VMS 240 CL

VMS 240 CL

Connection issue with TM550

I am the happy owner of a 2007 Country Coach Magna 630 with aVMS240 with the recent upgrade to a HMS360 display and iPhone app control. I can't seem to connect the RVCair app to the TM550.
In looking at the manual for it I have a green light for power and a solid blue for communication. The red light is a steady rapid flashing.

On the phone I can connect to the TM550 and have passed the password stage and have put in the current IP address it is broadcasting. However there is no data transfer on the RVCair app.

The TM550 is HW v2.0 with software v2.02. The RVCair is v1.12.

I have tried resetting the the TM550 with the reset button and have disconnected to hopefully repower.

Any advice to connect would be appreciated.

50cycle and Silverleaf

What do you do when you want to plug your coach into shore power--but, say, you've landed your American-made coach in the UK?

How does this 50cycle and 230VAC pan out on North American-style 220VAC 60cycle?

The coach in question has this symptom: When plugged into shore power, the the transfer switch won't "pull in" (latch) and the error "Bad Frequency" is displayed on the Total Coach panel.

I've emailed this question out specifically to folks who have indicated they're in the UK. Yes--All Six Of Them! ;-)

You folks and anyone else with specific knowledge are welcome to join us to reveal your clever solutions. And, if things were sometimes by trial and, er...retrial--share those too!




The screen in my VMS 240CL got broken. The VMS worked perfectly until then. If you have a used or broken VMS 240 or know where I can obtain one please reply. I would pay to send it to SilverLeaf and buy it if they could replace the screen in mine. It is in a 2009 CC Infinity, I can not upgrade to a VMS 440 because I had a Pioneer AVIC Z1 installed in the center console and there is no room for the much larger VMS 440. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Norb Witt 916-6112-7024 nwitt__@__sbcglobal.net

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Not reading Engine faults

I noticed as I have my system plugged in, I was running hot one day at the check engine light came on but the system never recorded it. I do not think it is pulling any engine codes. Is there a way to test to see if it is?

Standard VMS Features

All VMS™ models - from the incredible VMS-755 Glass Dash to the budget-minded VMSpc - all support these incredible features. All gauges are digitally accurate, with readings taken directly from the engine and transmission for ideal accuracy and relevance. You can't get better instrumentation than a VMS™.

Digital Engine Gauges
Accelerator Position
Battery Volts
Cruise Control Set Speed
Coolant Temperature
Engine Load
Fuel Rate
Instantaneous MPG
Intake Manifold Temperature
Turbo Boost Pressure

Additional Gauges - Dependent on Engine Model
Fuel Injection Pressure
Fuel Temperature
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature

Performance Analysis Gauges
Horsepower Output
Power Factor
Torque Output
Rolling Miles Per Gallon

Transmission Gauges
Requires Allison 6-Speed World Tranmission
Gear Selected
Gear Attained
Mode (Economy / Performance)
Shift Inhibit / Do Not Shift Condition
Torque Converter Status
Shaft Speed

Professional Electronic Diagnostic “Scan”
Automatic Diagnostic Recording
4096 Event Memory Capacity
Plain-Language Code Translation

Trip Features
Trip Miles Per Gallon
Trip Miles
Trip Time Elapsed
Trip Fuel Consumed
Trip Average Speed
Trip Miles Remaining
Estimated Time of Arrival
Estimated Fuel Required
Trip History with 4000 Trip Capacity

Other Features
Maintenance Tracking
Pre-Drive Checklist
Engine Odometer, Hourmeter, Fuelmeter
Engine Identification
Cruise Control Troubleshooter
Cruise Monitor
Trouble Monitor

VMS 240 CL

Hi Art

New Guy on the forum, old silverleaf user.

I do not see any reference to a VMS 240 CL in browsing all the forums.

Did I miss it, is the 240 out of date, or is it grouped under some other model?

Thank You

Dave O


Here you can find manuals for many of our products. Manuals for other "Interfacing" products can be had here. If you can't find something you need, please contact us directly.

