now all that's left is to rearrange the gauges to the format we've been using since 2005 ...

Running VMSpc on a Surface Pro

The folks at Motorhead Garage did a segment on our VMSpc product recently - you may have seen it on the Velocity Network. For that video we installed VMSpc on a Surface Pro. I thought the results were excellent, and I ended up making the Surface my personal machine.

Installation was easy using the newly Signed Drivers.

I found a lot to like with the Surface Pro. The screen was sharp and bright - especially if you keep it plugged in so it doesn't try to save power. The form factor is different than the other pads - it's taller or longer, depending on how you look at it. I made some custom screens, but I found that it was easier to do this using the touchpad than by trying to use the touchscreen, even with the stylus. There is also a little glitch in Win8 where if you turn the unit so the screen switches portrait/landscape mode, and then back again, it doesn't restore the window to the full screen size. But I expect that Microsoft will fix that glitch.

Overall, I really like the Surface Pro. I own an iPad and two different Android pads, and the Surface is easily superior to them all. The only advantage the iPad has is battery life, but the Surface is faster and runs all the software I need to run. I also prefer the Surface form factor. What really surprises me - I generally dislike Microsoft products and I heard a lot of Win8-bashing before I bought this machine - is that I find it easier to use than the iPad.

I still make a lot of use of my Netbook - mainly because it has the best keyboard. I also use an Android pad a bit, since it has by far the best battery life. I occasionally bring along my full-sized laptop, but only if I know I am going to need it for some serious work. But the Surface Pro is now my main road machine, and I have hardly touched the iPad in a month.

VMSpc on netbook Win 8

After some effort with port problems, its running fine. But the gallons used and mpg are off.

I am getting ~ 8 mpg but VMSpc says I am getting 6. It says I used ~ 55 gallons, but when I fill up it only takes 42.

Is there something I am missing, or is this an indication of problems with data sent to computer read out?

VMSpc sniffing over WiFi


I have a Blue Bird Wanderlodge LXi.

I'd like to add additional sensors for my VMSpc to display but I'd prefer not to tap into my J1587/J1708 canbus.

Is it possible for VMSpc to receive another datastream over a WiFi UDP/IP port? I'd like to use arduino's or similar to monitor my sensors and format the data into J1587 packets. Then I'd like to transmit the packets wirelessly over a UDP/IP data stream.

The question is, can VMSpc receive and parse another canbus stream (J1587) over my computer's WiFi (802.11) network? If not, can it be modified to do so? This would be really helpful for those of us who wish to add additional sensors but don't want to tap into our existing canbus.


Another Connector??

I had a 2003 Holiday Rambler with Cummins ISC (315HP) engine until recently when we got a 2009 Tiffin with a Cummins ISC engine (360 HP). I expected my VMSpc USB JIB to fit our newer engine but the plug is different!
What are my options?

Diag error message where do I find info

I get this message and the local cummins/Allison shop says good guess no idea.

Diagnostic History File
Feel free to add notes to this file, but do not move or delete.
TRN SID 151 14 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Special Error 4/ 7/13 10:06

VMSpc screen arrangements

I am starting a new installation of VMSpc on a new (to me) coach. I will be running it in combination with DeLorme TOPO using a split screen for VMSpc and TOPO (active GPS).

Have you ever though of posting different examples of screen layouts that other users have developed and are using? It would be a big help to see how others have arranged their screens, rather than have to reinvent the whole arrangement. For the record, I will be running using a Dell 17" laptop and WINDOWS 8.

Second question: Is there a list of all the available data functions which the VMSpc can display for the Detroit series 60 and the Allison 4000 combination. I'm one of those who likes all the data rather than minimal data.

Will there ever be a version of VMSpc for the iPAD??

I would like to see a version of VMSpc that runs on an iPad.Is there a chance that this will ever become a reality? Even better still would be a VMSpc Kit that would connect via bluetooth.

I would gladly purchase a new kit to get the bluetooth connection.

keep the maintenance program on my desk top at home.

