Aladdin Conversions

Convert your Aladdin coach system to SilverLeaf

Full Aladdin Replacement?

Yes. We Make a kit for that

If your Aladdin system components are failing and you are unable to get your coach back on the road, you’re not alone.

The Aladdin system consists of many modules connected in a network that collect holding tank, power, and temperature data. These values are presented on the motor coach’s televisions, and a small screen at the dash on the back-up monitor. Viewing is menu-driven by controlling a small joystick controller. If any of these many parts and pieces fail, they are no longer supported and no replacement parts are available.

Fortunately, SilverLeaf offers a complete solution for your coach. 

Aladdin Junior

Chassis Data Only

For coaches with an Aladdin Junior System, SilverLeaf offers a smaller conversion kit. At the center of this conversion is our VMS350, which supports all of the same chassis data as our larger VMS units, and offers additional camera-switching capability. 

Aladdin Conversion Features

Get your coach back on the road with our Aladdin conversion kit. Here are some of the coach functions this kit supports. Additional features may be added and may require additional equipment. Not all coaches support all features.

Battery Volts, Incoming Volts / Amps, Solar Volts / Amps, Inverter Reporting, Battery Temperature

Tire Pressure Monitoring (requires compatible TMPS), AGS and Generator Control, Engine and Transmission Data, Plain-Language Diagnostics

Ambient Temp, Water Bay Temp, Engine Temp, Transmission Temp

Fresh, Grey, Black, LP, Pump, Auto-Fill, No-Contact Sensors, See-Level II RVC Digital Tank Display

Three-Camera Switching with Turn Signal and Reverse Automation, Multi-Point Camera-Cycling Control, Multiple Display Support

No-Hassle Wiring Reuses Existing Wiring, Adapter Harnesses Included. No Soldering or Crimping Required

This conversion is completely compatible with our VMS (Vehicle Monitoring) and HMS (House Monitoring) products.