VMSpc Gallery of Installations

Hello folks, Art here.

It’s neat to share all those nifty layouts and mounting ideas. Keep ’em coming!

Be sure to send a picture of your outfit as you snap them. You should give them a unique name then I’ll resize & crop them to 8oo pixels wide (if needed.) The renaming makes it easier for me to back-trace them if one of our members has a question on how best to do something like you did. Send them to: Art at simply-smarter.com

I’d like to share Jeff’s installation–he’s made a great write-up I’ll just paste in below. Take it away Jeff!

This is our third VMSPC installed into our 2019 Allegro Bus.  The first two VMSPC’s were installed using a 10″ HP Mini laptop.  That application worked well with the dash configuration we had on our 06 Monaco and 2011 Allegro Bus.  However the 2019 Allegro Bus has a new dash which is much higher so the laptop would not work without blocking our vision. 

What worked in this application was the RCA Cambio tablet.  The tablet os attached to the “A” pillar by use of the RAM mount #B-111U for applications under 5 lbs.  The RAM mounts allows for a lot of flexibility for adjustments tilts and angles for a secure set up.  Using the standard length double socket arm worked perfect for this application. However RAM offers several lengths of arms for specific applications. 

Running the wires behind the “A” pillar allowed for a clean application.  Our goal was setting the tablet in a spot that was easy to read without taking our eyes off the road.  This application works well for us.  We totally depend on the VMSPC of accurate up to date information.