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We Have Moved!


Our new corporate headquarters has relocated quite literally 100 Yards down the road to a larger and more easily accessible facility.

We also have a larger motorcoach service area that is now open for those that would like to come to our facility for installations and service. Be sure to enter on the 25th street side for a smooth, flat approach.

Please call ahead to schedule your visit and note our new address:

Silverleaf Electronics Inc.
2490 Ferry St SW
Albany, OR 97322

VMS440 In-Dash Vehicle Monitor

Quite simply, the most amazing VMS yet. Get the full suite of gauges and features in brilliant color - and a lot more besides. The VMS 440 CL also is a digital video monitor, and it can combine video and VMS information in extraordinarily useful ways.

VMS 440 for web.jpg

Like all the VMS products, the VMS 440 CL displays all your temperatures and pressures, performance information, trip information, and diagnostics. But it uses a gorgeous full-color display - the brightest of its kind - to enhance its utility.

And that is just the beginning. The VMS 440 CL also contains a powerful digital video processor that allows it to take any source of video input - from a GPS or camera, for example - and size it, scale it, and place it anywhere on the screen. It can instantly switch from a full-screen view to a windowed view - and it can display VMS data at the same time.

The VMS 440 CL can accept up to four video inputs, and switch between them either automatically or at a touch of a button. Each input is separately adjusted for perfect hue and contrast. This opens up a whole new world of options for your dash.

Problem: You want a VMS, but you wanted it mounted in the dash and there is just no room.
Solution: If you have a conventional video monitor, replace it with the VMS 440 CL. The VMS 440 CL is compatible with almost all cameras, and you can still watch your tow car while watching your VMS gauges.

Problem: You want to be able to watch your GPS, tow car, and VMS at the same time.
Solution: Use the VMS 440 to monitor either the GPS or the rear camera. This is particularly effective with the rear camera - a small window in the VMS 440 CL is ample to show the tow car and the cars in the adjacent lanes.

Problem: You want two cameras in one monitor.
Solution: The VMS 440 can be programmed to automatically switch from one camera to the other every few seconds, or a touch of a button switches the image. It can also automatically go to the full screen mode when the coach is put in reverse - perfect for your rear camera. And each camera signal is independently adjusted for brightness, saturation, and hue, so the image always looks great.

Like all VMS displays, the VMS 440 CL provides all the accurate readings from the engine and transmission, including the plain-language diagnostics, performance gauges, trip information, maintenance tracking, and more. It supports all our accessories, and is just as easy to install. All this for $1995. Take a look (in the column to the left of here) under Downloads the 'Other Files' section. In there is the document showing dimensions needed for the cutout.

Here's a Great Example of One Man's VMSpc

Here's an excellent example of how one man, Scott Hicks, has set up VMSpc to work alongside DeLorme on a 2003 Tradewinds.
Scott's using a Jotto Desk to hold the laptop in place.

You may post your questions on our VMSpc Forum or e-mail us here.

Newest Tier 1 Facility

We are pleased to announce the addition Master Tech RV in Elkhart, Indiana to our list of Tier 1 service facilities that are certified for service, repair, and custom aftermarket installation of SilverLeaf products.

Click For Website

Don't hesitate to give them a call for all of your coach needs!

Running VMSpc on a Surface Pro

The folks at Motorhead Garage did a segment on our VMSpc product recently - you may have seen it on the Velocity Network. For that video we installed VMSpc on a Surface Pro. I thought the results were excellent, and I ended up making the Surface my personal machine.

Installation was easy using the newly Signed Drivers.

I found a lot to like with the Surface Pro. The screen was sharp and bright - especially if you keep it plugged in so it doesn't try to save power. The form factor is different than the other pads - it's taller or longer, depending on how you look at it. I made some custom screens, but I found that it was easier to do this using the touchpad than by trying to use the touchscreen, even with the stylus. There is also a little glitch in Win8 where if you turn the unit so the screen switches portrait/landscape mode, and then back again, it doesn't restore the window to the full screen size. But I expect that Microsoft will fix that glitch.

Overall, I really like the Surface Pro. I own an iPad and two different Android pads, and the Surface is easily superior to them all. The only advantage the iPad has is battery life, but the Surface is faster and runs all the software I need to run. I also prefer the Surface form factor. What really surprises me - I generally dislike Microsoft products and I heard a lot of Win8-bashing before I bought this machine - is that I find it easier to use than the iPad.

I still make a lot of use of my Netbook - mainly because it has the best keyboard. I also use an Android pad a bit, since it has by far the best battery life. I occasionally bring along my full-sized laptop, but only if I know I am going to need it for some serious work. But the Surface Pro is now my main road machine, and I have hardly touched the iPad in a month.

Now that we have new wireless VMSpc adapters, I'm looking forward to testing the Surface Pro with the improved Wifi interface. Unfortunately, my personal coach is too old for J1939, and we won't have wireless adapters for it. Our programmers are also hard at work on the iPhone and Android interfaces for the little VMS unit. Keep watching here as we release the new versions, or give us a call and we'll put you on a list to be notified when your particular combination is complete.

Truckers Welcome!

This company was founded by RVers, and we design all our products with RVs in the forefront of our thinking. Sometimes we forget that other folks might be interested in getting a little better fuel economy.

This was pointed out to me rather forcefully this morning when we got a call from a trucker who ordered a VMS. He will be far from the first professional driver to use our products. Kenworth and Peterbilt have been using our products for years as both a driver tool and a data analyzer in their in-house test fleets. Allison has a batch of VMS units as well. But most gratifying to me are the professional truckers that have discovered our products.

One fellow stands out in particular. He is a route driver, running basically the same 300 mile loop every day in North Carolina. That makes him the perfect test to see if all this stuff we say is true - whether you really can save fuel and get better performance with a VMS. You might think that an experienced professional wouldn't need an electronic device - it should already be instinctive.

He says it took him less than a week to discover otherwise. By watching carefully and experimenting - and even taking notes so he could compare his results on the same hills each day - he was able to adjust his driving with amazing results. He went from getting 5.0 mpg to 5.5 mpg - a 10% increase. At current prices that's almost a twenty dollar bill extra he gets to put in his pocket every day.

So if you are a trucker - Welcome to SilverLeaf! We're glad you found us.


Looking for a Bargain?


Had your eye on a new VMS for you dash, but feeling a little thin in the wallet? Then this site is for you. Every once in a while we get a unit in our inventory that we can't sell as New. Sometimes these are units that failed an initial quality check, but could be repaired. Sometimes these are units that customers traded in for something bigger. Sometimes these are units used as demonstrators or scratched in handling. Many have minor cosmetic flaws.

But they all have three things in common. They are fully functional SilverLeaf VMS units. They are backed by SilverLeaf Electronics, and your satisfaction in guaranteed. And they are, shall we say, attractively priced.

But you have to be quick, because these are all first-come, first-served, limited offers. And the selection is constantly changing, so click now to see what's available today.

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