VMSpc Engine Monitoring for PC.

Driver Loading Programs

I am running the VMSpc software on an ASPIRE One netbook with the v2.54b version installed. I see there are two Driver Loading Programs available for download; DPInstx64.exe and DPInstx86.exe. How do I determine if I need or should download either one of these to my netbook?

VMSpc USB Connection Problem

Just received VMSpc last week. Hooked it up to the 9-pin port for my Cummins ISC 360HP engine. Installed Version 2.5 of VMSpc.

Installed drivers on an XP Pro computer.
Turned on engine key to "on" position and started VMSpc program. States that I am connected to Comm Port 4. A check of the hardware on the computer verifies that the machine recognizes the Silverleaf hardware on Port 4.

The green light is on for the JIB and the red light is fast flashing (as if it is receiving data). I get an error message stating "Failure between JIB and PC". I re-checked the USB cable hookup (which does seem a bit looser than most USB cables) and even tried hooking it up to different USB ports on the computer, but I still get the same error message.

Have never been able to get data from the engine to the PC so far.

Any ideas? Anyone?

Installed 7" Daylight monitor

I installed VMSpc on my laptop in March and routed it to the left side of my dash area using a XENARC 705TSV. I have not come up with a suitable mounting bracket yet. My original idea was to improve my navigation by installing Microsoft Streets and Trips and taking advantage of the numerous POI data bases available at www.poi-factory.com. Being able to also include VMSpc was the deciding factor to proceed with this project. When running both programs simultaneously in reduced size mode I can place them one on top of the other. I leave a little margin on the left of S&T to see the primary information from VMSpc. Touching the area of the inactive screen brings it to the front allowing one touch switching between the two.

So far I have only used it for a 400 mile trip but I love it. I am getting ready for a major trip from Florida to Fairbanks AK and will know more then about the best layout for me etc.

VMSpc shows no data

I have a problem with my VMSpc running on Vista. The communications settings shows "OK" on the status line, on COMM3, but the the VMSpc program receives no data. In checking on Device Manager, it shows that the VMSpc virtual serial port is on COMM4, yet when I set the communications port to COMM4, I get the message "Failure between JIB and PC". What am I doing wrong?

Installed VMSpc on a mini desktop PC

I used VMSpc which is typically loaded on a laptop and installed it on a mini desktop. I did not want to encumber either the dash or the entrance walkway with a laptop installation, even a mini notebook, so I found a way to install a mini desk top PC.

The Acer Aspire 1600 is a full feature desktop running windows XP. It measures approximately 7” x 7” x 1”. I purchased this unit and a Xenarc 705TSV 7” touch screen monitor to be a single software dedicated computer to run only Silverleaf VMSpc. This PC and monitor will run on 12VDC.

There were some installation issues but all were overcome. So far VMSpc is operating normally.

Allison 3060 transmission

I just bought tha VMSpc this morning. It is installed and working except I do not get an indication of the transmission gear selection. The indicator for gear selected and gear attained are both ? question marks.

Bill Day
'98 Holiday Rambler Endeavor
Cummins ISB 275
Allison MD 3060

Dropping Data

I just took my first trip using my VMSpc, I have a Newmar with a Cummins ISB300. I have some questions regarding dropping data.

1) The Turbo Boost and Oil Pressure would drop to "0" (both at the same time) and then a few minutes later both would be working, this happened throughout the trip. Any Ideas

2) Before leaving I reset the odometer and the only data displayed was the mileage and this would only update every 8-9 miles.

3) On my Tank Minder the only displayed data was the "Recent MPG" Fuel and To Empty Miles never did show.

Every thing else appeared to work great.

Any Help would be appreciated.


VMSpc vs Windows 7

I am having problems installing on computer with Windows 7. Is this normal.

Enhancement Requests.

Here are some suggestions for VSMpc.

Our names for trip odometers. Include name in odometer box.

When reseting an odometer, have a pop up box to add a comment.

Remove commas from trip log files. (comma seperated values but the comma is not being stripped)

Current date/day (like New Clock)

Interface Smart Tire to VSMpc

Have audible alarm triggering flash a message on the screen It is frustrating to hear an alarm but not know what it is.

Vista does not seem to have window sounds, or I can't find them. How about including a few more in the release file.

Why not make your other accessories availabe to VSMpc. Weather station for example.

PressurePro Hookup

I'm intrigued with the PressurePro capabilities now offered but don't understand how the PressurePro system is connected to the VMSpc JIB. What is the "receiver" mentioned in the writeup and what are the four wires that need to be connected. Thanks for your help.

VMSpc -USB Causes J1939 Data Link Trouble

Can this VMSpc cause this proublem. This trouble started when I bought the VMSpc and plug the round 6 pin plug in under the dash it ramdomly brings on the ABS and ATC light.
The diag. print out showes quite a few ramdom errors.
Mostly TRN SID 231 9 SAE J1939 Data Link. Then the Transmission showes CODE d1-00 Serial Communication Interface Fault.
Some times it works OK and some times it brings on all these troubles.
2002 Monaco Windsor ISC350, MH3000 Trans

Hopkins TPMS

I wonder if the Hopkins TPMS being sold by Camping World will interface with my VMSpc in the same way the Pressure Pro does. They APPEAR to be the same product.

Duane Budd
1997 40 ft U-320TB; 2008 Cobalt Toad
Johnson City, TN

Connection to coach plug

I recently traded my Beaver Patriot for a Beaver Contessa. The plug that worked to attach my computer to the coach in the Patriot is not compatible with the plug in the Contessa. Is there a different attachment available?
Jerry Fox

VMSPC saves the day

I started having a loud "screeching" noise on my CAT C7 coach recently.
I installed a "screen print" program on my PC that allowed me to hit one button and capture a screen of what VMSPC was "seeing" when I started hearing the noise.
Turns out it was coincident with Turbo boost pressure so I was able to bring it in to the shop, with the print out and pointed them right to the issue. The turbo was bad and about to self-destruct.
So...another reason why I love VMSPC!

