House Monitoring Systems

SilverLeaf HMS™
House Control Panels


7-Inch Touch Panel

Continuing with the same rugged build quality and expansive configurability that made the HMS365 a favorite among coach builders, the HMS707 adds a more user-friendly control layout and larger screen.

The HMS707 brings industry-leading quality and ease-of-use to your coach, with more flexibility than competing products, faster processing, and a special high-sensitivity, low-glare display.

Standard HMS™ Features

In addition to their proven service record and build quality that sets SilverLeaf firmly at the forefront of the RV industry, all of our House Monitoring panels bring you a multitude of desirable features and unparalleled flexibility.

Day / Night Auto-Dim Scheduling, Configurable Color Palette, Adjustable Touch-Sensitivity, Audible Alarm Capability, Adjustable Click Volume, Built-in Alarm Clock and Timer

RVC Network Querying and Analytics, DMRV Diagnostic Message Center, Configurable Warning Thresholds

Major Tranfer Switch and Inverter Brands, Waste Dump Systems with Pump and Chem Support, Multi-Zone Furnace, Multi-Zone Floor Heat, Multi-Zone Heat Pump and A/C, Independent Zone Climate Settings, Power Management, AC Power, DC Power, Telematics, LP Tanks, Fresh/Grey/Black Tanks, Locks, Slides, Awnings, AGS, Water Pump and Fill

High-Sensitivity, Low-Glare Touch Screen,  Anti-Static Screen Treatment

HMS-400 Series

Slim-Line Touch Panels

Offering the same impressive list of features as our flagship House Control Panels, the HMS-400 series offers a more compact form factor with a 1-inch shallower mounting depth. 

Not only are these full-color touch panels a great choice for tight spaces, but they also come in at a lower price, making them perfect for a budget-friendly project.


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Beyond its 18-gauge steel back shell and sturdy, 1/8-inch thick, powder-coated face plate, the HMS-365 has earned its reputation for reliability through years of constant-duty service in some of the world’s finest coaches. Equipped with a faster processor and featuring higher screen resolution, improved color depth, and more memory than its predecessor, the HMS-365 will make an eye-catching addition to any coach.