VMS controlof Tile Heat

Im the happy owner of a 2007 CC Magna 630 with a VMS240 CL. The VMS controls the tile heat in the floor. The heat is zoned front and bathroom- the front heat does not work and the bath heat is fine. The resistance measurement for the front heat grid is in spec and the voltage to/from the GFI that powers the front grid is correct. How does the VMS control the grid and where is the thermostat that controls the VMS?

Cat 12 engine won't start

I have a VMS 240 CL.
Country Coach Intrigue 2004 42' 11696, Cat C12

Today I pulled into a camp ground and went in to reregister when I got back to the coach to start it all values on the VMS 240 CL showed 0 and the coach would not start. This has happened once before (same scenario). Both times I tried several times to get the engine to start. While it would crank it would not start.

Both times after turning the ignition on and off a few times finally the VMS showed the proper values and the coach started fine.

Any ideas as to where to start looking for the problem?

Gen start from totalcoach panel or VMS

I have a 2006 country coach affinity, generator starts fine from manual on/off start but does not start from totalcoach panel or VMS. I have read the blogs and tried recycling the house battery. Tried starting from manual and then try to shut off with VMS, no luck. Tried starting and stopping directly at generator, then cycling power, no luck, etc.

Any suggestions.

Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring

I have the Silverleaf VMS240. with the Smart Tire II pressure & temp monitor. Trying to find out if I can purchase just the part that fits onto the valve stem from Pressure Pro and have the Silverleaf monitor the readings. I'm trying not to have another device attached to the dash or side window to look at.

Reading other post here, you indicated that if the unit has the system upgraded ie:You will need to have version 40RV25 or newer to have Pressure Pro support with all known issues fixed.

Re:CL 240 Smartire sensors
Just a note that I did switch to PressurePro sensors and the 240 displays them although a interface was needed to connect.
By JohnFreyja at 2014-04-12 09:35 reply

Was this "INTERFACE" part of the software upgrade to the 40RV25 or newer?


Seelevel & VMS 240 CL

I installed my SeeLevel 709-A RVC and connected the twisted wires that Siverleaf sent to my VMS 240 CL. I went into the hidden menu of the VMS and selected yes for the fresh water, grey tank, black tank and LP. However, when I go the the diagnostics page all the quantities read 0 even most of the tanks are not empty. What am I missing? I would appreciate any guidance you can give me. Thanks.


Would like to use the Inverter Status Screen

I would like to use the Inverter Status Screen and I have a Xantrex RC7 GS Remote Control/Gen Starting inverter. What would be required to make this happen.

VMS 240 CL RV Version 4

Understanding the System

Having a little problem understanding the workings of the Silverleaf. It's working as it should and scans all the systems. Although some do not have a reading as it scans. Is there a way to tell if the system it is scanning has the correct connectability to the unit.
My unit also monitors my tires (pressure and temp), but as the unit scans all the systems it might go an hour without monitoring the tires. Then it starts monitoring the tires, but it never will leave that screen, unless I push the scan button to get it off the tires. I have tried to understand the manual, but nothing gives me the answers I need.
Thanks for any help

Understanding the system

Having a little problem understanding the workings of the Silverleaf. It's working as it should and scans all the systems. Although some do not have a reading as it scans. Is there a way to tell if the system it is scanning has the correct connectability to the unit.
My unit also monitors my tires (pressure and temp), but as the unit scans all the systems it might go an hour without monitoring the tires. Then it starts monitoring the tires, but it never will leave that screen, unless I push the scan button to get it off the tires. I have tried to understand the manual, but nothing gives me the answers I need.
Thanks for any help

Torque Converter Status

When traveling down the road at highway cruise speed in more or less level road conditions what should the graph show for Lockup? Mine usually shows the graph as fully filled in (assuming this is full lockup?) but lately it sometimes shows less than full down to what appears to be about half but usually 75% in full lockup. When this is occuring the trans temp move up to a high of around 220?? What needs to be done?