(Screen print program BTW, is Gadwin, and is free)


Maintiance based on hours

Is there a way to schedule a maintinance task by hours instead of time or miles? This would be a nice feature for things like generator maintinance.



JIB problem-No data displayed

I have not been able to get my VMSpc to work. Communications screen shows status “OK”. On the JIB, the outside lite is green while the inside lite slowly blinks red. (Indicating no data recieved) I've tried unpluging and repluging into the engine plug. The box containg the 6 pin plug has a spring loaded rocker switch labled "Engine Diagnostics" which I assume is the same for all similar Freightliner chassis.
I have tried 2 FTDI serial to USB adapters, downloaded and installed the latest FTDI driver with no change. The adapters work flawlessly with other devices. My laptop is a 1.66 GHz running Vista.

My JIB is a J1708 and was purchased from Silverleaf a few months ago as a used unit.
Any ideas?
2001 Winnebago Journey, Cat 330HP- 3126B

Vista Issue/VMSpc

I am running Vista and have loaded 2.5 b4 with the new USB port JR501 jib. I am unable to find a workable port. I deleted the older versions of the software before loading. I have loaded /deleted the newest software 3 times...no change. Drivers loaded without issue. reloaded drivers twice via the software disc...no change. I have scanned the ports and none of the 4 ports listed work with them saying failure to connect. In each case the USB model was marked. I have gotten port 3 to read ok, but no data transfer. I have loaded this jib and software version on two other laptops running xp without issue. Suggestions?

Colored progress bar on simple gauges

Is there a way to make the color bar on the simple gauge to read from green to red? I have tried to set the existing numbers to read normal until the gauge gets to the upper end of the scale with no success. Is it possible?

odometer settings

I thought I saw it somewhere in the forum, however, I can't find it now. Is there a way to dictate the odometer point in an odometer. i.g. I built a odometer for the service interval and I want to insert the odometer reading at the time I did the service. (which is in the past)

Dave T

Ford F450

I have a Ford F450 2008 Superdutiy Pickup that I pull a 5th wheel trailer. It has the 6.4L Diesel engine.
Will the VMSpc work with this engine and transmision?

Glitch with new version of VMSpc

I finally got around to downloading the newest version of VMSpc. I had been running a beta version for about 6 months and it had been working great. Anyway, I loaded up the newest version and began tweaking with the new PID sniffer. I created many new gauges and experimenting with the display. About 5 days ago I moved around some of the gauges and adjusted the peramiters on some of them. I saved the setup and started the system today. I didn't pay much attention at first, but when I checked the gauges after being on the road a few minutes, 5 of the gauges had been turned into Engine Load gauges! I did have one engine load gauge in the previous set up, but now I have 5, and all 5 are reading out. Anyone ever see something like this? I am kinda baffled.


Drivers for Windows 7

It would really be great if you would put the USB drivers on your web site for download. Not all of us carry the disk around with us.

Torque horsepower milage

Does the VMSpc support reprograming engine perameters for increased torque, horsepower, milage. I have a CAT3126B.

I understand that Banks systems can do this with the Cummings.


Can't open "scr" files

I can't open "scr" files (even those in zip format) from another source & I need to transfer my working screen file to a new computer. I save the zip file to the VMSpc directory and when I expand the zip file and click on one of the contained files, I get this: C:\DOCUME~1\JOHNAP~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Temporary Directory 1 for VMSpc.zip\brd.scr is not a valid Win 32 application

I get a similar error msg for any other expanded VMSpc "scr" file I might try to open. The VMSpc software works fine (Win XP Pro) and I have been able to manipulate screen lay-outs and save appropriately. If I can't do it now I am sure I will have a heck of a time transferring the screen file to Win 7 on the new netbook? I am really lost here, HELP!

vmspc oil pressure reading cummins 350 with allison tranny

I have the latest version of vmspc using with a cummins 350 and allison tranny on a 2004 country coach. Is the readout for oil pressure correct with this setup? It seems like it is alway reading 55 no matter what.

Recommendations for a tablet PC

I am going to pick up the vmspc and run it in parrell with vms 120. I am thinking of using a tablet pc moounted on a jotto desk in the RV. I wonder what others use. I see that some tablets allow input by finger as well as the special pen. Would that dual type of input be preferred? Plan to run MS S&T in the center of the screen with the vmspc around the perimeter of the screen for the various gagues. New to this so hoping folks will comment on what works for them

Changing to new vehicle

I bought a new MH. When I go into maintenance, it shows the mileage for the old and new vehicle. Is there a way to save my gauge setup and have data only from the new vehicle?


Screens-Files attached

Let's see if this works.

Here are a couple of scr files. Some mine, some from others. Some are total junk...but for ideas...

Finally figured out that attachments work on ONLY new posts... not replies....


VMSpc data values go to zero for several seconds (10-30)

VMSpc installed on a 2003 Cat 7 330 hp engine during operation random values will go to zero for 10 to 30 seconds before being updated. Frequency varies from every minute or so to 5 minutes or more. Version 2.5 Build 1.

9pin to USB for 64 bit os?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a 9pin to USB adapter that works with Vista 64 bit? My previous Belkin F5U109 does not have 64 bit drivers. It works fine with my Windows XP OS but not with my wife's new 64bit Vista.

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