Scheduling and remembering all the many maintenance item due-dates has, in the past, just about driven me to distraction.
I have tried card files, calendar notations, post-it notes, asking my Lady to help me remember, notes on the palm of my hand, ( the worst idea by far), and Silverleaf’s VMSpc program, all with less than satisfactory results.
About fifteen or more different maintenance task’s with number of hours or miles or six month, one/two/three or four year intervals was way too much for me to track and I was always playing ketch-up with some maintenance chores that had sipped by without my noticing.
The VMSpc program maintenance section is a good start but I keep the pc tablet mounted and hooked-up in the coach, in the garage 12 miles from home.
I do 90% of the maintenance when we are home in the winter.
I realized that the VMSpc maintenance section needed to be installed on my desktop pc at home.
Then I arbitrarily converted all the hours and miles requirements to calendar months. A lot of the maintenance items have mileage/time notation, whichever comes first.
Then I tweaked the due dates in the program to group various tasks too when I wanted to do them. A few in October, some in January and in May to get the coach ready for a long and easy summer road trip without any forgotten maintenance issues.
Now my home pc lets me know what maintenance is coming up and I can order the parts and fluids at my leisure and schedule my time to get the job done when it’s good for me.
Life just got a lot better around my house and garage.

"Cummins ISB XT (360 Hp)" and Other Engines, now avaliable for Download

We have available to download and add to VMSpc, the Torque and Horsepower specs for the Cummins ISB XT (360 Hp).

Other Engines, including the Cummins ISC 380 are included in this Engine Update file, VMSpc_Engines_20130129.zip.


The future for VMS is to run on Android devices. Is this a reasonable expectation?

CAT 3126 250 HP PID's (Oil)

I am a new user (bought VMSpc at Indio on Friday, got different cable on Saturday). When i used the new cable, I got information to populate the screen. I did not notice at that time the Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature were reading zero. When I look at the parameters for those guages, they show 100 and 175. When I run PID sniffer, I do not see any listing for Oil Pressure or Temperature. Suggestions please.

Al Wilson

Turbo boost question

Can someone explain what the "turbo Boost" and "Turbo Boost extended" functions are? what are they used for, and are they typically one of the more important readings?

VMSpc messages

I created a message for the cruise on VMSpc however it does not work correctly. "Cruise off" message is set to "match" 0.0. "Cruise on" is set to "match" 1.0 and "Cruise Set" is set to 129.0. Each value is the value displayed when a "cruise status" gauge is built. Can you explain at what state each message is "true" and does the message diplay when "true".

Windows 8 and VMSpc Drivers

I am having trouble getting the VMSpc drivers to load(install)on a new computer with Win 8. Anyone have any secrets?

Windows 8 Tablets

Will the VMSpc software and interface work with the USB port on the new Windows 8 Tablets?
I almost went to the Android Tablet and Bluetooth a while back, but held off in hope that the new windows tablets would be a cleaner option.


If these are boolean values then why does a simple gauge that displays cruise status show a real number,"o.o"?

j1939 diagnostic plug

on the j1939 9 pin diagnostic plug what do i connect the data common to?

Does CAT 3208T have the electronics necessary for VMS?

My 1990 ForeTravel is powered by Cat 3208T (250) via an Allison 4 speed. What I want mostly, is the fuel consumption data. Can it be done without replacing the engine ?

New Laptop totally shuts off when turning ignition on with vmspc


i have run vmspc for years on 2 different coaches. i have been running it on a lenovo thinkpad with windows 7 ultimate just fine.

i have the newer version of the JIB with built in usb

i just bought a new ivy bridge laptop the lenovo ideapad y580. i installed the vmspc software and set it up.

used the 64bit drivers from this web site to load the usb drivers.

they loaded up fine and when i plug in the usb cable for the vmspc box they see a new device and finish installing the drivers succesfully.

then i plug the vmspc into the coach still ok. as soon as i turn the ignition on, the laptop shuts off completely. will not reboot unless i turn the ignition off.

before the ignition is turned on, the green light is steady on the vmspc box and the red light is flashing.

i am very perplexed. please help me.

btw, all my other usb devices work normally on my new laptop and i did try the various ports on the laptop and it shuts down no matter what port i use for the vmspc.


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