Gen Start with Thermostat

My Thermostat control,for the Auto Gen Start within the VMS 240, starts the generator while plugged in to shore power when the house thermostat calls for cooling. I am under the impression that the generator should only start after the shore power fails and the thermostat calls for cooling.
The coach is a 2006 Country Coach Intrigue.

Auto Gen Start Voltages

Is there a way to adjust the high battery state of charge percentage in the VMS 240 installed in a 2006 Country Coach Intrigue? The point where the AGS Unit stops charging the batteries?


I have a VMS 240 CL RV Version 3.2 is this the latest version?

changing font size

how to increase font size on VMS 240CL

:Voltage warning

I had my VMS240CL reflashed by Dale at the FMCA Rally in Perry in March '09. Since it was flashed, the battery volts screen comes up when the engine is started, with the red circle indicating an error. It always reads between 13.9 & 14.1 volts. Is this a real problem, and if not, how can I change the alarm value for battery voltage?

My coach is an '06 Country Coach Inspire with a C9 and an Allison 3000MH.

Fault Code 233

I am getting a fault code "233 12 1 Fuel Pump Cntrl Faul" recently when I start the engine after having made a rest stop after having driven a few hours during a trip and the check engine light does not come on.

Can anyone help explain this issue and tell me if this is critical or what I need to do if anything.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks You,

Tony Pasquale,
VMS 240 CL
'99 Foretravel U295, 36'

Pressure pro tire monitors

Is there a software available that will read the output from my pressure pro tire monitors to my VMS 240 screen?

VMS 240 CL

Recently, I met with one of your tech's at a Country Coach Rally in Amana, Ia.
During our meeting I told him that the silver leaf would not always start the generator when the battery's got low.
He told me that, most likely, Country Coach had not wired the unit correctly and that when I shut the silver leaf off it was also shutting off the black box.
Sure enough, I had Country Coach come in the check the system and the black box was shutting off. He made a wire change at the black box and at that point, once the silver leaf was shut off, the black box stayed energized. No further tests were run on the system till the next day when I turned on the silver leaf I noticed that all my setting had gone back to default settings. I then reset them to the values I knew to be correct. Once I shut off the VMS, all the setting go back to default.
Together with that, The VMS can not start the generator but it can stop it.Once stopped, the wave sign icon continued to show the generator running.
Do you have any idea what has happened or what CC did to cause this problem?

Give me the info and I can fix it. I just need to know where to start.

Tom Connor

VMS 240 locking up still / kinda


As I reported to you on my phone messages- The new software that you installed in Redmond is still occassionally locking up when I select between screens.

The best I can figure is that when I start the gen through the 240, occassionally the system will lock up. Sometimes I can change screens - or if it does, the screens doen't change.

One time (so far), all of the print disappeared - for the most part, numbers were there, and changed, but not the words.

I had to stop, kill the engine, and re-start ever time.

A little bit of a hassle.


C9 mis-reporting fuel used / mileage

Dale / Martin -

I reported this at the Redmond rally, but since I only had 1 tank of fuel through the system (after being installed in Albany), I waited until I had more info.

My 06 Inspire with the C9 is mis-reporting the amount of fuel used / fuel mileage.

It appears that the VMS / C9 is mis-reporting by about 20% - high; i.e., I actually use 20% less fuel than the VMS is reporting out, which means I'm getting better fuel mileage than being reported out.

So how do I adjust?


Cummins Recall

My Country Coach has the Cummins ISL engine that is being recalled. Cummins "fix" is a red light on the dash that will light when a new sensor that they are going to install in the engine detects the condition that the engine is about to throw a pistion through the engine block. I would like this sensor to report to the SilverLeaf and have it give the warning. What cost would be envolved. Can SilverLeaf do this?

Bob Mussman

Puppy Saver

The puppy saver no longer starts the genset when the thermostat calls for cooling. Has worked well in the past. Any suggestions?

Bob Mussman

Speed incorrect on VMS240

At 60 mph as measured by my GPS which corresponds to my coach speedo, my VMS240 reads 63 and sometimes 64 mph. Which buttons do I hit and how do I make the correction on the VMS unit?
Thanks in advance.

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